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What To Do If You’re Being Psychically Or Energetically Attacked

By on October 20, 2018 in Awareness

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Are you a victim energetic/psychic attacks or do you know anyone who has been psychically or energetically attacked? As the global swamp is being drained, so is the spiritual swamp as the vibration of truth, love, and light are the predominant energy despite the chaos around you.

The good news is that those are are energetically and psychically attacking others are falling into ill health.

Do you know any dark magicians? How are they feeling right now? Are they in bad health? Nauseous? Is life crumbling down around them?

Look at some of the questionable people in this world, such as John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Prince Philip, George HW Bush, George W. Bush, etc….   Is it a coincidence that they all have failing health?

As we travel through Pluto in Capricorn, the TRUTH vibration is rising and it’s causing lots of physical ailments for those who are dark magicians.

What’s happening is they are no longer allowed to siphon energy from lightworkers, although they may still try to trick you into giving it to them through their various services, so beware of the scam artists who try to trick or guilt you into needing a reading from them. They may also intentionally cause conflict just to have one of their fellow archons offer to “heal” you but it’s a ploy to siphon your energy.

Super Karma

What is also happening is that everything these dark magicians are doing against humanity’s best interests is backfiring on them 10-fold, at a minimum. Conversely, those working for the LIGHT will also see a 10-fold minimum increase in positive events and occurrences in their lives.  This is part of the Super Karma process that’s going on right now.  What you’re putting out, whether it’s good or bad, will come back immediately, with interest!

As I mentioned in a recent video, the dark magicians and people who have been working against humanity’s best interests are now receiving SUPER KARMA and will have a difficult time existing within these energies.


If you’re living in a high vibration, the dark magicians can’t hurt you. Inevitably, they’ll be hurting themselves, 10-fold, at a minimum. Their lives will crumble around them.

While many of us are living month-to-month, we’re still getting by with only minimal lessons from the purging process. All of the work you’re doing is being recorded in your Akashic Records, so keep moving forward despite any temporary hurdles, which inevitably are helping to facilitate your spiritual progression.

While there are many reputable energy healers such as Eric Raines,  please do your research beforehand. Ask your friends who they’ve tried and what their opinions were of those people.

Unfortunately, there are some groups of “spiritual” people who work with dark energies. I’ve had some ex-cult members of one particular “spiritual” website come forward and tell me some of the horror stories from what they observed and experienced.

Apparently, this particular website steals people’s energy (or “splush” as they call it) by “triggering” them into conflict, and then they feed off of the negative energy from your reactions.

They look for those full of light and may even hide behind a fluffy website name that is the antithesis of what they represent.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg

This why this one particular website invaded my In5D MeWe Chat. They couldn’t eat their own energy, so they came to a place with “new energy”. I eventually banned most of them but had to shut down the chat to protect the followers of In5D from their nefarious attacks.

In regard to the chatroom:

Several ex-cult members from this alleged “spiritual” website have stepped forward to fill me in with what’s going on behind the scenes with this cult in the chatroom:

“I got nothing but headaches from them. Every time I went in and anyone was in the room…instant headache. Like…really? ?? I knew I was being attacked.”

“For what its worth, [name redacted] was asking the (chat) group the other day, before you cleared the slate (I deleted the entire chat conversation after I took screenshots) what everyone “felt” from her. For myself, its a tell, and its manipulative.”

About spiritual cults and how they harvest energy:

“The body is a prison cell for some entities and they can’t move to another unless they create an energy passage. This is why they trigger and eat. I said to her (their female leader), “We knew much more than she could fathom”. When this energy speaks, it’s usually after the emotions of “Momma will take care of you, (you’re) protected by momma”, and so on. In the group, they have daddy figures that interact with the others. It’s to pull out those emotions of needing a momma or daddy. Then they herd the sheep (new energy) and eat the splush (your emotional energy). It starts from an early age with these kids, it’s sad.”

“These people that form against you online will try and post things directed towards you, in order to fish you for energy, trigger energy out of you, don’t read or respond to anything! Get in the habit of blocking and overlooking. Your body will learn the energies quickly and will automatically know what to block, or ignore. Eventually, you no longer see any of what they target with and they can waste all their effort on wasted purpose of trying to target you.”

