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Venus Direct And Mercury Retrograde

By on November 16, 2018 in Astrology

Venus Direct And Mercury Retrograde

by Mimi Clark,
via Lightworkers United . . . Global Peace, Love & Unity

HOORAY! Venus Direct!

The yin force is moving direct again… good time to check in and see if you found some sort of balance and self care/ self love routine as well as a deeper understanding of your worth since Venus went retrograde in October! Now it will take a few days before this energy is really moving again… and with Mars retrograde this is the perfect time to check in with your yin and utilize that energy, your nurturing and intuition to harmonize with the yang energy as Mars is at 0 in Pisces and willing to work on that divine union.

Mercury going retrograde… whew.. one right after another. The fact that we have been in retrograde process almost all of this year, with one planet or another, is significant for the INNER work we have been called to do this year.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius (and later on into Scorpio) will have us looking deeper within at truths and beliefs we hold evident. Beyond that.. is finding the core of truth – the light that is within us – and letting that light the way through any remaining lessons 2018 has for us. This work is purposeful and important in the process.

We sometimes get distracted by the challenges and inconveniences that happen during a Mercury retrograde – such as the miscommunications and technology issues… BUT the important lesson is in the review and returning we can do to deeper things.. and in this case… the deeper truth of the core of light within you!

Besides that.. the Moon in Pisces is helping work through all of this and helping us float and surrender to whatever comes up. Now isn’t the time to push your truth or agenda so much as it is to harmonize with the universe and work from that centered place!

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