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Was Michael Jackson Framed?

By on June 23, 2024 in Awareness with 0 Comments

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

A recent lawsuit against P. Diddy has cast a new and controversial light on Michael Jackson’s life, suggesting that Diddy’s alleged “intimate extortion” operation may have played a role in the media’s portrayal of Jackson and a broader conspiracy within the music industry.


Jackson’s life and death have been shrouded in conspiracy theories. A recent lawsuit against P. Diddy has shed new light on Jackson’s life, showing how Diddy allegedly ran a “intimate extortion” operation for 30 years. This new information raises questions about Jackson’s reputation, the media’s portrayal of him, and perhaps a larger conspiracy involving the music industry and Jewish executives.

Jackson’s personal life was also scrutinized, including his relationships with women and his treatment of children. Jackson was a complex person who was misunderstood by the media, and his public image was unfairly tarnished for nefarious reasons. Jackson’s anti-Semitic comments were taken out of context and have been used to smear his reputation.

The lawsuit against Diddy and the allegations of “intimate extortion” have significant implications for the music industry. The case highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability in the industry. It also raises questions about the power dynamics at play and the ways in which individuals in positions of power can exploit and manipulate others.

The following video from Ian Carroll contains the entire transcript along with all supporting documents, links, and music. You can sub his X channel here.



P Diddy Lawsuit

(00:00:03 – 00:00:22): Michael Jackson conspiracy theories are back on the table. P Diddy’s intimate blackmail ring, puts Michael Jackson’s whole life story in a whole new light. So this new lawsuit just came out that shows tons of evidence that P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, has been running a intimate blackmail operation very much like Jeffrey Epstein, but in the rap and music industry for basically 30 years.

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Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:00:22 – 00:00:35): And in that lawsuit, we learned that his head of security, while he’s running the intimate blackmail ring, is this guy named Fahim Mohamed, who before working for Diddy, was the head of security for Michael Jackson when he was only 21.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:00:35 – 00:00:49): And he was one of the first people on the scene when Michael Jackson died. And before we go to Michael Jackson, the most important part of the Diddy case to bring across is the fact that the record executives at the very top knew what P. Diddy was doing.

(00:00:49 – 00:01:02): They were attending the parties with underage girls where they were spiking drinks. They were deeply involved in Diddy’s personal life and all evidence points to them as supporting his operation or at the very least turning a blind eye to it.

Media Lies

(00:01:02 – 00:01:14): So, let’s revisit Michael Jackson, the king of pop knowing what we know today. Starting in 1993, Michael Jackson was repeatedly accused of inappropriate things with children.

(00:01:14 – 00:01:26): And most of us eventually took that story and we’re like, okay, that’s messed up. Michael Jackson’s bad dude, without necessarily taking into account the way that the press had been smearing him in really messed up ways for years.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

Scathing Documentaries

(00:01:26 – 00:01:43): And then a bunch of documentaries were made before and after his death, smearing him left, right, and center. But the Diddy lawsuit directly points out and reminds us that the people that own the record companies also own the media publishing businesses that can print the tabloids.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:01:43 – 00:01:55): They have close relationships with the people that own the newspapers and the magazines that print these stories, that make these movies. That’s how they offer record contracts to people and then get them to the top of the charts right away.


Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:01:55 – 00:02:07): That is if they play ball, if you know what I mean. When you actually look into the evidence, the FBI were investigating Jackson for 10 full years and they presented no evidence of criminal conduct on Jackson’s part.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:02:07 – 00:02:20): The files have been declassified and you can view them yourself. They include a raid of his home where they confiscated all electronics. This is their ID number that you’ll see. We’re talking computers, hard drives, cell phones where they say the amount of gigabytes.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:02:20 – 00:02:44): And then following our pages like this, where they have the ID of the different devices and they all say nothing. Literally, they all say this. They found nothing. But that didn’t stop the press from running made up stories about how secret FBI files revealed that Jackson had paid millions in hush money to dozens of boys he had abused, despite the FBI files directly negating that statement.

More Media Lies

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:02:44 – 00:02:56): And to be clear, Jackson was a weird dude. He grew up in one of the most effed up environments imaginable. He had basically no father figure and was kept from his mother. And the press has repeatedly tried to make him seem even weirder to us.

(00:02:56 – 00:03:06): But sometimes they publish articles trying to make him seem like “Wacko Jacko”, which is super ragish. We’ll get into that another time. But they actually wind up just showing his humanity like how he’s shocked by the real world.

(00:03:06 – 00:03:20): See, it doesn’t understand it. This article, they explain how, when he first saw a homeless person, he was like, what’s that? And his driver had to explain to him what a homeless person was and he was like, holy shit. And he made them stop the car and he watched for a while, then gave the woman $300.

(00:03:20 – 00:03:36): And then when they saw that a man that she was with was about to try to take it from her, Jackson went and gave him $300. And she was crying and said that he’d saved her. And then he spent the rest of that day driving around giving out $100 bills to homeless people saying how it’s just amazing that the world could be so messed up.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:03:36 – 00:03:50): He sang about this kind of stuff all the time. In that same article, they also confirmed that he likes women, not on underage ones. And he had a secret girlfriend that he was seeing on the side but keeping it away from his kids and would always be back before they woke up.

