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This Week In Astrology – Our DNA Is Lighting Up

By on July 5, 2020 in Astrology with 0 Comments

This Week In Astrology - Our DNA Is Lighting Up

This Week In Astrology by Hillory Skott,
Contributing writer, In5D.com

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in stoic Capricorn -responsibly, we plant the seeds of a whole new future. We are points of light connected in Love. And we rise. We awaken. The Eclipse portal ushers us through to the next stage in our evolution. We came for this. Our DNA is lighting up to guide us to the highest path. Look within. The truth is there.

Our fury unleashed. We won’t be told what to do. We stand for the underdog. We take no bs. We initiate. We won’t go down without a fight. Mars is in Aries for an extended period including a retrograde from September to November.

Anger management may be on the agenda for everyone. Remember that Aries processes every uncomfortable emotion through Anger. Now we are all more able to tap into this fiery screw all y’all energy. Gulp it down. Fill up on courage. Use your own self interest to lead the way to the highest version of your most perfect life.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
~Dr. Suess

Uranus is connecting to this moon. The ruler of Aquarius ushers in the new age busting up structures that hampered our forward progress. Shocking us out of our stupor. Our perceptions of reality can be suddenly irrevocably changed. The lighting bolt strikes. When the dust settles our cozy old view of the world is no longer possible. We see. We know. There is no going back. Freedom is forward.

This full moon in Capricorn ends a cycle that began late 2018. We are finishing up now. Launching into new territory. Our foundations can be laid on more solid ground.

With Generous Jupiter, probing Pluto, and structured Saturn backtracking in Capricorn we could be unearthing some shocking secrets woven into the fabric of our lives. We need the truth. We need to clean out the infection. Drain the wounds. Then the healing begins. Honor what is coming up for you.

Chiron in Aries is triggering our feelings, open your heart and welcome each and every bad feeling. Is it fear? Is it shame? Is it worthlessness? Stupidity?

We have all stuffed down what we know and who we are to fit in. Call back the parts of yourself you betrayed to fit in, you did that to avoid rejection, abandonment, ultimately this meant death on a primitive level. If our tribe pushes us out we die. This is a powerful way to control.

Chiron in Aries triggers the wounds to our very identity. We are each and everyone of us deeply wounded. And these are the wounds we came to heal in others. You deserve all the love in the world. You are an amazing being. A beautiful light. It’s super sad no one saw. Feel how damn sad that is. Now let it go. And remind someone else of their worth. We can heal the world.

This Moon is opposite Mercury in family centered Cancer. Oh our aching heart strings. We want to protect and nurture. We want to cozy up safe and sound. But this boat is on rocky waters. Not so safe, not so sound.

Set your compass with intention. What was wrong will not work in this new paradigm. Once awake we can not go back to sleep. Mother fiercely. Start with you. New worlds are being built. Let’s build with Love and Compassion. Let’s build on the back of truth. We came for this. We came prepared. Namaste.

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About the author: I get such lovely feedback and attract very Light conscious people, feel blessed. I was told in 2005 while at a group channeling session, that I was one of the early indigo Children, at the time I was only vaguely aware of what that meant.I was 32 and it was true. Such a gift to find that out and begin to understand my differences were common among people with similar wiring. I have been studying astrology for 21 years, teaching and practicing professionally for 14 and speaking and writing for the last 6. I am also a Mum of a 14 year old unschooled daughter and the life partner to her Dad. It’s a grand little life and I want to help other people exit the matrix and live a life of Love and Light too. My offering is the connection to the energies of the planets and the understanding of our birth charts, our blueprint for our life plans. Please visit Hillory Skott International Holistic Astrologer.

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