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Twinflames – Truth Or Myth?

By on October 3, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Hannes Häusler,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

What you are yearning for is real.
What you feel is real.
But what you think about it is…
…what separates you from your dream.

In a time, where more and more relationships go to ruins and all around the world married couples get divorced, many people are looking for better hopes on a good relationship. Concepts like the one about twin flames give a promising new perspective for many, because it strikes one of the most basic needs of the human. Who is not looking for the perfect match, the perfect partner or even just a harmonious relationship? Up until now we have only seen this come true within fairy tales, but the concept of twinflames actually makes it more feasible. It talks about true love and that it is being sustained even after the couple has died. So they meet again and again in different lifetimes.

The relationship or „union“ of twinflames is also said to be the most challenging relationship of all relationships, because the partner not only mirrors the good sides of oneself, but also the bad ones. So it is a relationship where one can grow and evolve in consciousness, shedding light on those areas, which usually get neglected.

But there are also some hidden features in this relationship modell, which made us question it and actually realize that it can be quite misleading as well. We have written this article especially because we ourselves have stumbled into some of the mind traps that this modell holds. It is not our intention to discard this model altogether, but rather to offer a new perspective. We believe that everyone, who feels that there is more to relationships than we commonly experience in our everyday life 5-sense perception, feels the truth and that this article is for you.

On the internet a whole range of different articles, videos, books and ebooks can be found on the topic of twin flames. It has gone viral especially in the US and more and more throughout Europe. People talk on different youtube channels about the difficulties and wonders that this relationship brings. Keywords such as „runner/chaser“ syndrome and others have become the terminology for twin flame experts. One of these hidden features, which for us seems to be the most misleading and also the least helpful to create a flourishing and lively relationship, is the belief of „1 soul in 2 bodies“.

1 Soul in 2 Bodies

A lot of people especially emphasize this trait of the twinflame relationship model.

If I stick to this belief, this would mean that if I am a twin flame and I have not met my twin flame partner, that I am only half a soul and that I would only be whole again, if I met my twin flame. Then actually no one can make me whole again except for my twin flame. That means that every partner that I encounter as a possible match would immediately lose charge, once I know that they are not my twinflame.

But how do I know someone is my twin flame?

This feels a little bit like I am stuck in my own prison waiting on that someone to show up and open the door, while the door is locked. I have locked the door, so that no one except my twin flame can come in. But that means, that if I lock the door for other people, that I also lock it for my twin flame.

This is vicious circle.

Living in the twinflame castle

When we believe that we are 1 soul in 2 bodies, we become overprotective for our partners and slowly start to separate ourselves from society, vehemently trying to shield ourselves against any negative input from the outside world. What we often do not realize is, that we move further and further away from each other, as we begin to mentally live in our twinflame castle and this applies the same for almost any other excessively lived dogma. But there is no need to worry about this, because once that we become conscious about it, we can go on and make the next step in our relationship. This is just a phase.

At the beginning of almost all relationships, there always comes a phase, where we are completely in love with our partner. We are engulfed in a glowing bubble of being in love. Once that this phase stops and the feeling of being in love begins to fade, we have more conflicts than before and we are trying to get back this initial glow that we experienced with our partners. We can get stuck in the dogma of „1 soul in 2 bodies“ at this point in time, as we start to explain away all conflicts with our twin flame connection. It prevents us from seeing the truth. And somehow every effort that we make to get back into unity with our partners, seems to push them further away from us.

Is unity really something to be found outside of ourselves?

At this stage we realize, that in order for our relationship to flourish, we need to first of all bring back that state of unity within ourselves. This is a way of growing individually and together, next to each other. If the two of you have the intent to work on yourselves both individually and together, then there is no limit as to how far you can go in your relationship. If both of you realize, that you are already whole within yourselves and that together you have the opportunity to expand this wholeness to the outside world, you will slowly begin to manifest the reality that you are dreaming about.

Enter the mirror and find balance

What if all relationships that we have and have had with other people are just a mirror of the relationship that we have with ourselves? And what if they are not just a mirror to us, but an energetic impulse and element within our lifes? We all have male and female energies. This means that we can learn to balance these energies. Relationships help us to balance these energies outside of ourselves and this gives us the basic know-how to also balance them inside of ourselves. It does not matter from where you start. Both ways of balancing are necessary. We need both of them in order to attain knowledge and wisdom. In a way it helps us to bring more freedom into our relationships. We can be so much closer to our partners, when we are in balance within ourselves. Do you really think that the highest form of relationships is when we become whole through another person? What if two people meet, who are already whole? How much more of an energy could they together create? Imagine whole societies being build up on this understanding, that we are already whole and through this wholeness we together co-create an even greater wholeness. It happens a lot that people, who have found their mission in life and follow their calling, that all of a sudden they encounter someone, who can be a complimentary partner on their mission/path and it is almost always the last that they were expecting to happen.
Maybe it is the paradox of life or maybe it is a fundamental universal law?

Would you really want to wait a whole life on your twin flame?

Think about all the experiences that you are holding back from yourself. These experiences can guide you to truely becoming whole within yourself. Maybe it is these experiences that will bring you closer to your twin flame and that will bring you closer into balance with yourself.

You are what you believe

Quantum science makes it very clear that we can create and form matter through our thoughts. Reality exists in this specific kind of way, because we are either consciously or subconsciously creating it in every moment. To believe that we are only half soul, has an energetic impact on our aura and can also effect us physically if we keep this belief on longterm. And think about this: Who would want to be with someone, who is only half him/herself? It might be attractive for some to believe that they are completing each other, but this can also create dependent relationships on longterm. Would it not be much more attractive, if you meet someone, who is already whole and fulfilled and who wants to share this wholeness with you? Together you can create an even greater wholeness, that expands to your environment as well. Everyone can feel this wholeness and immediately gets inspired to bring it into their relationships as well.

Stay open

Whether twin flames is the truth or a myth, starts within yourself. It does not matter how we call something, but it is the synchronistic environment, where these encounters are born, which make our feelings become a reality. We can play around with a lot of different ideas and belief systems as long as we do not get lost in them. Always try to be open for a new way/perspective, because this helps you to broaden your horizont and expand your consciousness. It cannot do you any harm if you belief something or you do not believe something. It only makes you dependent, if you fanatically stick to something and you are not open anymore for anything else. We are always changing, this is what nature is teaching us. Let life take care of you. There is wisdom in the understanding that nothing is better or worse than something else. Our bodies constantly renew themselves. We can help our minds adapt to this physical phenomenon and become more flexible to new ideas and concepts without depending on them.

The topic of twinflames keeps on inspiring thousands of people around the globe, while at the same it raises many more questions, which are also of interest for the broader public, such as:

  • Why is my partner running from me?
  • Is there a perfect partner?
  • How can I find him/her or is it just for the chosen few?
  • How can I create an abundant and conscious relationship?

If you want to dive deeper into the theme and find answers to these questions, follow the link below and download our free e-book „Twinflames – Truth or Myth“ www.auradiving.com/twin-flames/

About the author: This article is an excerpt from the free e-book „Twinflames – Truth or Myth“ by Hannes Häusler. Hannes is the co-founder of auradiving.com and together with his partner Edina, they are offering relationship counsellings through aura- and chakra analysis. In order to download their free e-book, please click here: www.auradiving.com/twin-flames/

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