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Tone 386 – The Chamber Of Love

By on June 13, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Angelina Stojic,
Contributing Writer,

And so it is the time to introduce a tone for your heart.

A secret chamber of love.

Transformation.  An integration within the cellular membranes of the cellular structures held within the blood particles of the heart chamber.

A beautiful symphony of sound allows us access to this hidden treasure of love.  We must, as a child, be gentle and allow this change , the love is to be nurtured and nourished as we ask her to come out and be part of our human life.

This tone , this love, this force is in its infancy on our beautiful earth.  It is a new axis, access point for us to continue our flow, our growth or evolution, our love.  It is a sacred space. To be nurtured, loved and nourished.

Be gentle with your heart love.

This new way of love, of being, it is a beautiful time of life upon our earth.  Be free in the knowing you are love.  Your access to the pure love essence within your heart chambers.

Sacred you, Sacred me, Sacred we.

Archangel Uzziel (Ulysis) calls from the 8th Ray.  The Ruby Ray. Remember everything is energy, sound, colour, frequency, light.  I have just connected with this energy system and the gifts of this frequency to share with you for the opening of our secret heart chamber.  Access we all have.

Integration of our heart from now to forever. It is a new space and time.  This Archangel or energy system  works with the power of God to integrate the new power, energy and love available for our heart space.  We are allowed to access this point with gentle fury.  We are all in process of expansion and love.  Being gentle with the connection and correction of the heart space.

For the time is now.

Tones and sounds have a frequency that resonate with our body systems. They affect and change our DNA and research is showing how sound is actually healing the body.

This tone 386hz is a tone that is specifically for the integration and transformation of the heart space for this time in our world. It can be quite difficult to listen to the pure tone, so I have overlayed a gentle sound with it and added option of with affirmations or not.  Always best to listen with headphones. If it does irritate you please stop listening to it.

If you have connected with this tone, then it is time to work with the integration and transformation of the secret chamber of the heart.

With affirmations:

With no affirmations:

Please remember that you are the wisdom, you are the wise.  All information shared is for you to discern whether it is for you or not as this is part of our experience also, to clearly refine and discover what is for us and what is not.

In light

Angie xx

About the author: A writer, messenger, wellness advocate, channeler and spiritual leader, Angelina’s journey has taken her to a point where she is now working on a public platform as a speaker in seminars and events around the world, in relation to health, wellness and the evolution into the New Earth. “We are light.”

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