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What You Need To Know About The QFS Quantum Financial System

By on September 26, 2023 in Awareness with 0 Comments
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What You Need To Know About The QFS Quantum Financial System

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

What You Need To Know About The QFS Quantum Financial System

According to this one particular liar, who hides behind the fictitious name of Wolverine, on September 25th, 2023, at 12 midnight, London time (which is 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific), all money will be deposited into the “Quantum Financial System” (QFS). By the time many of you see this post, that time would have already passed.


How many times do we have to hear blowhards like this LIE to us?

I’m all for hope but I have very little tolerance for being lied to. And I mentioned this when I called out those lying about the Emergency Broadcast System bullshit upcoming on October 4th. The glass is always half full… unless it’s half full of bullshit, then it’s really an empty glass full of broken promises and that’s what we have here.

So let’s roll the tape. Here’s the man who’s hiding behind the fictitious name of “Wolverine” telling us all about this hot air and bullshit.

AI’s Thoughts on the QFS

I asked the AI on Google Bard and Chat GPT about the origins of the “Quantum Financial System”.

Chat GPT said this:

The term “Quantum Financial System” (QFS) appears to have originated in various conspiracy theories and fringe discussions online. It is not associated with any legitimate financial institution, organization, or concept within mainstream finance.

Google Bard said, “The origin of the term “Quantum Financial System” (QFS) is unclear. It is first mentioned in a 2018 article by David Wilcock, a conspiracy theorist and New Age author. Wilcock claims that the QFS is a new financial system that is being developed by a secret group of people who are trying to liberate humanity from the control of the cabal.

The QFS is said to be based on quantum computing technology, which is a new type of computing that is much faster and more powerful than traditional computing. Quantum computers are able to perform calculations that are impossible for traditional computers.

Wilcock claims that the QFS will be used to create a new global currency that will be backed by gold and other precious metals. This new currency will be free from the control of central banks and other financial institutions.

The QFS is also said to be used to create a new global financial system that will be more transparent and fair than the current system. This new system will be based on blockchain technology, which is the same technology that is used by cryptocurrencies.

There is no evidence to support the existence of the QFS. The claims made by Wilcock and other proponents of the QFS are unsubstantiated.

It is important to note that the QFS is a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theories are often based on misinformation and speculation. They are not supported by evidence.

If you are interested in learning more about the QFS, I recommend that you do your own research and be critical of the information that you find.

And that’s exactly what I did. The earliest reference I could find regarding QFS is from May 25th, 2010.

And, of course, the fictitious NESARA and Charlie Ward are mentioned in this article full of hot air and bullshit.

And, of course, the fictitious NESARA and Charlie Ward are mentioned in this article full of hot air and bullshit.

And, of course, the fictitious NESARA and Charlie Ward are mentioned in this article full of hot air and bullshit.

This is from 2010, 13 years ago and it has absolutely ZERO basis for credibility. Yet, 13 years later it’s still being pushed by liars such as the man who hides behind the name of Wolverine. I wonder if he’s going to apologize to his followers for lying to them? I doubt it.

For the past several days on Twitter, there has been a flooding of Rainbow Currency posts.

Thank God for the internet because here’s a post from November 12th, 2012, 11 years ago saying:

A new USA Treasury rainbow currency will come into being, backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals. A new USA Treasury Bank System will be initiated in alignment with Constitutional Law. The Federal Reserve Board System will be abolished. Personal financial privacy will be restored. All judges and attorneys will be retrained in Constitutional Law. All aggressive USA government military actions worldwide will cease and global peace will be established.

Every American citizen over the age of 21 will receive $100,000 a month for 11 years, but the Farmers’ claims will be paid first. Here, the settlements will include debt forgiveness of $300,000 (including mortgages, credit cards and loans) for each farming family. Similar reforms will take place in every country in the world. ( GESARA ) Enormous sums of money will be made available for humanitarian purposes. New hitherto suppressed technologies such as free energy devices, pollution cleanup equipment and sonic healing machines will be released for the use of all.

Here we have the same bullshit being pushed 4 years later in 2016.

What You Need To Know About The QFS Quantum Financial System

And now, 7 years later, the same crap is being pushed.

Are these all PSYOPS?

And this is what I want to ask you, the viewer and the reader: Is it POSSIBLE that the Quantum Financial System, NESARA, and the Flat Earth theory are all PSYOPS designed to distract us all from what’s really going on. That’s called smoke and mirrors. Look over here at this shiny new currency while all of this other shit is going on that will eventually take away our civil liberties and freedom because we were distracted by lies and unprovable bullshit.

Yeah, that’s very possible! As a matter of fact, it’s more likely that it’s highly probable, than anything else

They’re all echo chambers who are afraid to challenge popular opinion

You’ll find the same people with their echo chambers of friends all regurgitating the same unprovable crap over and over again. And I don’t have to name names. If they’re pushing NESARA and the QFS, then you know they’re full of bullshit.

This video will stand the test of time. 10, 20, 30 years from now, when they’re still pushing NESARA, GESARA and the QFS, feel free to come back and visit this video. I’m not gonna say, “I told you so”… and if I’m wrong, I’ll make a video apologizing to everyone, but I seriously doubt that the reverse will happen. They’ve lied for so long to so many people that they can’t back out of it. How many more years will people continue to buy their bullshit?

Some things you just CAN’T prove!

There is a lot of things to be hopeful for and some of it is not provable, such as what Dolores Cannon says about the New Earth and what will happen when The Event occurs. I’ve seen and felt what will happen during The Event. White light will flood the Earth…

I’ve had other people corroborate my vision as well. One of these people is a registered nurse who had a near death experience and went to the other side of the veil where she was shown exactly what I had seen and felt.

But the difference is, I’m not making a promise or stating this as fact. It’s just my experience and I believe in it. All I’m doing is sharing that experience with others.

Something big is about to happen

We all feel like we’re on the precipice of something that’s really big is about to happen. There’s almost like an electricity in the air or a sense of knowing something before it happens.

That’s where we’re at right now. There are exciting days ahead and a lot to be hopeful for. Just be careful who you listen to and follow.

Always use your own discernment and if it smells like bullshit, then chances are, it is.

I love you all and will always stand in the vibration of truth, love and light… so until the next time, I’m sending you all infinite love and light from my heart to yours.

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


In5D Addendum

The following day after “Wolverine” issued his video, he said that the QFS didn’t happen and attributed it to “bad intel”.

The following day after "Wolverine" issued his video, he said that the QFS didn't happen and attributed it to "bad intel".

Apparently, this isn’t the first time he lied to his followers:

The following day after "Wolverine" issued his video, he said that the QFS didn't happen and attributed it to "bad intel".

Sometimes, I feel like the father who loves his children so much that they DESERVE to know the truth, even if it’s something they may not want to hear.

This picture says it all:

The Bitter Pills of NESARA And GESARA

I’m all in for having HOPE, but not at the expense of LYING to people and building up FALSE HOPE, only to yank the carpet out from underneath them. That’s just CRUEL!!!

But that’s why we’re here… standing in the vibration of truth, love, and light with each other.

I love you all.

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