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What’s Happening To My Body Right Now???

By on April 20, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

What's Happening To My Body Right Now???

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by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

What’s Happening To My Body Right Now???

I received a message this afternoon from somebody that is feeling lost and very frustrated and feeling out of sync. This individual has a lot of things coming up in the family that they thought was remedy and resolved years ago.


Also, feelings of a lot of displacement not feeling well (chronic fatigue, sinus issues, migraines, fibromyalgia and a very difficult time with digesting any solid foods etc.). So, I’m bringing this to the forefront because it’s the 3rd message I received along the same lines the last couple days.

I will try to explain what’s happening.

There are many things happening right now to us energetically. It’s coming to us through many different forms such as gamma waves, solar flares, photonic light-waves and even with the schumann frequency being off. That’s the heartbeat of the planet that is measured can be seen and measured by nasa from space.

There’s a bifurcation taking place and a separation of densities. This is going to bring a lot of things to the surface and they will create lot of triggers that will come up to trigger you into old judgments.

Some of the things you may have dealt with in the past will be retriggered and they’re coming up for release.

There will be many that will move geographically from one location to another simply to ground in a frequency to the planet that is needed in the location that they’re being moved to.


I, like everyone else, am going through exactly my own stuff and work as well.

There is a overwriting of templates from the past as we are being updated. We are also receiving new template codes which are throwing us off balance. We are taking on a crystalline consciousness and merging with the higher self. We are dissolving believes that no longer serve us or will be needed as we move forward and as we begin to open up and receive feelings of bliss and divine love on many levels.

Some will be dealing with chaos as others with bliss. I suggest you try to stay in a place of observation from a point of sacred neutral and don’t judge. Everybody is going through this differently and it is affecting everybody.

As I’ve always said, we’re living on the edge of change and it’s happening in a way we don’t understand it because it’s never happened like this before.

There will be many that will not be able to receive the energy and they will leave the planet, but this is what was agreed to before they incarnated on a higher soul level. They that chose the path to leave will continue their work on the other side.

There will be much miscommunication coming to the surface. Miscommunication is becoming more intensified. I want you to be aware that it can also affect you. It can affect your ability to communicate, even with yourself and your internal dialogue.

There is a subtle process going on and how you are relating to yourself. There is communication that comes from your light body from your inner self to your conscious self your ego. The filtering of all messages and communications is somewhat clouded for most people during this time as the shift is taking place.

Please know you are in the interim period. You are getting ready to receive new abilities. The division between where you are now in your ability to communicate and understand and where you are going to be is actually quite major.

You are into a limbo zone, so to speak. There will be much stuff going on with memory and memory loss. It will be affected and influence more in the now moment. I will even go as far to say that linear time as you know it which is a social agreement is on the edge of change.

Linear time is there to slow things down so things don’t manifest and happened so quickly. It is known as past present and future but time is moving and picking up for many very, very quickly. Just know wherever you are on the path that everything is exactly the way it needs to be in this ever present moment of now.

No one person is more advanced than another it’s just that some people are in different places acquiring different skill sets and utilizing different tools to fill their toolbox up so it can be used once the physical avatar is ready to incorporate an update and integrate all the new technology.

We are in fact moving from silicon to crystalline on a cellular structure. Many of you will be able to take pictures and see it in your skin. Even the pictures that was taken some months ago have completely changed to a brand new level of light integration.

The mitochondria is changing in form. The mitochondrial houses the RNA and DNA and for some, it is becoming completely unrecognizable.

Most in the more advanced stages will need a great deal of rest. It will be one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.

Many will be dealing with weight gain to make space to hold more light which is needed to create the crystalline form.

There will be some that will happen difficult time with sentence structure and others that will have a difficult time with clarity of thought.

There is nothing in our past which will support all the changes that are happening to us in this ever present moment of now. We are going to a place we never gone before and it is happening from a point of creation that we are creating in each moment.

That is one reason for the memory loss. The other reason is to keep you in the ever present moment of now time which is considered 5th dimension. There are many that are vacillating back between 3th dimension and 5th dimension and are having difficulties keeping a foot in both worlds. So, just to bring clarity, we are in a transitional moment between an old paradigm and moving into a new paradigm.

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Also understand that the new program that is being integrated is not fully functional at this moment as it is not totally in place.

Additionally, be aware that we are living in a world of duality which has polarity and we are also experiencing on a global scale polarity coming to the surface and as the polarity is coming to the surface through chaos and disorder it is almost like a solid foundation is being placed as the polarity begins to leave the planet.

Please be aware of those that have not shifted to a higher frequency; they will not be able to have the ability of perfect understanding of what’s going on because they will still be living and experiencing the denser energies of what is known as the old paradigm of past.

Please know everything is playing out exactly as it needs to even if you don’t fully understand it.

Hope this helps bring a better clarity of what is happening.

Posted ((3)) pics below which shows the crystalline form activated.

The 1st and 2 pic below are from 2 yrs ago as I was motivated to take pictures by my friend Gregg Prescott in 2017 and the 3rd pic is a pic from a few months after the 1st pics.

You can see the changes that have taken place with the light as it becomes integrated and densified. You can also see after the crystalline is fully activated the change that takes place on a cellular level becomes the shape of the highest level of sacred geometry. Lightbody activated.

Also know many will be leaving by way of passing and continuing the the process of evolution on the other side. This is the soul’s choice on a higher conscious level. No one is more or less than another, it is just that some started to intergrate the changes taking place on a physical level earlier as it was their path to ground the frequency.

Everything is beginning to change so areas faster then others. Always remember this is perfection taking place on every level.

Please know that this is not taking place out there, meaning outside of you. It is taking place in each of us internally. Some are more evolved and advance in this process then others. This process has been taking place over many years slowly because it is so difficult on the physical avatar to change on so many levels. This is happening on a physical level but also etheric, cellular, atomic and sub-atomic level.

We each agreed to be here for this step in evolution. Remember it is not happening to you but for you. The souls here are that of the strongest in this universe.

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There are no mistakes happening. I have found that drinking 16oz’s of celery juice each morning upon awaking is definitely helpful for digestion issues. Also, taking 1000 mg of CBD oil is very beneficial for inflammation and pain. I personally use it with a vape because of 100% absorption in the bloodstream. Juicing carrots and beets with a lemon. Papayas including use of the seeds are also is very helpful for digestion.

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Deepest of infinite love and blessings always in all ways,

~ Rosie Neal

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