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Western Puppets Of Cabal And Illuminati, Part III of VI

By on May 20, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Western Puppets Of Cabal And Illuminati, Part III of VI

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com



Stories of yesteryears are called commercials today to propagate religion, political personalities and monetary manipulation systems, even celebrities utilizing MSM, organized controlled organizations, corporations like UN, WB, Knights Templar…. using monetary methods and commercialism to gain acceptance. This is the modern way, a new creation of Archons for influence and control to show us that we are a better civilization with fake improvements. Per stone tablets of 1x2M+ 200,000 years of origin, a simple story propagated then is when God Enlil Anu, Earth Administrator kidnapped the mine laborers and slaves in Southern Africa of God Enki and God Ninhursag, sister of Enki, the medical doctor-cloner and brought them to EDIN, Nippur and Shuruppak in Sumeria, modern day Southern Iraq and Mosul, the control and metallurgical centers of Anu, colonizers of the ancient times. These kidnapped slaves turned out to be the story of paradise in old testament with a twists. The first man and woman who walk with God in Eden, story woven for ‘hominids’ are mine workers. Accept stupidity. They are idiots says President of a third world to the religious and this president, 2017 is now called to mediate Asian nuclear crisis by both leaders of USA and Red China. He wants to talk to North Korea.

Weave your story and Edin is Eden at the four rivers known as Tigris-Euprates ( Hiddekel, Pison-Gison, one is dry river) per Genesis, is now paradise where humans originated from Africa created by the Gods in paradise that walk with this Archon reptilian creator god while enjoying a blissful life of doing nothing in Edin. Yes for the Gods, just walking in paradise with stupid helpers. We had a playful life, eating and playing as they said!! That is the old commercials of the Anunnaki in Sumer to create awe and Godship of the Anu race and they terribly succeeded. The truth is humans are made slaves wherever they are brought by the Archons. Choose your continent and you find human slaves even to this day and age. Make mystery of criminality, create hallucinating drugs, if you believe that story, that will make humans a crazy bunch of hominids, not the rationale intelligent beings created by the Supreme Creator, Infinity more than a million years ago. We have evolved but thereafter, some million years we became the perfect humanoids in the universe, living in several 3d planets. The evil doers, Archons make humans slaves, still doing it this day and age! They are done by the puppets of the mighty westerners, Caucasians, kings queens, politicians and mighty big business men most of them from the Group 13.

You can make your history, your stories, place it at the internet and who knows, your version is the celebrity story 2000 years from today, even a religion, if that is still the acceptable norm of communication as everything change, that we know! People awaken, that is truth and All That Is programmed it that way. That is the story of PH bishops, telling us that their belief is 2,000 years old and will stay that way. Let us proceed with history as we know they happened as told and written by our elders, their beliefs, not the Roman rewritten form. The scientific minds create things, become history. Our times are different today as the Schumann Resonance has increased from the low of 8.6 Hertz to 15 and going to 30 Hertz. Germany and UK must maintain this reference points of earth’s electromagnetic frequency spin for our information. This means magnification of the sun’s brilliance from yellow to white light fire is flowing and supplied to humans and earth’s beings are increasing their frequency consciousness to a higher notch without our knowing. This means we improve to be better humans, or humanoids. Sol, our Sun is far too advanced in environmental augmentation than any sentient beings around and She acts in coordination with the acts and the sequences of the universe and All That Is, Creator. Yes, she, SOL is far advanced than humans and we call it only as a ball of fire. In this light, we can be called Hominids, the illiterate h0mo sapiens if you stick to that belief taught by Archons as they are afraid of light. Our sun lived and exist for more than million years, still growing better, attuned with the flow of the universe and with her family at the Milky Way galaxy.


