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Weekly Planetary Astrology Forecast September 12-19, 2018

By on September 12, 2018 in Astrology
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by Hillory Skott,
Guest writer,

Things are changing fast now. Quick thinking Mercury moves to diligent Virgo. Venus moves from lets be fair Libra to passionate Scorpio. Mars moves into rebel changemaker Aquarius. The Moon is New in Virgo. New beginnings, new opportunities to clarify your direction and purify your purpose. Saturn goes direct too: This is where the rubber meets the road.

When planets shift signs we feel it. Maybe we don’t even know what we are feeling or why,but we feelers feel it. Mercury moving from fun loving Leo into OCD Virgo is a bit of a shock but also welcome for most of us. It’s nice to get things in order. To sort the data and share the results. Mercury in Virgo gives us all a deep down desire to clarify and refine. Order will follow. It’s a lovely place to start from.


Saturn goes direct on the 6th. Since April he has been backtracking. Rubbing our noses around in something unpleasant perhaps? Saturn is where its hard in our charts. What part of life has been tricky (possible understatement) lately? Now that Saturn is moving forward we can get a sense of structure and order back. We can tap into the right use of our higher will and make some progress. Our Souls are growing. This will take some discipline. Which we can easily access now thanks to the grand trine in earth and old Saturn facing forward again. Fun starts with fundamentals.

September 7th PST is a day to take note of. A grand trine between busy body Mercury and Electric Uranus – connecting to Saturn in Capricorn provides a magical blessing. It might come with some hard work attached. Don’t let this throw you off. You have what it takes to make change. Just choose and you start the wheel of fortune turning. Watch for meaningful synchronicities pointing you in the right direction.

September ninth is the new moon in Virgo. We are sooo on top of things. Keep telling yourself that. Virgo makes sure all the boxes are ticked so you can rest certain that everything is in place for every eventuality. Winter is coming after all (northern hemisphere) change is coming for us all.

To make the most of this energy pack all of last seasons stuff away and get ready to thrive through all the changes coming. Self care is a must for future Success. We only have this one biosuit to get us through this lifetime. Hydrate, detox, keep that blood sugar stable, make wise choices. Put, each joint through the full range of motion everyday, so simple, longevity, Chinese Medicine knows all about it.

This Purifying Virgo new Moon is a perfect for getting your foundation in tiptop shape. With Venus moving into Scorpio, and the supportive connections from Jupiter and Pluto, we all have the ability to move forward with a depth of understanding. Knowing where you are going is a great blessing. You may not know yet how you are getting there but don’t worry- Begin with the end in mind. Each step appears as you need to know it. You are solid.

Mars goes into Aquarius on the10th. This will feel much less ponderous. Be aware of erratic action. You may need some zoom in your engine, this will be perfect. Just be aware you need to keep that body grounded. Electric ideas will arrive but you need to be on earth to receive and create. Head in the clouds and feet on the ground this is how we make magic- like real human magic .

The weeks leading up to the Equinox will certainly stir the energy of our world. Go with the flow and be your highest self. Affirm: I am my Higher Self. You are here for a reason and your higher self will take you where you are going on the most joyful path. The planets provide us rivers of energy to tap into while we swirl our dreams into reality. Many Blessings of Health, Love, Abundance and Certainty. Let Love Lead.

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About the author: I get such lovely feedback and attract very Light conscious people, feel blessed. I was told in 2005 while at a group channeling session, that I was one of the early indigo Children, at the time I was only vaguely aware of what that meant.I was 32 and it was true. Such a gift to find that out and begin to understand my differences were common among people with similar wiring. I have been studying astrology for 21 years, teaching and practicing professionally for 14 and speaking and writing for the last 6. I am also a Mum of a 14 year old unschooled daughter and the life partner to her Dad. It’s a grand little life and I want to help other people exit the matrix and live a life of Love and Light too. My offering is the connection to the energies of the planets and the understanding of our birth charts, our blueprint for our life plans. Please visit Hillory Skott International Holistic Astrologer.

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