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We Are In The 4th Dimension

By on December 8, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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We Are In The 4th Dimension

by Olga Star,
Contributing writer,

There are so many questions flying around. What’s the difference between the 4th and 5th dimensions. When are we there? What does it imply once we are in the other dimension and what shall we do in preparation for that?

And the answer is, we have entered the 4th dimension already. As the shifts come in several waves and layers of population following awakening, that is not about the hierarchy but a structural necessity to ensure as gentler as possible adjustment and as a gentler as possible shift to a higher dimension.

What is the 4th dimension, and how come no one told us about it?
The 4th dimension is acknowledging other existences, and not just by knowing about them, but feeling them. The proof? How many thousands of people are channelling their other dimensional friends? And those are the ones that are feeling safe and comfortable that we can hear them speak publicly, yet we have many more who have similar abilities yet are building up their courage to join the rest.

Some of us are not gifted with channelling options and we are gifted with telepathic communication as well as other Clair-senses, and that is okay. We, Star Beings and Starseeds reincarnated from other planets, have different purposes in the grand scale of the Earth’s shifts. For example:

Those who are gifted empaths

Increasing awareness of how one affects another in a higher dimension and how each one of us contributes to the mental and other well-being or the deterioration of our Earth collectiveness. As well as how each one of our individual evolvement and spiritual growth contributes to the further growth of humanity.

Those who are gifted channelers

Introducing us in a very gentle way to other forms of existence, other beings that are supporting the Earth’s evolution, and preparing us for the visual and physical encounters that are yet to follow.

Those who are gifted mediums

Helping us to embrace a fuller understanding of what life and death actually means. Helping us to connect with those we have thought we lost, while encouraging our own spiritual growth and development of our own Clair-senses.

Those who are gifted readers

Provide us with the information we suspected was true but given our current perception with regards to what it means to be human, thought ourselves crazy. If a reader is particularly gifted, you may receive deeper insights into your origin, and life and soul purposes that will clarify many things for you.

Those who are trans mediums

A rare breed and extraordinarily valuable in that how they’re able to use their own energy to facilitate other entities entry into our denser state in a more somewhat physical state.

Card readers

Provide visual support to those whose perception senses are more of a visual and physical perception.

The list can go on.

There are many of those who, even though are gifted in many ways, facilitate shift by sheer presence in our Earth’s density. You’ve met them, those humans (because as long as we are in a human vessel we are as human as any human can get! Just to be clear on that fact.) you know they feel happy, light, almost angelic like. We often tell them “You are such an Angel!”. We often comment with regards to them “They are amazing, but it is ever so hard to get hold of them”. Those humans, whose previous significant reincarnation was of a spirit nature, they are here to contribute to raising our frequency and helping humanity to come out of the density the Earth’s state was in previously.

How does it look or is there an image that could explain that better?
Well, I am not an artist, so I’ll use words that are accessible to me. If you think of a grid where each connecting link is a human soul, that is interlinked with the Earth and every soul inhabiting the earth (animals and mammals including), and that grid and our links are interconnected with another grid that is interlinked and where connecting links are of those beings who participate in the Earth’s ascension*. Surprisingly enough, many of them are Acturians, and according to my awareness they are nowhere near given enough credit as Pleiadeans are getting. And that is interlinked with other of Earth’s planes. Yes, what we commonly refer to as Angelic realms, is in fact our Earth’s plane of spirit nature, if to describe it in an extremely simplified manner.

When we achieve such a state unanimously, we’ll start entering the 5th dimension.

Love and Light,

Olga Star x
Spiritual teacher

Olga Star is a founder of Starseeds School & Sanctuary in England and is a practicing Spiritual Teacher for the last ten years.

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