America was visited by the Nordics-Vikings, China, Japan and definitely the first Indians who lived in that continent who knows their origin from the heavens. Columbus apparently do not exist a fictionalized personality and textbooks should be rewritten to teach the truth. The Americans-British, came to the metaphysical picture of American history as Mayflower, a ship from England, Europe landed in North America with pilgrims in five ocean outings starting in November 1620, at Plymouth colony now known as Massachusetts, an Indian tribe’s name. Positive Pokanoket Indians had pity on the dying immigrants from winter and taught them agriculture and farming to survive in America. That is a positive integrative action that made negative point humans and archons flourished in the land of milk and honey. Resident negative natives of America definitely defended their territories being occupied by the pilgrims killing some immigrants.

400 years of this history will be celebrated in 2020, the famous landings of Europeans in the west as compared to Egypt with Hebrew slaves and Macau-PH with 500 years. They are the same stories where negatives are colonizers or stronger than the positives. William Bradford, later governor of the colony are negative political leaders of England rounding up kids and street children and load them on several trips to Plymouth, slave labor practiced then and copied in Africa, and today in Asia and India. This ‘thanksgiving’-colonization day is celebrated every November in North America. The excellent talented immigrants from Asia come in droves to experience the taste of milk and honey, the Asian geniuses and hardworkers and in time the whites will be outnumbered by the colored people per US statistical data which may change demographics and human behavior, may!

From England, Ireland, Scotland of UK and nearby European nations, immigrants come to find land for the landless of their citizens. As government developed, states are merged into one nation until the whole union is completed, from 13 original colonies to 51 states. They wrote emancipation constitutions, independence from UK-British control to start the creation of another empire. Before the union was completed the 13 influential negatively polarized families came and started to take their hands of control in politics, economy and monetary manipulation, in this union that brake bonds with the British and some French colonizers at far north, called Quebec, Canada. .Abraham Lincoln tried to stop monetary manipulation with orders and decrees and so do John Kennedy later, they both ended assassinated by the Illuminati. That is coincidence of 13 in number. In the 19th century, with consumerism, the industrial revolution started to flourish with integrated manufacturing assembly techniques. The space age and service oriented industries followed after industrialization. With this technology, actually old technologies as they exists in secret in US and Germany as a background, the Group 13 strengthened their hold on population, created addicting lifestyle in food, clothing and shelter and recreation, we call improvements, simultaneously creating diseases and controlling drugs thru big Pharma, vaccines and plagues to control population, food that make you die young and early. This is another time of modern control where medical doctors and political leaders of all professions are in the pockets of the cabal of various names and organizations. Imagine professionals, the leaders do the reverse of what they have sworn in. They are present everywhere, in churches, in government, big Pharma, Federal Reserve, name it they are there. They own everything even your soul, converted to puppetry. I realized them when I managed as managing director two multi-national companies that sells $180B annually on a global scale.


Sometime 3,400 BC, the Sumerians Archons, planted opium, poppy plant known as Hul-Gil, the joy plant in Sumer. The Babylonians transferred the raising of the drug to Egypt during the time of Akhenaton. The Archons used drugs to control humans. In 1600AD, Portugal, England, and Dutch-Netherlands were engaged in the trade of these hallucinating drugs. British East India introduced from India deadly drugs opium, cocaine, and heroin in Asia primarily thru Macau, Hongkong, Shanghai, China to the world at large, they call New World Control. Much later they introduced a brain hallucinating chemical drug to control your brains and your minds, the best brainwashing technique, thru destruction of the soul until the body gives up. Front plant based cocaine, grass, marijuana, poppy have been upgraded to Shabu and ‘paradise or infinity drugs’ killers. Why do they do that? Yes, they have to make human manipulation and control flourish throughout the world from Sumer to Egypt to Africa, to China mainland, to America then Australia and Asia to the Orient. Humans are worst than animals to these negatives. Why are the managers of UN telling PH that drugs do not have an effect on the brains and crimes in PH? Police and military doctors say otherwise. Can these Archons use of all institutions ask for more for world domination?