More about splush

I asked about the meaning of “splush”:

“That’s the stuff they suck up from us. We put out emotions and they eat it through the energy tube they created from eating, triggering, fishing, and so on. But that’s the problem, though. Right when the energy connection starts to pass and weaken, they always come back and try to reestablish it. That’s why if you look at all those folks in there, they try to get people to follow them to their thing. They need the glorification to feel not like crap.”

Apparently, this is similar to “loosh” which is your life force energy.

The cult dynamics

“The daddy type, sucks up the energy of lust, love, and healing from the girls. The momma type does the same with the boys. Then, they use that energy as a weapon to harm us. Then, they present a god, angel, or something of a deity to save us.”

Some cults may even have a “Mother”, “Father”, “Archangel”, “Archeia”, etc…. masking as deities or ascended masters using fluffy names to garner your attention and eventually, your spiritual energy.

“They bait people into it. They find us by interaction online (through chatrooms, social networks, etc…), coming to us in (the) astral and so on. They are under contract. 10 years usually.”

It seems they try to find the most positive and successful websites to attack…

“They always hit and even cause the problems to get people in a lower frequency. The (name redacted) kept saying she wants her kids back. That means the ones that was in her group, and that’s basically everyone that’s in your group, including you (In5D).”

Apparently, after I shut down the MeWe chatroom, she could no longer get her “splush”.

On a side note, I used to have a live chat at the bottom of every page on  It was infiltrated by a group of nefariously dark beings, so I banned them all, shut down the chat and blamed it on an anonymous hacker. Just like what I did on MeWe.  History repeated itself.

They tried to recreate numerous 5D chat room, even using the In5D name for some of them, to no avail.

Please do NOT visit any of these URL’s as they do NOT represent In5D:

One of the rooms they hosted on tinychat and they called it in3d.

Here is a screenshot of their chat:

Naturally “HOPE” wanted the “good people” from In5D to go to their chatroom so they could siphon more energy, or should I say, “splush”?

Their biggest quest was to build something similar. “polaritysurfingnomore” stated, “I have a team that can create a good website.”

polaritysurfingnomore: “What we need is a venue that attracts like people… but not  name that signifies a dimension like 1n5d”

polaritysurfingnomore: “We need to attract outsiders to make it interesting.” Notice the word outsiders and not like-minded people.

Chronomage: “I wanna bring in NEW ENERGY…”

My guides told me it was the same group energy that infiltrated the MeWe chat, attempting to steal the energy from innocent In5D users who visited our website.

Shortly after I shut down the live chat on In5D in late 2014, this particular CULT website popped up on the internet.  Coincidence? I think not…

“These types of entities will pursue and never really stop. You can’t love them, free them, help them, etc… They are kings and queens of the dark cults that facade around as a good one. They seek to convert, control, and splush. I believe everyone has that entity connected to them in the group now, but just like food, it digests and eventually will fade out.”

It was so bad for one ex-cult member, that this particular ex-member stated, “I asked death to come to them, that means for them to lose their powers so they could not hurt me or anyone ever again. I love being me, an innocent, gifted child. I don’t want to be like them. I love being like me with the universal source.”

“Spinning” their “truth”

There  was a “spiritual” website who took over 500+ articles from In5D, which made it appear that In5D agrees with their mission and viewpoints by posting our articles there. I contacted them and politely asked for them to remove all In5D articles and to respond back with their answer within 48 hours. They never replied, so I contacted their server, Bluehost, and their website got shut down.

Posting In5D articles on their website is part of their harvesting of “splush”. I do not consent. Would you? I wonder how many other authors will have their material posted on this particular website when it comes back up again?

20 days after I emailed this particular website, the owner responded, “Mother re-hearts you that you cannot own consciousness. Copyright is a lower consciousness construct rooted in entitlement and ownership within societies and cultures… All these are mind based constructs, and not of the Heart… The Divine. We share many mutual authors and get emails just as you do from these same authors requesting we share their work.”

Do you see how he’s twisting and “spinning” things around? 3 hours after receiving his email, I responded. To this day, he never answered me regarding the authors that we “shared” or why he didn’t simply post their articles under their website’s name, instead of attributing them to In5D, which gave their website credibility under the In5D name. Like a dead red dragon, no response at all.

