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What Is Happening And What Is Coming Next?

By on January 19, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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What Is Happening And What Is Coming Next?

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

So many questions being asked as what is happening and what is coming next? We are living in a time where each must maintain full complete balance. This is the key to everything. “Balance”.

Stay clear of anything the creates a imbalanced within you. To much of “Anything” takes one out of balance.

As we move forward, finite is merging with infinite in physical. It will only be in fractals because both worlds cannot exist at the same moment in a limited construct. What that means is the ego is beginning to remember its role and purpose. The ego is your persona and personality and role you chose to have during this incarnation.

We will begin to experience essences of our divine self in consciousness and have a new awareness. This will allow each to begin to feel and step into the knowingness of who and what we truly are.

As this begins to gradually take place, your perception of everything will begin to slowly change. It is taking place in this ever present moment of now with baby steps for all that are ready. Too much, or moving forward too fast, can create harm, so each step will have to be gently integrated before the next step can be taken. Everyone will integrate this shift this at their own level and pace.

Each will begin to understand that we live in a holographic universe. We are liken to that of a movie projector except it is done with energy. Each will begin to understand and know how to transduce the energy into broadcasting to the hologram in order to achieve the experience one wishs to experience while you are in physical form. You are learning gradually how to take control over your reality and become the full creator that will also embody the creation.

You will begin to understand coherence, and balance and the importance of living in a coherent and balanced state of being. This is where the true master steps into mastery while in physical.

Each will know their connection with source and connections to all things and each other. The concept of competition will appear to have been so silly as one begins to see truth beyond the false grid of distortion.

As the mind and heart become coherent you will enter the space between the thought. The “Void space” but one must be in complete coherence to do this. This is know as the “Zero point field.” it is the place where all creations take place/form and are created from. The space between our thoughts are brief, and seldom does anyone ever wonder what it would be like to have fewer thoughts, or what we would find in the void between them. It is the void the “Silence,” the emptiness. It is the silence between the notes that creates the symphony. We need the void of no-thing that creates some-thing.

You will begin to feel your connections to non-physical.

You will begin to comprehend that this life of yours has been a gift.

You will remember your choosing and desire to have this experience in physical and your excitement as you prepared to feel separation.

You will remember as you so diligently planned out this physical embodiment with all it expressions.

You will begin to understand that all come from source of oneness even that, those that chose to play the role of the dark you speak about came from the same oneness of source creator that has been labelled as god.

You will understand the incredible role of duality and polarization played and how it was a beneficial influence on the growth in your evolution and evolvement.

Each like that of a fractal of light from a diamond. Playing is role flawlessly. But now ready to move to the next level.

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So, take a deep breath as you sit back and enjoy the ride. There is no-thing that must be done for there is nothing that is left undone but to be here now and just be presence. From my heart to each of yours ?

~ Rosie Neal

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