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Thoth The Atlantean – Ascension Process Here And Now

By on April 29, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

Thoth The Atlantean - Ascension Process Here And Now

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by Paul Dobree-Carey,
Contributing Writer,

Thoth The Atlantean – Ascension Process Here And Now

All that you are presently is not your true nature for there are many transformations required to take YOU through your Ascension process. The body you reside within must change form and release its energetic constructs so that the physical senses no longer dominate your pattern of existence.


Your desires and passions will wane until reason no longer becomes your sole focus to justify your being. It is in surrendering yourself to the process of Ascension that allows the energies to reshape who YOU truly are.

Intention without design, purpose without construction, format without formality.

To flow into the process requires releasing the beliefs that constrain your state of Being. The greatest desire at this time is to Be without question from another. But recognize that all Others are just aspects of YOU also learning to recognize who you truly are. To seek understanding of the process from another aids preparation but ultimately withholds your own progression until your attentions are turned inward. For all the dominant traits that constitute the makeup of mankind must be purged from the created Self that you are.

Whilst earthly desires remain, energy will flow along the paths they create. When these paths have been turned to face inward and you are prepared to stand naked and stripped of your earthly bonding, then shall your Mind become One with All-That-Is.

It is the Mind of One that knows the true nature of all things. The Heart is Truth, join your Heart with the Mind of One to know the Truth of All That Is.

Realize that only by surrender to your Self, do you become Self-realized. Time and space construct no barriers around YOU.


You are One realization away from Ascension.

The time is NOW.

Ka Ra Na Tay, Ka Ra Na Tor-a, Je-Hu-Tay I am Spirit that has become Truth, I am Spirit that has become Heart, Holy Source of Truth

With Loving Blessings <3

Paul Dobree-Carey / polaris ab messages, events and articles –www.Polarisab.Com

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