I don’t have an issue with people posting articles from In5D. Don’t take just about everything we have. A few articles here and there are fine but over 500+ articles? If their readers don’t know any better, they would assume that In5D approves of what their cult stand for, which we clearly DO NOT!

Basically, their entire website is based on the works of other people. Good luck trying to find any original articles they’ve written. If they were to only post original articles they’ve written, there would be relatively no content on their website.  Like archons, they can only replicate.  In essence, they’re siphoning the energy , or as they call it, “splush”, and approval of every author they use on their website in order to draw in “NEW ENERGY”.

Below is a screenshot from a YouTube video showing the typical savior role being played out in this genre:

Is this something you agree with? I, for one, don’t and do not consent.

What to LOOK FOR

Many people who are just awakening are looking for a consistent source of spiritual information to rely on. My recommendation is to go with the people and websites who have been doing this the longest and have a proven track record for being consistent, without hiding behind fictitious names, or are trying to play the savior role.

That being said, there are also newer websites and people out there who are giving amazing information.  With any website, use your discernment and give the newer ones some time to prove themselves as being consistent in their messages.

At In5D, we encourage people to question everything, including anything published on In5D.  As the owner and editor, I don’t necessarily agree with everything that everyone has written on any given website, but that’s my own personal truth.  In the end, the only person you can really trust is your higher self to guide you exactly where you need to be at all times.

Always look within for the answers, and to others for confirmation of what you already know.

What to LOOK OUT FOR – Ask yourself this

When listening to any spiritual leader, ask yourself:

  • Does this sound like the truth to me?
  • Is this person playing the savior role?
  • Does this message feel right?
  • Do I feel good after listening to this person?
  • Did I learn anything positive from this person’s messages?
  • Is this person trying to control me?
  • Does he or she hide behind a fictitious name?
  • Does this person seem scattered and incohesive in their thought structure and processes?
  • Does this person appear to be grounded?
  • Do this person flip-flop on topics and issues?
  • Is this person predominantly healthy or do they constantly have various health issues
  • Does it truly feel like this person is coming from the heart or from ego?
  • Is this person or website constantly soliciting you for money, services, or donations?

After being in this website genre since 2008, I’ve seen a lot of people and websites come and go.  The one thing I’ve noticed the most is a lack of grounding when a so-called spiritual leader starts “losing it”.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to rely on using your discernment.

What to do if you’re being energetically or psychically attacked

1. Eliminate contact – First, do not engage with these “people” as this is what they are trying to get you to do.  By doing so, you’re consenting to giving your energy to them. If they’re contacts with you on social media, then simply block and ignore them.

2. Know your trigger points – Chances are. they’ve studied you and know your trigger points. Be cognizant of what triggers you away from being centered and grounded as these are opportunities for them to re-establish their connections to you while feeding them, energetically. When you learn how to overcome these triggers. this will begin to starve them. Like being a parent, if you ignore a temper tantrum, the child will eventually learn that they cannot get your attention from this tactic.

3. Drugs and Alcohol – If you use drugs or drink alcohol on a constant basis, you’re opening the door for these entities to attack you. Do a week-long detox from either (or both) of these substances and continue on with the following recommendations.

4. SmudgeSmudge your home and clear all energies by saying, “I demand that all negative entities leave my home immediately.  Only those of the highest vibration of truth, love, and light are welcome here.”

5. Ask your guides and angels for help – Your guides and angels are with you 24/7/365 and are waiting for you to ask them for help.  YOU have to take the first step in asking!

6. Intimate energy – Be cognizant with whom your sharing intimate moments with as they may be carrying additional attachments. If your romantic partner is in constant low vibrations, you may want to re-evaluate your circumstances. If you’re having a one night stand, BE CAREFUL!!!

7. Visualization techniques – I have an article called, “What To Do BEFORE You Meditate” which shows you how to protect your auric field.

8. Implant and parasitic removal – Contact a reputable energy healer, such as Eric Raines, for assistance in identifying and removing these entities.

9. Walk of Gratitude – Do a Walk of Gratitude, preferably in nature and barefooted, and call in your posse (Creator, Source, Universe, spirit guides & guardian angels, etc…) and express the things you’re grateful for to them.  Then ask them for assistance in helping to protect and rid these negative energies from you. You can learn more by reading, “Change Your Reality With A Walk Of Gratitude“.

