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When Our Solar System Passes Through The Galactic Axis

By on May 7, 2019 in Science
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When Our Solar System Passes Through The Galactic Axis

When Our Solar System Passes Through The Galactic Axis

by Michael E Hanson,
Contributing Writer,

The Sirius connection to the ancient Hindu legend of Samvartaka

Not to confuse the Samvartaka tale with that of the dance called “samvartata”, which perhaps could be a latter invention by readers of the tale which describes a great flood which wiped out all world government. It could easily be confused with the account of Noah’s Ark to a non-discerning reader.


Earth’s core emanates a hz wave bases on certain factors like core rotation speed which is currently about 3/4 of a second faster than the Earth’s spin cycle daily. Volcanic rock containing quartz often records Earth’s core frequency, providing us with proof of earths core history. We have undeniable evidence therefore, that our planets core is sped up each 12,900 years. Interesting enough, this coincides with many other evidences, such as;

1. Blue hole stalactites which show a red streak each 2 out of 3 cycles of 12,900- evidence of hematite sand from worldwide volcanic activity and or major dust storms which can only be a product of intense heat on that level.

2. Worldwide geological inconsistencies to current spin axis (equator position).

There are literally too many to list here, but here are a few;

Arctic plankton fossils carbon dated to 13,000 years are embedded in all Florida coral of that age. Then we have plant fossils in walls of the Grand Canyon that never see sunlight. Those particular species cannot survive without direct sunlight. Evidence that the Indian ocean was ice 13,000 years ago.

Much more. Some are mentioned in the book “Gravity is a push”, by Walter C Wright.

But long story short;

Our entire solar system is known to pass through the galactic axis each 12,900-12,960 years. The end of the Mayan calendar in a gearstone came 12.21.2012, which was the midpoint. It is the ‘time of awakening’ now.

Awakening for what? Well, maybe you can see the big picture already. This purifying fire written of by Mayans was initially knowledge passed down to them from Anunnaki. Biblical times accounted for the presence of giants, some noted to have skin whiter than snow and having a ‘serpent’ like appearance. So why then and not now? I have heard stories from defectors of the secret government of many types of alien encounters. One being states that they use particle waves to surf along. We know stars form new particles much more now than previously estimated. In fact, it would provide a better explanation to the long life if blue star Kachina. It’s the only explanation to the how and why galaxies propel themselves through space.

It should be surmised at this point that Sirius is affecting our solar system each 12,900 years just as we exit the galactic axis dead zone during this solar maximum. All American indians ancestry comes from those who crossed the Pacific on foot over ice to Alaska, yet even politicians are ignorant of this fact and consider global warming (renamed climate change when it was debunked) is not natural.

Well I have a question for them. How do they explain the completely intact and level pyramids 2600 feet deep off the Cuban coast? The land didn’t sink. They obviously didn’t read Gateway to Atlantis or The Problem of Lemuria, or The Sirius Mystery by Robert K.G.Temple.

It is obvious to me, to sum it all up, that when the dead star Sirius C aligns around the end of this year (appx) that we will experience the first of a few energy storms from Sirius, recurring each 1335 days with increasing intensity. In fact, earths magnetic field strength will eventually put most of the oceans in the ionosphere. I believe this is what the bible means when it says “A new heaven and a new earth” because we will live here again during a 1,000 year reign of peace, in a time of virtual twilight with no complete darkness as our planet glows from ionization, plasma effect. We will see other stars never before seen through the galactic haze.

Aside from that I can only imagine. One has to wonder. Al Bielek’s interviews may shed some light on some of this.

Michael E Hanson

Mikefromspace YouTube

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