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Unicorn Activations Abound

By on August 6, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Kim Semetis,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

The Unicorn Activations are continuing to be more prominent as they are here to stay, always were here, just taking a front seat to assist us.

I had yet another unicorn visit today and the message was “we are to call on them to assist with the integration of the rainbow lightcode frequencies that are flooding the planet daily.”

Today as I had my eyes closed I saw a beautiful white unicorn come very close to my face, its horn lit up and it touched my third eye. This has happened to me many times in the past but this time was different. I saw very clearly and its light was much brighter. It came so close to my face that I could see every detail and its light shone so bright that it took over.

The message received is about using the healing power of the magical unicorn to assist with the physical issues that we will be presented with this month. Simply call on them and they will be there instantaneously and will point and place their horn in the place of the body that is in pain or discomfort and send their healing light for ease and comfort. They thank all of the forerunners on that are consciously ascending at this time for their hard work and dedication.

Unicorns have always been associated with rainbows and lesser known, the rainbow lightcodes that come in. These rainbow lightcodes will continue to intensify so the unicorns want this to be known. They are here to assist, assimilate to these new, ever expanding, ever intensifying frequencies. This is their service to us. They have come to the forefront to make themselves known, as this past week has been filled with messages and energies of the unicorns.

I was also witness today to seeing a baby unicorn come close up to me and frolic and play. I could sense that there were many other babies. They will assist us in ascending in a more playful way so call on them when you feel you are taking things to seriously with your studies and practices of ascension. They will assist in opening your heart too.

This is a article that I wrote on 6-23-18 that I have not typed up as of yet until today…. The Unicorn Journey continues…..

Journeying with the Unicorns

As I was falling asleep last night I was visited by my very special guide. A beautiful majestic being, my magnificent “White Stallion”. White Stallion has been with me my entire lifetime, yet my awareness of his presence started twenty years ago as I began my conscious spiritual journey. White stallion has been my rock, my strength, when I was too weak to move. My constant companion on my darkest of days as well as on my most awesome of days. Together we ride/fly ALWAYS…..

What I wasn’t aware of until a few years ago is that he is also a unicorn. He waited until the right time in my journey to reveal this to me. I always knew that he could have wings in an instant and fly me off to magical journeys but never revealed his beautiful golden horn. You see, I was always a sceptic and if you told me thirty years ago that I would be communicating with angels, Jesus and all in the spirit realm I would have said you were crazy.

Things are always revealed to us in perfect timing.

I have been bringing messages from spirit through for a very long time but I have kept a low profile and was not comfortable with technology so was not “out there” online. Now i am here to stay and yell from the rooftops that I love the elementals and have a very special affiliation with fairies too. Something that you may not know about me is that I am also a certified fairyologist too, but I had not connected with them on a deep level until a couple of years ago.

That all changed a few years ago when I began to see fairies with my physical eyes. It started with a knowing that they were there. I would talk with them, apologize to them with tears in my eyes for all of the chemicals being sprayed on the lawns, bushes and trees. I would make fairy circles for them and invite them in. well they came in droves. I began feeling a strong presence around me, especially while out in nature.But when it got cold out I started feeling them in my bedroom. I knew that they were there, I just couldn’t see them.

Then something magical happened, they became visible to me in the physical. It was the most amazing experience!

The same thing happened with the unicorns, while out in nature I could sense them and feel their presence, their energy in a pasture behind our home. FIrst it was a few but before long the herd grew and grew. I knew that they were there but couldn’t see them physically. Then they too began to come into my bedroom, my sacred space. As I connected with them more and more I began to realize just how powerful of healers the unicorns and fairies are.

The unicorns with their magical horn started to assist in the healing process. Their horns would be directed and placed where the healing was needed. The amount of healing energy is incredible. This was my “White Stallion” Unicorn sending pure healing energy to me or my clients. I can watch it pouring into wherever it is directed. I saw the miracles unfold as never before. The same was with the fairies as they brought forth the healing blessings.

So last night my “White Stallion” came to me and told me we were going on a magical journey and I am always up for that! Then I began to see them as they arrived, so many unicorns as far as I could see, hundreds if not thousands. It matters not how many. I had no idea where we were going, but it didn’t matter. I go with the flow with my beautiful guides. I no longer formally meditate as i used to , to connect with my guides, instead these are spontaneous happenings for me now. So very blessed!!

I then began to see so many star beings, galactic beings from other planets and galaxies. I wasn’t surprised as I had starting connecting to them over a year ago.. This is when I went “galactic”. I had no idea what that meant at the time but it soon became evident to me. I simply woke up one day and felt/saw many beings surrounding me and was told that they were the Galactic Council of the Light and they were going to channel through me. I immediately started writing their beautiful message of love and peace. Mind you, I had no idea who they were but afterwards looked them up and found so much information. That’s how it works, do now, research later.

So all through my sleep state last night I was on a magical journey with unicorns and star beings. I do not have any memory of the journey but that does not matter. Then I awoke and was told to start writing this article.

The main point of this is that you don’t have to “do” anything on your journey. All will happen in divine order, just as it should. My order was to first connect to my spirit team, angels and guides and loved ones because this was what I would more easily accept at first, then later the fairies and unicorns and then the star beings. They were all there all along, they just stepped forward to reveal themselves at different times that were right for me.

So if you are waking up and connecting to spirit on a deeper level, do not judge yourself and where you are at because you are right where you need to be. You are not behind or further along, just exactly where you need to be. Trust your journey, trust your process. Follow your own higher self and you will know what to do. WE LOVE YOU!!

Love Blessings,

Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess
New Earth Emissary

Sessions can be found at: https://divinewarriorgoddess.com/

About the author: Kim is a WayShower, GridKeeper, Gatekeeper of the NEW EARTH. She has dedicated her life to service of all of humanity. She offers private sessions by phone or in person. Dubbed as the Divine Warrior Goddess by her guides in 2016 because she intuitively gets to the heart of the matter not only in herself but with her clients to get in there and identify the root cause of their pain and suffering so that it can be faced, healed and then finally released once and for all. This will also in turn, heal issues from past-lives as well and will affect all timelines of the individual in a very positive and profound way! She takes much joy and delight to see her clients learn, grow and heal! Kim also holds workshops to assist souls to move forward on their souls journey in this human incarnation as she guides and assists them in too many ways to list here. If you would like to book a session or be notified of upcoming classes and or online courses please go to her website: Quantum Transformational Sessions. | Website home page | Watch our facebook page for discounted sessions to assist all on this journey | For latest videos and activations, go to my YouTube Channel: Divine Warrior Goddess

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