10. Love Bubble Meditation – Through this technique, you’ll be sending out the vibration of love to everyone in your auric field. When you focus on love, dark energies have nothing to feed off of. You can learn more in this article, “Love Bubble Meditation“.

11.  Cord cutting – Be sure to cut all cords and attachments with anyone who has siphoned your energy.  For more on this, please refer to the following articles:

Guide For Surviving The Releasing Process And Downloads – Going Beyond Cutting Cords

Cutting Energetic Cords- How to Maximize Your Energy Flow

Guide For Surviving The Releasing Process And Downloads – Going Beyond Cutting Cords

How To Release Soul Contracts

Six Powerful Self Healing Techniques

7 Ways To Remove Negative Energies

Last Resort

As a last resort, you can use white magick banishing rituals but be aware that everything you put out comes back to you. In this case, it should ONLY be used with honorable intentions for protection and NEVER to harm anyone.

If you decide to take this route, you may want to include something along the lines of mirroring whatever they’re putting out to come back at them, INCLUDING love. This way, they can learn from their mistakes and you hold no karmic retribution as you’re actually helping them spiritually evolve.

As we progress through Pluto in Capricorn, this is naturally occurring and you shouldn’t need a banishing ritual, but if you feel you’re being heavily attacked, this may be your last resort.

These 5 recommendations are SO IMPORTANT!

For several years, my guides have informed me to pass along the following five recommendations:


2. Express GRATITUDE


4. Maintain a HIGH VIBRATION


Staying grounded is so incredibly important right now.  Get out in nature, whatever form that may be (lake, mountain, park, beach,river, etc…), and stay there until you feel peace within. Connect with Gaia as well as the New Earth and envision the world you want to be in.  Not only SEE it, but FEEL it! Use all your senses.

Now what?

We are all Gods and Goddesses.  Like the Hopi have said, “WE are the ones we have been waiting for.” The LIGHT at the end of the tunnel is YOU!

We can all sense and feel that we’re on the verge of something amazing. Go within for the answers you’re seeking and rely on other people’s information as CONFIRMATIONS to what you already know, not the other way around. Of course, you can always use what other people are saying after the fact if you go within and get the same answer(s).

Our genre has been severely compromised, but there are still MANY amazing resources to help facilitate your journey. For example:

  • ECETI’s James Gilliland always gives a great, uplifting message
  • David Wilcock‘s research is fascinating and is backed by a ton of references
  • Dolores Cannon has helped MANY of us on our journeys
  • Barbara Marciniak‘s early material
  • Graham Hancock and Michael Cremo show us incontrovertible evidence of our existence long before the recorded history in the bible
  • Jordan Maxwell‘s studies into etymology, maritime code, and the true meaning of the bible
  • Linda Moulton Howe – excellent investigative journalism
  • David Icke‘s thorough investigation into the controller’s objectives (and he always finished on a high, spiritual note)
  • Michael Tsarion‘s endless research into the occult and our human origins

Each of these people have a long history of proving excellent, thought-provoking information.  And I don’t necessarily agree with everything that each of them says.  For example, Jordan Maxwell thinks the light at the end of the tunnel is a train, while I KNOW that light is YOU and ME!  He’s very pessimistic and doesn’t have a lot of faith in humanity, but his research is spot on.

There are a number of videos that will help to expedite your spiritual journey as well, including:

Esoteric Agenda


Ring of Power


Spiritual Reality: Near Death Experiences

The Legend of Atlantis

While the above video references are far from being inclusive, and some people will disagree with my own personal discernment, I think you get the point.

For more thought-provoking videos, please see: 200+ Free Documentaries That Will Expand Your Consciousness!

Spiritual Wars

Honestly, I don’t like being the person to write this article but people in the spiritual community need to be aware of whom their giving their energy to.

The energies of Pluto In Capricorn are not only draining the global swamp, but the spiritual swamp as well.

There are spiritual wars going on in the aethers as well as on this planet. Be very careful who you follow. Ultimately, go within for the answers and listen to your higher self and NOT someone who is playing the savior role for a cult.

If you’ve been part of a spiritual cult or have recently left one, feel free to contact me, any time. Your story/stories need(s) to be heard.  I’ll keep your name(s) anonymous, as I did in this article.

If you’d like to follow along with the comments, then click the F icon in the video below:

Sending you all infinite Love & Light,


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