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What If We Were Made Of Light?

By on October 27, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

What If We Were Made Of Light?

by Rainbow Ra,
Contributing Writer,

Man is a star bound to a body.

Would our world be a far cry from our current one if we could physically see that we are light beings? Would we act any differently if we saw one another’s light essence? You are invited to join my journey to see for yourself!

My Inner Light!

A few years ago I had an amazing experience. I was remotely sending healing to a dear loved one as this was my typical bedtime ritual. It is a Qigong practice I do prior to sleeping, while flat on my back. Since it is meditative, it tends to get me very buzzy and tingling. That particular night during the Qigong, I had a vision of three little lambs nestling and nuzzling with one another. It was followed by a second vision of the critters that also included a clearly audible male human voice directing, “Feed my sheep”! Next I felt that I popped out of my body. I went above and behind my body, even though that meant “I” was located either in the mattress or the headboard! I could see into my body. Rather than the typical organs, muscles and veins, I viewed a brilliant bluish white light surrounded by a gorgeous, velvety indigo blue! The light, in an elongated form, came to a point at either end. There were innumerable, narrow strands of light, porcupining out in all directions from its core. After I’d been fully mesmerized by this breathtakingly beautiful sight, I slid back into my earthly shell and fell fast asleep.

The next morning I was awakened by our clock radio. The very first words from a random radio station in mid-song was “Blinded by the Light”! I continued laying there taking in the words of the remainder of this Manfred Mann music. I thought to myself, “Wow! What a miraculous Universe in which we live that it can so synchronistically arrange such events!”

Since then, I look back to that time wondering how many others have been blessed to see our light. That was the only time, thus far, that I’ve seen what we truly are. Our bodies, as well as all our 3-D physical world, despite seeming quite solid and real, are merely illusory. The physical aspects of ourselves vibrate at a slower frequency than our light. It was my higher vibrational meditation that afforded me a glimpse into the 5-D realm.

What If?

What if everyone in the workplace was suddenly able to see their own, as well as everyone else’s, inner light? Imagine what it would be like. Would we be kinder and more cooperative?

Ponder yourself walking down a busy city sidewalk and all at once everyone’s light becomes visible. Would we be able to appreciate the beauty?

Visualize a battlefield in which all the soldiers were allowed to see inner lights, from friend and foe alike. Would we have instant peace?

Join Me!

It is finally time for me to help “feed my sheep”. I feel this happening through guiding others toward awakened awareness. Please humor me and imagine. After all, the grandest ideas were all birthed from the kingdom of the imagination. Picture this. We may not be able to see our light yet. However, when we look a fellow human in the eye, we can notice a glimmer of light sparkling from that window of the soul. We can all imagine, ponder and visualize that bit of sparkle being a portion of their light, literally oozing out to create a better world. Won’t you join me?

Let your light shine! May the light in me greet the light in you!


About the author: Rainbow Ra is a Mystic removing the veil separating us from true reality, thread by thread, one question at a time!

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