Case in point, in 1521, at Philippines-PH, 400 years Pacific Islands Spanish colony conquered thru religion, 50 years American colony, 5 years of Dutch…., named after King Philip of Spain. We are told by government that toxic ‘Shabu’ frequent use destroys the brain. Our leaders confirmed this with American doctors but Europeans look like fools asking PH government to put a supply ‘rehab’ depot free to addicts until they drop dead. They think we are still living in ancient colonies in Sumer and the stranglehold of Queen Elizabeth I of the 1600 opium trade of England. They introduced deadly drugs for joyful rides, addiction and tons of money for them and let the local population copy it for their ultimate destruction. They are not in UK anyway. PH military-police said that 80% of crimes originated from drug addiction and trading. The Europeans still justify that drugs are not contributory to these crimes!!! They disagree on the findings of the oppressed and the UN, another puppet would like to kick out the positive man who is trying his best to remove the drug use The Dutch became our masters for 5 years and Spain, 400 years. We all turned back as hominids of the ancient years, much worst than China as every district in PH are now affected by killer drugs. Understand history and you will know why. That is how important history is coupled with knowledge of spiritual concepts which the colonizers would never like you know. They have to destroy all evidence to make you stupid. Very few negative dark British and European traders- greed beings started the drug trade and destroyed South America and Asia, all from the effects of deadly drugs. Worse, their recommendation is to tolerate drug addicts, users and pushers as they brought them for control of our awakening brains. The good and positive majority of the British subjects are helpless, they just look with awe on what is happening to the world and as their country is now invaded by fear of ISIS. They have even asked for forgiveness for their deeds. My brother in law, British is the reverse of these dark archons. He is loving and kind who helps people he can assists.

This is a clear program not only of the Cabal but by the negative Lyra negative beings a part of our ancestry. Everybody knows the story except the truth that western leaders are controlled by Illuminati-cabal in whatever form of government they adopt, totalitarianism, socialism, communism and democracy. Democracy turned out easier as you make or control only the political leaders and you have a stranglehold of the majority of population, at awe on what is happening to their nation All forms are ways of control and dominance of the human race thru puppet politicians and governance. Leaders of democracy are all subject to corruption and are part of the governing cabal minorities, the very, very rich of society are members of Group 13, name them Knights Templar, Mason, Illuminati, religious organizations, … Mr. Gregg Prescott, our editor has a pyramid of this organization and there is no need to repeat the information. Go to in5D and search. What we should understand is the group is so entrenched in our society, they are up for a New World Order, that is if SOL, our light provider and the Supreme Creator will allow. I doubt if they can as violet, diamond pure white light, strikingly strong photon lights are here and now, healing-cleansing and those who would not bulge will have to go to darker places or planets of their choice. There is no escape. Source Energy has his way.

Military aggression, warfare sales and Federal Reserve Board-Central Banks are controlling USA, NATO-UN and the western civilizations. They are major tools to manipulate humans anywhere. Simple example, US side with rebels in Syria an Russia side with Assad, government, to create wars. Dark beings are war freaks, fear creators to accumulate for themselves the wealth of earth whoever get destroyed in the process, the planet, humanity, Caucasians or colored people, it never matter to the dark. There are good people whatever color you carry as vehicle or vessel for us to experience the life of a humanoid. This way of living, Source created a super imposing balance between the positive and the negative until they reach an integrative point of coalition, balance, the start of the raising of human consciousness.


