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The Watchers – Those Who Have Come Through The ‘Gates’

By on January 16, 2015 in Extraterrestrials

The Watchers - Those Who Have Come Through The 'Gates'

“The Watchers” have been recorded all throughout history in many different texts, but are described in a similar manner as being extraterrestrial being who arrived through a portal. UFO activity and extraterrestrial abductions may be a sign that the Watchers have returned.

by Tom Horn

The Watchers

The ancient astronaut theory and the teaching of theologians alike look to the prehistoric legend of Watchers (mysterious beings who first appeared in the early cultures of the Middle East) to discuss the Anunnaki (Sumerian Gods), Nephilim (giants referenced in Gen. 6.4), and the creation of mutant DNA following earth visitation by “gods.”

We find:

    • The Egyptians originally migrated from the biblical land of Shin’ar, which means the Land of the Watchers. The Egyptians called it Ta Neter—The Land of the Watchers “from which the gods came into Egypt.”
    • In the Book of the Dead (Plates 7-10) there are prayers for deliverance from the Watchers (Tchatcha, the princes of Osiris), who came from Ta-Ur, the “Far Away Land.”
    • The Sumerian scribes referred to the Watchers as Anunnaki, which, they said, “came from Nibiru” to judge/rule the inhabitants of the earth. Some interpret this Nibiru as “a distant planet” while others say it should be translated, “Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came.”
    • The Bible refers to Nephilm, which also means those who came from Heaven to Earth.In the Book of Jubilees—AKA the Apocalypse of Moses—the Watchers are compared to supernatural beings mentioned in the sixth chapter of Genesis.
    • The Apocryphal Book of Enoch associates the creatures of Genesis 6 with the Watchers:And I Enoch was blessing the Lord of majesty and the King of the ages, and lo! the Watchers called me—Enoch the scribe—and said to me:Enoch, thou scribe of righteousness, go, declare to the Watchers of the heaven who have left the high heaven, the holy eternal place, and have defiled themselves with women, and have done as the children of earth do, and have taken unto themselves wives: ‘Ye have wrought great destruction on the earth: And ye shall have no peace nor forgiveness of sin: and inasmuch as they delight themselves in their children, The murder of their beloved ones shall they see, and over the destruction of their children shall they lament, and shall make supplication unto eternity, but mercy and peace shall ye not attain.’”
      (1 Enoch 12.3-8)
    • According to the Dead Sea Scrolls, only two hundred of this larger group of powerful beings called “Watchers” departed from the higher Heavens and sinned. Thus, Enoch refers to the Watchers in the High Heavens as separate from the ones on Earth. The fallen class of Watchers are considered by some to be the same creatures who in the Book of Jude are called the,“angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation…[and are] reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day”
      (King James Version, Jude 1.6).

After studying this and other ancient records, I.D.E. Thomas concludes that recent “UFO” abduction activity may indicate a return of the servants of the Watchers, the lesser “angels” that followed the two hundred, as we approach the end of the age and the coming of Armageddon.

  • Do biblical and extra-biblical records support the ancient astronaut theory that alien creatures traveled from distant planets or different dimensions and genetically tinkered with H0mo-sapiens?
  • Were these flying geniuses afterward honored in the images and folklore of the gods of mythology?
  • Or is Thomas correct in that Genesis and similar books are a record of fallen angels acting in accord with Satan?
  • We may find out sooner than we think. Unexplained phenomena are occurring all around us, and reports of “beings” transversing portals (i.e. ufonauts) are coming in with regular frequency.

Whoever or whatever these beings are, the reality of their activity can no longer be doubted.


The term is Greek and means to ‘rouse from sleep’, be ‘excited by passion’, to ‘be awake’ or ‘to watch’ – incredibly etymologically linked to the enlightenment experience of the awakening or the place between awake and asleep and therefore knowledge of the unconscious world.

The root of the word appears to be the Syriano (Sirian?) ir r er, and reverts to Watcher and is also related to Ur, the home of Abraham.

Eliphas Levi (19th century magician and mystic) speaks of these egregors on numerous occasions and even links them to the giants or Watchers spoken of in the Book of Enoch saying that they:

“take shape and have appeared in the guise of giants: these are the egregors of the Book of Enoch…. Termed the celestial watchers or egregors, by the ancients.”

Levi also calls these egregors the Anakim (shining ones, men of renown, giants) of the Bible and that they are expressed in the myths of various cultures – just as we have been finding.

These Shining Ones are the first on paper. They have a structure and a basis of authority. They rule over man and are all-wise, having their ‘Watchers’ to ensure that their instructions are carried out. Either the Shining Ones are still in power now generations later, or the secret societies of the globe have copied the methods, structure and symbols of these first few.

The great religions of the world have all been created by some secret method, which we now know to be the generative cause of religion – the enlightenment process.

This enlightenment process mirrored the heavens – it was the internal shining, the bright light of illumination. It was the inner sun, the light of the father within our own mind.

Those who shone were elements of the sun on earth, utilizing the inner solar energy to access the knowledge base of the unconscious world. In this way they were truly the gods of men.

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