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Traveling Through Time And Space With Memory Intact

By on October 11, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Traveling Through Time And Space With Memory Intact

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by Limitless dreamer,
Contributing Writer,

Many lifetimes we chose the path of 3D/4D Unconsciousness. In the state of Unconsciousness, we lost the key of “All is Love” enabling us to let go negative emotions such as fear, hate, anger, guilt within a short period of time by filling them with pure Love and Acceptance and exchanged it for the principle of “Time heals all wounds”. Applying this Unconsciousness-based principle entails that over each lifetime we decide to forget in hope to start anew. We opt for pushing the reset button of our active (brain) memory as we assume that by simply forgetting the past physical experience the corresponding past emotional trauma linked to it will fade away as well!


As embodying the state of Unconsciousness means that we neglect our energetic Soul’s Eternal nature, we don’t calculate at all that our plan won’t work out! We forgot the past superficial physical experience yet the past emotional trauma is still infesting our energetic Soul body!

Having lost our active brain memory of past lives’ superficial physical experiences yet still being unconsciously entangled in the corresponding undigested emotion at the same time, our inability to let go of these past emotional traumas as a reflection of our denial of “All is Love” is constantly putting us into the mode of “miscreating” our reality. Playing the victim, any experience is again and again happening against us, not for us, the culprit needs to be outside in our restricted perspective since we cannot connect the dots as to the real cause of our “miscreation” and the effect it has on our reality.

When we transition into 5D Consciousness, we are finally “disinterring” the key of “All is Love” so that, on the one hand, we step for step learn to let go heavy emotions accumulated throughout this lifetime, yet on the other hand, we suddenly become consciously aware of past life emotional trauma that is still taking a toll on us which is unveiling for us by means of insights on the Astral plane. The way of past life emotional revelation varies depending upon one’s unique Soul Light mixture when ready, yet more often than not we are not actively remembering having experienced certain physical events but instead consciously viewing highly emotional personal events from a detached position on the Astral plane and feeling the corresponding emotion, as this is the only way to let go the past for good and shift one’s creative power entirely into the Now without trapped emotional impediments in our way. Instead of resorting to the unconscious principle of “Time heals all wounds” in the attempt to evade direct and conscious confrontation with our emotional baggage, we are now able to let go in no time as we insert the key of “All is Love”.

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Shifting from 3D/4D into 5D essentially means shifting from the unconscious co-creation of realities into the conscious co-creation of realities again.
Here, there is no need any longer to forget the past to start anew. Much more, we take the energetic essence of our active brain memory with us into next lifetime. This time, the past life superficial physical experience won’t be deleted from our active brain memory yet it will simply feel as though the exact details in our active brain memory have slipped away in the very same way our active memory of superficial physical experiences during our early childhood are fading away more and more, only in a more comprehensive sense, with our Soul naturally constantly outsourcing already what it wants to remember and what not depending on the emotional significance to the Soul. The higher the emotional significance of a matter to the Soul, the higher the likelihood of being able to even recall details linked to the corresponding superficial physical experience in the past life! Needless to say, this pattern especially applies to Soul relationships but generally can take effect in any matter the stronger the emotional link.

In contrast to the 3D/4D method of forgetting to start anew where the day of transitioning is the day dreaded most, in 5D the day of transitioning will finally be the most anticipated day as the energetic essence of our active brain memory will remain seamlessly intact and the place we will go to is the place of our dreams located potentially anywhere in the Universe!



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