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My Top 5 Synchronicities

By on June 24, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

My Top 5 Synchronicities

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by Clive Treadwell,
Contributing Writer,

Although there’s plenty of esoteric information available regarding the phenomenon known as the Ascension, the most common sign that it’s unfolding in someone’s life will most likely be the presence of synchronicities. Let’s face it, the process is going to happen regardless of whether people know the ins and outs of multidimensionality, alien intelligences and cosmic grids, but way before most people even get to the point of investigating such esoteric matters they will most likely first be prompted to question the standard view of reality by observing patterns of symmetry so numerous and detailed that they have a hard time dismissing them as coincidence. So we need to pay a lot of attention to the phenomenon of synchronicities and be prepared to help people integrate them into their worldview and reassure them that they’re not crazy.


One way to do this is to learn to appreciate them and to appreciate them for what they are and not try to force them into a box. Most people’s first reaction is to demand to know what they mean, as if there must be some specific, hidden message or clear directive. In response to this, it’s important to remember that when Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli coined the term they defined it as “an acausal connecting principle”. The key to understanding synchronicities is the word “acausal”. To people used to operating in a strictly four dimensional universe, acausality breaks the most fundamental laws they know, the law of cause and effect as objects and forces act upon each other through time and space. This is why when faced with an apparent synchronicity they must dismiss it as coincidence, as a random occurrence that means nothing.

Even when synchronicities are considered to have some specific meaning, such as the well-known 11:11, their most important meaning is still meaning itself. Like celebrities who are famous for being famous, synchronicities are events that are meaningful simply because they are synchronicities. They point beyond the four-dimensional realm to the state of unity where everything is connected and things don’t have to abide by the Newtonian laws of cause and effect. In the same way that while dreams might confer messages upon our conscious minds, they are much more than simply communication channels, just as the ocean is more than just something for cruise ships to sail on.

In that spirit and without further ado, here are my top five synchronicities as I’ve experienced them:

1. The Crossover

This was the first I noticed and they started right after I listened to the Universal Mind Meditation and Kelly Howell said to be on the lookout for increasing synchronicities. The Crossover happens when you set out to go somewhere and see a stranger (usually) going in the opposite direction. When you return, the two of you cross paths in pretty much the same spot as they return from wherever they were going. If they notice you too, you can usually see a flash of panic across their face.

2. 11:11

Of course 11:11 is the classic synchronicity. I started seeing them as soon as I decided to be on the lookout for them but it wasn’t a case of wish fulfillment as the naysayers would suggest. 11:11 imposes itself on me, forcing me to pull my phone out of my pocket for no reason and look at it, to turn my head and look at the coffee maker or cable box or the clock in the car. I’ve had numerous emails in my inbox that arrived at 11:11 on different days. My daughter woke up one morning and it was 11:11. Only later did she realize that the date was 11/11/2011. It’s gotten to the point where 11:11 has become annoying, like I’m being nagged by the Universe.

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3. Entanglement

This is when two people act in a coordinated fashion even though they have no means of coordination. I worked with two girls named Sammi and Lana who have continued to do the same things in response to my actions even though none of us are in contact with each other. I even met two women on a dating site on the same day who were named Sammi and Lana and had joined the site on that same day.


4. Fractal Time

We think of time as moving in an unbroken flow from past to present but I’ve noticed the same events occurring at specific intervals. There are different intervals operating at any given time: some events will occur in a different form every year (pretty much to the day), others every two months, three months and so forth. We’ve just completed a nine year cycle that I can see broken down into three distinct three-year chapters, except that in my case there was also a readily definable extra year thrown in for a total of ten. I also have an example of two events I organized that “just happened” to occur in the same venue exactly six years apart, to be repeated exactly a year later in a venue with the same name in a different city.

5. The Do-over

This when you attempt to bring about a result and fail and then the exact same situation presents itself to you again in an even better form, usually with much better results. What makes this a synchronicity is that the do-over is generated by the Universe without you taking the initiative.

Those are my top five. What are yours?

Author Bio: Clive Treadwell is a writer and ascension coach who has previously been a management consultant, advertising copywriter and film maker. When he’s not supporting the evolution of the human race he plays music and enjoys having an uninteresting life for once in his life. He is the author of The Reluctant Monk: An Ascension Story and can be found at

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