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What Do You No Longer Need?

By on March 11, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening

What Do You No Longer Need?

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by Ali Hibbert

Everything in your life serves a purpose and plays a role on your healing journey, beginning with your thoughts and beliefs. Even the energies you use to create your life serve a purpose and there is a time when they are no longer useful or appropriate. Each thing that you no longer enjoy has fulfilled its purpose in your life an…d is something you no longer need. Can you release those things knowing that this is a sign of closure and completion? What is no longer joyful represents an energy that you are complete with, you are finished with it and it is also finished with you.


Just as you have lessons to learn from each experience, they also have lessons to learn from you. In each situation you are both student and teacher, the one who must learn and through your learning, you teach others. Whether that is a person or an experience, there comes a time when it no longer holds any learning or energy for you but you also no longer hold any energy for it. The connection disappears and it becomes unfulfilling, unsatisfying and the potential for healing, learning and transformation is gone. Without an energetic connection it has become something you no longer need and can now release.

When your life is filled with things you no longer need there is a feeling of being stuck and unhappy because there is no energetic resonance or connection with who you are and what is in your life. It is time for a shift into a new level of creation and understanding. From your limitations you can learn about what how you limit yourself. From your unhappiness you can create new opportunities for joy. From your pain you can find new ways to express love. For each thing you no longer need there is something waiting to replace it, once you embrace the transformation and allow new ways of thinking and being to be your new reality.

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There is great power in being able to release yourself from what you no longer need because you release yourself from its energy and you also allow it to move on, as it no longer needs you either. Then you can each move on into other experiences that you do resonate with. This is true of the people in your life, the job you know you must change, your beliefs that limit your joy and the thoughts that keep you in fear. When you know these must change, allow the change to happen with joy and gratitude and be aware that releasing what you no longer need allows new energy to enter your life. And that once you realize you no longer need something, a healing and learning cycle has been completed and you have moved into a new level of energetic vibration, experience and potential.

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