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Thought Energy: A Simple Concept That Can Introduce Profound Change

By on February 15, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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Thought Energy: A Simple Concept That Can Introduce Profound Change

by Patrick Davis,
Contributing Writer,

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
Albert Einstein


Energy exists on different frequencies. An energy that exists on a very high vibrating frequency is ordinarily invisible to the human eye, but that does not mean that it does not exist. There are very common examples of this in our everyday living. The simple use of a television remote control is an example. By pushing the button on the remote control you achieve an almost instantaneous effect on the television screen. In physics, by pushing the button on the remote control you create an energy that vibrates at a high frequency (and therefore invisible to the eye) that actually travels to the television and has a specified effect. This obvious effect is proof that satisfies the human brain that there was a “physical” reaction, and therefore a “real” reaction. And therefore we think nothing of it. It is simply “something” that happens every day.

But, there are energies that vibrate at a much higher frequency that form part of our everyday lives with a far greater and longer lasting physical consequence. Thought Energy. Everything, without exception, is energy. So too is thought. There are no exceptions. Every thought that you have emits a form of energy. In physics it is no different to the example of pushing the button of the television remote control. When you create a thought you emit energy.

The energy so emitted by thought also has a very real and physical effect. Again, you experience examples of this daily, but without the appropriate recognition. For example, how is it that a negative person can create a negative feeling (what we often refer to as a “vibe”) in a room without verbalizing or otherwise illustrating his/her negativity? The answer is not in belief or religion. It is in physics. The negative person has emitted, with his negative thoughts, energies that flow in and around him/her that are then “picked up” by the surrounding people, the same way that the television receives the energy from the remote control. The surrounding people then actually receive this negative energy, which has a real and physical effect. You get that “feeling” or “vibe”. That “feeling” or “vibe” isn’t fictitious. It is a physical reaction to the reception of a negative energy emitted by the simple thought by another person. The same applies with a positive person, who’s Thought Energy has the opposite effect.

Thought Energy emitted from a person can be transmitted in various manners. For this article I mention the two most obvious manners. Firstly, it is immediately and directly transported to the people in the vicinity of the person emitting the energy. The case of the transportation of negative energy, as illustrated above, is an example of this.

Thought Energy is also the founding energy that results in the creation by people of music, movies and all other television broadcasting programs, books, blogs, articles, etc…. Therefore, and secondly, Thought Energy can be transmitted through the mediums used to disseminate such energy, such as televisions, telephones, computers, books and the like. When an artist, for example, writes and produces a song the Thought Energies that resulted in the creation of that song are captured and stored (in whatever chosen format) and then transmitted to others when you listen to that song from a radio, telephone, computer, etc…

Using this example, the soundwaves created by playing the song transport the Thought Energies of the person who wrote and produced the song to the people listening to the song. These Thought Energies so transported have the same physical effect of Thought Energies transported directly (as explained above). In this way we “pick up” and are effected by the original Thought Energies that were the foundation for creating the song. Simply put, the Thought Energies “flow”, on the soundwaves from the device from which you are listening to the song, into your system. If you position yourself near the device you can literally take a type of an “energetic bath” in the frequencies! As a fact – not a belief.

In conclusion, be considered with regards to the songs that you listen too, the books and articles that you read, the people you surround yourself with, the movies that you watch, the types of television and other broadcasts that you watch, etc…. They all transmit Thought Energy directly into your system, which has a physical effect on you. The nature of the effect is dependent on the nature of the Thought Energy. High vibrating and positive Thought Energy will have a positive effect on you and, conversely, low vibrating and negative Thought Energy will have a negative effect on you. Also, be responsible in the Thought Energy that you create.

Mass realization of this simple concept can have a profound impact on the evolution of humanity.

About the author: I am an attorney and the Chairman of a corporate law firm in South Africa. I am very blessed with clairvoyance through which I receive communication regarding day to day life and with regards to broader concepts of our life on Earth and beyond. All my writings and teachings are premised directly on communications received through my clairvoyance.

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