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The Warrior Archetype

By on May 22, 2018 in Astrology
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by Allison Engel,
Contributing Writer,

During the next month and a half, we will be in a shadow period before Mars goes retrograde.

Mars is the warrior archetype. He doesn’t think, he just acts.


A couple of weeks ago, we could feel a surge of warrior archetypal energy come through with a very immature back slide into regressed states. Now, we can see that there has been a softening of that energy.

As these archetypes get activated into our conscious awareness, we can assert that they are there to clue us into the healing that is coming through in the next energy wave. These are coming through the collective consciousness to make sure that we understand our own cognition.

If we are burying these things and placing blame on others for the things that have went wrong in our experience, we will miss the mark and will have learn it again and again. We must remain dutiful and practical in our ascension techniques.

If we are not taking responsibility for our triggers, when going into this next retrograde, we won’t be ready for the bountifulness that will come when Jupiter goes station direct on July 7th, and when it goes into its own domicile in Sagittarius in November.

Divine male dominant energy is coming back on line to DO our work and empower our own personal freedom to accept abundance prophecies.

Mars shadow period is time for us to face our maker and show up to do the hard and slow work of healing and building.

The warrior archetype is coming out to be re-aligned to love. The bottom drops out of the fight to wage war or to hurt, but the fight for freedom and success for peace projects wage on. Honor everything that comes through your field of awareness as a mirror to your own frequencies. Is your experience a match or are there still things coming up that you wouldn’t consciously choose?

Clarity and conscientiousness are meeting in a male vibratory pattern. Strength and honor and respect for what you want and what it will take is a strong message these days.

Be the voice of reason and show up in a big way by getting your foot in the door towards love and harmony and practicality, instead of unabridged nuances that give way to old reasoning patterns.

Break the mold by challenging our cognition to be proud and grateful while fighting for peace. Put down identification with the old and pick up a challenging rule-set that meets your needs to move one step closer to who you actually are.

Love is here to stay. Anyone who fights will lose right now. Notice how there is no gap in consciousness then and only acceptance of self and others coming through energetically.

Allison Engel |

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