A peek at history to a demoted king, Great King Herod, developer and world visionary but he was depicted in religion as despot. His excavated developments and cities are so advanced that matches ours, 2000 years thereafter complete with water distribution systems. Fake writings of religion destroyed the man. That is how effective the archons are. Anthropologists are opening our eyes. National Geographic TV presentation is amazing on these excavations. Herod is a construction genius destroyed by religion, another mode of creating fear of the Anu Gods rewritten in books for fear factor. Think of the Council of Nicene at 325AD and understand. Once ISIS sees these excavations, they will come to destroy these solid records of achievements of humans evolving and developing a civilization on Earth. ISIS bomb several sites in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey to erase what humans built on the way to 1st civilization. Erase and destroy human civilization so ‘hominids’ the first intelligent humans, says Archons, will never know that we lived here for a million years. Religious bishops in robes insist of their greatness for the last 2,000 years, not even .002 of history. Humans should always look dumb fools for easy brainwashing. Fear delays the raising of human consciousness even before the ‘Son of God’, Father and holy spirit creation of Emperor Constantine was pronounced the belief of 325AD, the incoming century that will control the Roman Empire . They developed a religion called Christianity to counter the true Christian Consciousness, ruled by an emperor called Pope, simultaneously, for power and control- allegiance. Constantine founded a religion, from occult Christians. Empires fall, Rome fell after 500 years of power, as other empires fall. This new system of human mind control stands its ground as a new power, religion. Catholicism or Christianity controlling 3.4B humans with 2.2B Moslems follow rankings. Religion is one of the best control mechanisms for humans as they create fear on a Creator. The reverse of the propaganda is unconditional love. Let us emphasize what I have been saying for the last 25 years, nothing can be stronger than Love, Light and Unity Consciousness. Knowledge and enlightenment of these values are taught by Infinity thru our individual consciousness and will always prevail. In the process you will see the light and you start seeking Source Energy.


Human beings who lived on earth like Confucius, India’s Kristoos, ‘Yeshua of Nazarene’, Rome’s Apollonius of Tyana, Buddha of Tibet , Adamu of Pleiades, St. Germain, Sananda, Sanat Kumara…. taught a significant evolving law in the million years history of humanity. ‘ Human masters’ we call them, with many names, just like they call the Source, All That Is and the law is named by these teachers, lovers of beings as GOLDEN RULE, LAW OF ATTRACTION, LAW OF ACTION, LAW OF KARMA, LAW OF DHARMA, even Newton’s Physics action-reaction LAW, all mean the same thing. There is no such thing as FEAR as LOVE AND LIGHT are the most basic teaching of them all emanating from INFINITY, the root or source of all these mentioned laws that are the same but changed in words by the person talking about it. Kristoos-Christ talks of loving thy neighbor as you love thyself borrowed from India, another way of saying do good to others as it comes back to you a thousand folds. What you do comes back to you, do unto others what you like others do unto you, whatever action has an opposite and equal reaction, good and righteous deeds attract back and comes in multiples of hundreds. My message is join the ranks of the positives, the STO, humans loving others and light will open sights to new path of consciousness, new doors and portals to step and pass thru! You love others and it comes back to you, others loving you or the other way around, you love yourself and this love within overflows to others and the whole of humanity. This is what our teachers taught us, the love within is loving All That Is!! Christ Consciousness to planetary, to cosmic consciousness will overflow the whole of the universe and you return to wholeness, Oneness with All That Is, the real desire of the ages. You have realized you are a fragment of Creator. The question is why do you keep on coming back to earth and re-experience the same trials? You may be fodder or energy to Luciferian beings, the dark ones of other planetary systems. The truth is Lucifer has good propaganda mechanism flooding the internet as a returning hero of goodness!

Get enlightened, differentiate what is negative deeds from positive or what is righteous from darkness, the whole world and the universe will lighten up for you. The universe will provide you with abundance the moment you attained joy and happiness in your daily life. What more would you ask for when you are always happy helping others. You will realize that what you give in simple acts of goodness or major acts of material help, you receive a hundred folds from SOURCE, and that is literally satisfaction and happiness in the earthly term of reference. And to top them all, you do not expect to received any as you help others as helping is innate and natural to you. You cannot ask for more when you are happy! Learn to be happy all the time as happiness brings forth the abundance you deserve as deep emotions of goodness flows from within yourself. Love, joy and happiness are the seeds of abundance brought by the emotions and enlightened thoughts you have planted within. What is within is pronounced and reflected at the outer part of life we call reality. As you return to Source you will be one returning home from whence you come from, advanced planets nearby or at sister galaxies that is if you qualify. You can be an original best spirit from Earth. Some spirits keep coming back to Earth as they have developed fondness with the planet and humanity. Deep within your heart, the light spirit within you know where you stand, quicksand or cloud nine. Seek the light within.


