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The Uplifting Is Here

By on December 27, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

The Uplifting Is Here

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by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing writer,

The Uplifting Is Here

You are evolving. We are evolving. The planet, Gaia, is evolving and all of this positive energy is going outwards into the Multiverse to create this same energy of evolvement and movement forward. It is causing a great healing of sorts as this very tsunami of love sweeps far and wide.


Where did it start, you ask? Where does it end up?

This Love was and has always been within your heart and within your own being. It has been laid to rest in the recent past circumstantially, but has always been and will always be present. You have had to re-activate it and might have had to shed unnecessary dark layers to uncover this unconditional love just waiting for you to rediscover within yourselves the love you have for yourself and for others. Similar to the onion that you have and will peel. Layer upon layer of negative energy is shed and will free you the more you decide to heal yourselves and set your own soul free.

The shackles that are freeing you are available from your own strength and free will to do so. You are awakening and are moving yourselves forward as desired. You are able to free yourselves because of your own strength and determination to do just that. You are immensely capable and able to purge, heal, and uplift yourselves completely.

Metaphorically, as I have talked about before in my previous articles: you are riding this Ascension roller coaster. Please keep all limbs inside and hold on tight as you are twisting this way and that. Similar to this Ascension Process, it is to signify being topsy-turvey in your life. Unexpected. Thrilling. And will challenge your comfort zone. All of the ups and downs that you experience, will eventually come to a halt, in order for you to re-evaluate past moves, decisions, and motives. ?

You are encouraged to follow this energy full steam ahead as aboard your own steam engine as the conductor that you are. You are in charge of yourselves and can steam forward as fast or as slow as you dare. You might want to switch tracks halfway between your journey to choose the best path for you. You can choose and decide this for yourself as you go within your heart to feel the guidance and pathway best for you. Please use the utmost intuition and discernment to do so. ?

You can ride the tide as the surfer that you are. Be careful of the tides and upcoming waves. There may be sharks or other energies in the water attempting to sabotage your efforts. But you are this master surfer. You are choosing to ignore all of the distractions in the water and choosing to surf yourself safely through the water, back to the beach. ?


You come across a body of water. It is a lake and circular to signify no true beginning or end. But to symbolize a “multitude” of options and opportunities. You hesitate as to whether you want to “test the waters” and first dip your toe in, or if you are brave enough to just dive in without testing the water beforehand? You might have to swim past boulders or trees in the water. But don’t tire yourself out. You might have to float on your back and rest as you decide to swim back to your starting point. You have come full circle in your evolution!! ?‍♀️

You are this mighty bull, and are held back behind the gates. Once the gates are released, you are bucking off all of the negativity and old templates that have clenched onto you. You seem violent to others but yet, you are freeing yourself the more you “cast away” all that has held you captive and within bars. Others may approach you. These are the riders of your energy. And it makes sense that you desire to buck them off the minute they betray your trust and prove not to have your best interest at heart. You will ride into freedom into the greener pastures of what tomorrow brings. ?

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You are the Captain of your ship. As you sail the sea of your own evolution, you have the choice to stop and do battle or sail about on your own merry way. Choose to load your cannonballs and “pick your battles” wisely. You might choose to battle others that will and can choose the sinking of your own ship! Since we are all interconnected, any attack to others is a direct reflection on you. So be careful about that! If I were you, I’d place an alliance flag. You have no idea the difficulty of someone else’s life. Please work together for the common good of humanity. That is encouraged and will get you far!! ? ❤️

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You have lived in this box of confinement for eons. We will call this a box that is encasing your societal expectations, familial templates, programming, views, beliefs, patterns, etc. As you choose to free yourselves, a limb suddenly pierces through this box of confinement, with force! One after the other, your limbs are suddenly pushing through as you decide to free yourselves from the constraints and restraints you and society has placed upon you. Once you get yourself free, choose to climb out using the ladder in front of you. You are now out of your box and into complete freedom! You can choose to use your ladder, with the permission of others, to help free them as well!! ?

The New Year 2020 is here and brings with it all of these changes you ALL desire both within and outside of yourselves. The uplifting is here. Are you ready for it?!? Are you able to compose yourselves when everything is brought into the Light? ?

Hold steady Lightworkers and brace yourselves. The time is here and it is NOW. ??

So be it.

And so it is.


About the Author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath, Lightworker, and TwinFlame who enjoys writing Spiritual and Inspirational messages to encourage the Collective towards Self-Love, Soul-Empowerment, and Higher Consciousness.

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