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Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:03:50 – 00:04:05): So they branded him as “Wacko Jacko” early on and just like totally annihilated his public image. But what you might not have known is that that is a direct reference to a monkey, a fighting monkey from an old like, who was like a cartoon character basically.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

False Accusations

(00:04:05 – 00:04:28): His name was Jacko Macaco. And for the longest time, you could actually buy Jacko monkey dolls.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

And we could talk about how all the boys that accused him of things actually were in the middle of launching really successful entertainment industry careers when they made those allegations about what had allegedly happened to them when they were tiny children, despite having previously gone on their stand and under oath saying that nothing had ever happened.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

Jackson Calls Out Execs

(00:04:28 – 00:04:48): But that would just be a waste of time. One of the far more interesting and relevant claims is that Michael Jackson said a lot of things about Jewish people, particularly later in his career. And then he was smeared to all hell and back as an anti-Semitic Nazi, except that when you search YouTube for the actual original phone call recording where he called Jews leeches, YouTube won’t let you see it.

(00:04:48 – 00:05:06): You can find it, instead, they feed you a bunch of videos that are of this other phone call that seems to be his doctor that allegedly killed him, calling him when he was in the midst of heavy sedation and getting him to talk on the phone and slurred speech about how shitty his life was while he was completely fucked up on drugs.

(00:05:06 – 00:05:17): That his doctor that was talking to him probably knew he was high on, like, I dunno, just feels like a smear job to me. But when you search it on Twitter, you can find those videos no problem.

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(00:05:17 – 00:05:29): Just saying. And that’s not because X supports anti-Semitic content. That’s because X allows you to get to primary sources is because if you wanna know how history happened, you need to be able to access the primary sources.

Michael’s Millions

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:05:29 – 00:05:50): And yes, Jackson did say that the Jews, are probably referring to the Jews in the music industry, are like leeches and that they took everything from him and that they did it on purpose.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

But when you look into those allegations or those insults, you realize that because of his will that was probably fake and filed right before his death, so the will was signed on July 7th in Los Angeles by three witnesses.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:05:50 – 00:06:13): But Jackson’s family pointed out that he was in New York that day and there’s video proving it. So they changed their story, but the witnesses definitely saw it and it was just in New York. So anyways, because of this will, John Branca was put in charge of his estate, which included his net worth of $230 million but far more importantly, his 50% share of Sony ATV worth $750 million.

(00:06:13 – 00:06:32): Yes, he was taking on Sony. He was going after the hand that feeds, and when you look into John Bronca, in 2003, Jackson fired Branca because he was siphoning money out of Jackson’s accounts in collusion with Sony music CEO, Tommy Matola, and funneling it through a bunch of offshore accounts in the Caribbean.

The Heeb Connection

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:06:32 – 00:06:45): John Branca is Jewish and Tommy Mottola is also Jewish.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

Plus, Tommy Mottola married Mariah Carey partly through his life when she was a young, young woman and he was an old man.

(00:06:45 – 00:07:00): And there are other allegations about that whole situation you can look up on your own. In the first video I made about the Diddy case where I broke down the whole thing, I went through a whole bunch of music executives that are involved in that case or that come about when you start looking into it.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:07:00 – 00:07:13): And every single person that I showed in that video that was not black, was Jewish. Because whether you like it or not, whether you wanna call people names about it or not, the vast majority of the power in the music industry is controlled by Jewish men.

(00:07:13 – 00:07:24): Another good example who we have not talked about yet is Lou Pearlman who is famous for the boy bands NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. Not trying to say that all Jewish people are bad. People are just people, they make their own choices.

(00:07:24 – 00:07:35): But in the music industry, there are a fuck load of Jewish men that are doing shitty things to people. And in a few other industries too when you think about it, we’ll make another video about that.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

MJ’s Letter to Bill Bray

(00:07:35 – 00:07:51): For most of Jackson’s career, his head of security was Bill Bray, who was his mentor and basically his father and that two were extremely close. Bill ran his security until he was 70 when he retired and Jackson continued to pay his medical bills until he died at age 80.

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

(00:07:51 – 00:08:04): This is a letter that Michael Jackson wrote to Bill that is both really touching and really enlightens you as to the state of Michael Jackson’s education and his perspective on the world and his life story caused if you wanna read that.

Tieing It All Together

(00:08:04 – 00:08:24): But then once Bill retired, Jackson was then protected by other security people that came and went and he wound up with this guy who has direct connections to Diddy’s intimate blackmail operations who was directly complicit in covering up crimes for Ditty and covering up murders, covering up drug use, prostitution, human trafficking.

(00:08:24 – 00:08:37): This is the guy that was protecting Michael Jackson the day that he died. The day that he was overdosed on drugs after he was probably already asleep and the only witnesses, there were no witnesses to the crime.

(00:08:37 – 00:08:47): I’m honestly kind of surprised that this guy never got checked into as a suspect. I’m not trying to make any allegations, I’m just saying. Anyone can inject a dude with lots of Propofol.

(00:08:47 – 00:09:00): So knowing what you know now about the entertainment industry, about the world, about how this all works, about Israel, I suggest you re-examine the story of Michael Jackson and you re-listen to some of his lyrics.

(00:09:00 – 00:09:15): I bet if I include this song, they’ll take the video down for copyright as a way to silence this video, but you should probably re-listen to the lyrics for “They don’t really care about us”. And if you find the censored version, you should probably find out what the words that they censored are.

(00:09:15 – 00:09:29): And you know, looking into this whole story of Michael Jackson, the one thing that I couldn’t stop thinking about is man… that sounds a lot like Kanye West, but that’s probably just a coincidence, right?

In5D Addendum

We have seen this template play out over and over and over again. In politics, we see the one side of the aisle accusing the other side of what they themselves are guilty of doing. This is how coverups begin.  Through the eyes of a music executive, if MJ was about to expose SONY and the record industry, would that be enough motivation to erase the world of MJ?

I don’t think we’ll ever get all of the answers but we can certainly see “probably cause”.

What are your thoughts?

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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