From Cairo comes some pictures of hieroglyphs that will lead you to truth of what Zechariah Sitchin, American, German and European authors, archeologists and anthropologists are talking about. They have been telling us our heritage written in stone tablets of various sizes to as big as 2x3M+, not in papyri nor animal skins that are reproduced in three sets of commercial writings propagated by the Roman Empire to control humanity. What life we have for the last 3,000 years when we thought we are very intelligent creations, not knowing that we are programmed to be fodder and energy provider for a minority ARCHONS and Anunnaki. We have lived for million years as intelligent beings, never 5,000 years as taught.

Have you seen a change in human bearings. The aborigines are still the same, the Caucasians, Malays, Chinese and the yellow race are the same after 5,000 years. If you analyze today, we come from varied cultures, from various planets in two major galaxies, Andromeda and the Milky Way, the melting pot of humanoid development, an exercise, a stage or a play created by Infinity to test the effects of free will, unconditional love, duality and separation to his beings.

Papyri displayed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Papyri displayed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo


In our psyche you have heard of Atlas, the man who carried the Earth. Our calendars featured him. He is Atlas-Adamu from Pleiades Star System, the anchor of Pleiades beings and their heritage. Had you been invited before to join the in-situ ascension of Earth, healing yourself is your primordial reason of incarnation, that of living in 3d life on Earth. In his terms it is your purpose to be an agent of reintegration of your spirit entity. This self-healing opens pathway of consciousness on this most difficult planetary existence. You can never go wrong. You must have lived more than many lifetimes in duality and separation from All That Is and that is one big enigma on earth. Is that a game of the dark or a game of Source.. I say that we all rely on our higher self-oversoul as guide and to All That Is once and for all, no one else. In time as we reintegrate with our spirit entity-higher self, we should return from whence we all came from to another planet nearby and All That Is will provide us new tools and learning skills required to teach/guide foolhardy spirit beings who will perform what we did on our pre-selected planet of choice. The experience we had on positive and righteous acts and deeds will now be transplanted to new generation of light beings, starseeds in other evolving worlds. We are a play in the thought of All That Is and humans are in luck we have that role.

The earth masters, controllers, kings and queens we have known are the negatively polarized beings who have dominion on Earth thinking they can control the planet for their lives. Colonizers manipulate humans using religion, government, politics, money and consumerism. For those who would like to forget how we have been in such terrible shape for the last 500 years, review and understand the methodology of these concepts of manipulation. You are a very intelligent human who knows how to teach and learn. Humanity has unearthed information that brought us to utmost lack and sufferings and they are all available on the internet. US dollar bill has an eye, the present controller thru monetary currency headed by Rothschild-Bauer, and the Group 13 on the controllers listing.

According to Swerdlow, they are Bruce, Cavendish-Kennedy, De-Medici, Hanover, Hapsburg, Krupp, Plantagenet, Rockefeller, Romanov, Sinclair, Warburg-del Banco, and Windsor-Saxe. All these names are very familiar to us like Goldman Sax, Kennedy, Hanover and Rockefeller, Sinclair, the rest are hidden from us. The 13 families have a share of control, e.g. military, MSM, finance, political leader and development. Many awakened humans researched and unearthed the people who love dominion over others which are headed by the 13 families and multiplied in all nations thru inter locking corporations, banks and trusts companies, name it they have it but very hard to understand if you do not have a working background of finance. Please research for yourself on these families for you to be informed. I was educated with the finance, accounting, legal and economics, even consumerism background allowing me to learn and analyze, praise the Source of All That Is, he made me understand. These disciplines look academic but I dream and do practical work in real life and invent gadgets that make work and life easy. This is what little knowledge I have learned in my 72 years of lifetime of trials, but I know I have lived in abundance as lawyer Doming and myself practice the habit of being happy, full of joy all of our lives even playful while in negotiations on business deals, all in a nutshell at the seventies of this earthly monotonous life. When you are happy, you are abundant and when you are abundant, you are in ‘heaven’, the name humanoids desire.

