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UPDATE: Incoming Energy Waves

By on May 8, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening

UPDATE: Incoming Waves

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by Amanda Lorence,

UPDATE: Incoming Waves

Over these few years, I’ve explained Incoming Waves, and the patterns, pulses they emit from our Sun, to Gaia, and to humanity. I’ve drawn only some of these patterns and pulses, as experienced within our human physical vessel. I’ve explained the ascension path and the need to clear old distortions, mental patterns that create behaviorisms, that when sustained, embed into the human cellular structure and human energetic field. Now, at this juncture, I wish to explain further.


Because it is powerful for humanity, key to UPCOMING timelines that shall present. If this resonates, please digest, integrate this below info, for your awareness, understanding, actions that lie ahead, for the greatest good of all sentient beings. It’s way beyond human, way beyond personal human thoughts, way beyond time, way beyond one lifetime or past lifetimes. It’s WHY we are here. What we can do, will do, with our full conscious understanding, presence, ability, and above all, our choice (will) to:


Each time on each one’s ascension, we clear a distortion within us, it clears a part of our own energy field; within and without. This allows space for purer energy to come into our field, and thus our human vessel, via Incoming Waves from our Sun. This process, of clearing ourselves, is WHY more and more energetic patterns and pulses are felt within our physical vessel.

When I first awoke in 2012, I felt no physical patterns or pulses. But I was given (in 2014) an assimilation of a GRAND INCOMING WAVE event, that was experienced within my body and seen with my eyes open. The energetic patterns within my body were so multiple, and all over, it was impossible at that time to distinguish any one particular pattern or pulse. The overall sensation…an ecstasy beyond any human words or experience thus far this lifetime. Year on year, since 2012 awakening, patterns and pulses from our Sun have been introduced to the body, in tandem with clearing old patterns.

At first, one pattern for some months. Then another new pattern introduced. Then another sensation (not a pattern). Then a pulse. So to all humans ascending….Step by step, the Incoming Waves introduce more patterns, pulses and undefinable sensations, to the head and to the body. Whilst patterns, pulses, sensations are experienced one by one initially, the Galactic Timeline for us all, changed in early 2018, to THEN combine these individual ENERGETIC patterns. Our timeline stepped up, at perfect alignment to our Ascensions. So that multiple patterns, pulses and sensations are experienced at the same time, with each Incoming Wave.

I’ve explained this before now, that the only remaining development with this would be for the STRENGTH and shear POWER of the physical sensations to INCREASE tenfold. It has to increase to match the given assimilation. That assimilation being the MAIN EVENT.

Knowing each individual pattern is given VIA our Sun, integrated within each human physical vessel, as energy: Each PATTERN is a Wave rhythm. The PULSES increase the energetic rhythm. The indescribable ADDITIONAL sensations are ignition of dormant neural pathways in various parts of the body. Each neural pathway ignites one at a time, in parallel to each’s ascension. But, the new data is this:



EACH individual pattern contains ONE energetic CODE. Example: the Infinity loop pattern carries one coding. The clockwise rotation carries one coding. The upward spiral carries one coding. The concave arc pattern carries new coding. The convex arc pattern carries one coding. Etc etc with each pattern ignited within us.

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When all necessary neural pathways have been switched ‘on’ and functioning, when all pulsing is electrically active, when ALL the VARIOUS Incoming Wave Patterns have been integrated within the human body, ONE COMPLETE code shall BE EMITTED. So all patterns and their respective coding join, to create ONE OVERALL CODING EMISSION. The sum total of all patterns/coding combine. This is why it’s been a step by step process…in line with our Galactic 26,000 cycle (spiral). It’s all perfect timing, beyond human, yet with the human participation at their own WILL and their step by step stages..


NOW, knowing that each energetic embodied WAVE PATTERN, contains one specific coding. At right, precise galactic timeline, ALL patterns within, shall be felt at the same ONE time. All energetic patterns emit their specific coding at the same time. Multiple patterns, multiple ENERGETIC CODING are emitted at ONCE, creating ONE FULL ENERGETIC CODING. This FULL and COMPLETE coding shall effect that individual, to the point of ecstasy beyond human understanding or experience.

This FULL coding shall be emitted OUT, via to their human will, to All, to Gaia, to Kingdoms, to Galactic. In their fully conscious awareness, presence, at ONE with Source/Creator.

The energetic codes, are held within the Wave Patterns we are able to receive, integrate and thus embody. We are being gifted them, one code at a time, for this reason. It’s why we came. The CODING, so precious for ALL, so cleverly protected, so incrementally orchestrated, beyond any intended manipulation or intervention, SHALL be released…at precisely the right time. After which…nothing will ever be the same.

One Love,

I love you all, in the space beyond time.

Amanda Lorence

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