It is best to casts away dark beings as evolution takes a very long time till you seek again the light. Vices like cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, even the 17 virgins waiting for you in heaven says a religion of suicidal teachings as they look dark. DOMINION! It is really a choice of positive or negative integrative abilities, our decision, our will! PICK! CHOOSE.


These miniscule analyses of historical perspectives is a drop in the ocean of the history of Earth for a million years, a grain of sand in the memory of Akash. Some have lived a thousand lifetimes and still are on duality and separation who cannot recover from amnesia and the negative deeds they did. Others believe that there is ‘computer program’ of illusion to trap us back and forth to Earth by Luciferian beings to make us continuing energy fodder for the dark as they have been cut off by Source. Others have shouted for an exit vehicle to go home unknowing they can go Home and He will be heard by his teachers brothers from our own world.. If you desire to go back home, exit accidents or death from diseases have to happen for your exit to happen. Most likely you will go back to Earth and try again as billions of Earth people have to be helped by one of the volunteers as the breed from Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and other galaxies are foolhardy spirit beings or strong willed crystalline light beings, they are never afraid to challenge greatness, says their teachers.. There are several races out above or with us, living with us who are starseeds suffering with us but setting their individual life examples of STO paths and a life of positive deeds, setting their own path of consciousness to a higher plane. They just need to live positive integrative lives as individuals. In their journey, the starseeds set a path of consciousness that sets humanity on the road to unity consciousness. The truth is they come to raise the consciousness of Earth- GAIA to 5D and humanity following suit. See them, some are your brothers and sisters just around doing their own kind of loving and enlightened, living simple lives providing little acts of kindness where the law of attraction spells her magic! Universe listened.

The Source programmed our passing the photon belt where millions of Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturian beings, reside on humanoids, their soul are on Earth opening pathways to consciousness. Our neighbor star races have volunteered to raise in their individual ways the collective consciousness of humanity. Look at our nearby constellations and be amazed as they all shine brightly for all of us to witness the truth. With high powered telescopes and glaring photos at the internet we see them, their ever shining star glories providing us with hope. I simply gaze at the stars during starry nights as my telescope is short. God sent His ever flowing cleansing light rays, the fire of God to us programmed as He loved it. We are showered by the Central Suns primarily to awaken, start learning with our Sun-Sol as continuing portal with solar blasts sent to Earth in a beautiful rhythm of rainbow light from light prism enabling us to learn- teach and knowing who we really are in this process. These are mind boggling ideas but the moment you go within yourself thru meditation and self-healing ways, you awaken. You make your own path of unity consciousness for others to see. Witness the glory of each human being’s spirit present within you performing righteous and truthful deeds without need of convincing anyone.

Let us complete healing-cleansing within and be on track to Oneness. Meditate daily, learn truth-teach and analyze. Create a free flow straight line connection within, pineal gland to your third eye, throat and to your spiritual heart and back with your light-spirit ever flowing to and from within. In time you connect with your spirit. SOURCE ENERGY is within us. Reality thought is connect your heart and mind. Go always within your spiritual heart and tie it up with your conscious mind. It is the process of experience, of God’s ways of unity and wholeness, all seeking ONENESS with the Supreme Creator. You can do it as you are a fragment of Source, Infinity. You are an immortal creator being, spiritual light fragment sent to earth by All That Is, to reintegrate fragmented spirit thus assist in the raising of the consciousness of Gaia to 5D. Humanity’s consciousness will rise with GAIA as we are all Riders learning and experiencing a life in an illusion of solidity, all in the thought of the Supreme Creator. Do not let history be repeated again in your heart and mind in amnesia as fodder and energy provider of the dark, start within yourself and take the rein-control NOW.

Love and light,
Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

About the author:   ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.,  MBA, CPA, teaches acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, he had created livelihood in Industrial Estates  in SE Asia and Middle East. He hails from Philippines.  Link with him at aornedojr@gmail.com or connect at  Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and Amazon.com.  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

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