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Why Astral Travel?

By on October 3, 2014 in Exiting The Matrix, Spiritual Awakening

Why Astral Travel?

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by Michelle Walling, CHLC

I have been asked by a few people to recommend ways to be able to astral travel. Mostly they have heard about it in metaphysical teachings and it has been encouraged and described as a wonderful experience. I answer this question with a question, “Why would you want to astral travel?”


The created matrix we are experiencing is composed of dimensions and hierarchy. The astral realm lies in the fourth dimension which is separated by vibration. The third dimension vibrates at a slower rate that the fourth, thus we cannot see into that realm without using our “inner sight” or clairvoyance.

We are infinite energy that is seemingly trapped in a human body. We have forgotten who we are thanks to the construct of veils of forgetfulness most of us have that was placed in our brains during the last genetic modification done at the time of Atlantis. The human body is a mechanism by which the most powerful beings in the Universe can be trapped and enslaved because they are cut off from their connection to who and what they are. They then are able to serve as a energy food source for those who are truly cut off from Source.

The natural reaction to being pinned inside of a body would be to try to escape. I have felt many times that I did not want to be here anymore. In my younger days I escaped with marijuana and alcohol. Just feeling the freedom of moving beyond the physical constraints in such a negative, competitive world was a refreshing break.

I was born with bad knees. I never crawled as a baby because I couldn’t put pressure on my kneecaps without them moving out of their intended position. I scooted on my rear and then went straight to walking. I eventually had to have knee surgery on both knees to correct the loose kneecap problem. As a result of surgery, I could never sit cross legged for long periods of time in meditation.

When I began my awakening I read all about meditation and going into the pineal in order to try to have an experience. I thought I could meet my guides there or perhaps I would be able to visit a past life. Nothing happened, and I thought I may not have done the work necessary to spiritually advance because I wasn’t able to do what others were doing.

Fortunately I was steered into meditation from the heart center soon after that. Meditation for me involves feeling. It is peaceful and calm, and I don’t go anywhere but inside of myself. It usually involves just being with myself and loving myself, and connecting with Mother Earth.


So when I began to get questions about how to astral project, I did some research, and the first cute video I found was this one by Spirit Science:

The mistake I made, of course was that I did not discourage travel into the astral realm, where trickery and false light prevails. I just recently found some material that explains that the door to the astral realms is the pineal gland, and while I think I knew that all along, what never clicked is why anyone would want to go there. At 1:43 in the video, it clearly shows the consciousness leaving the third eye, or pineal. This video promotes astral projection as something very cool, and I have decided that it is quite the opposite.

The reincarnation system is set up in the astral realms, where we are tricked into coming back over and over to rectify what we did to each other in past lives. It is all part of the false light matrix construct to keep us enslaved as energy machines that can be harvested.

The reincarnation system is set up in the astral realms, where we are tricked into coming back over and over to rectify what we did to each other in past lives. It is all part of the false light matrix construct to keep us enslaved as energy machines that can be harvested.

The beings in the astral realms do not have a connection to Source and everything has to have energy to move. If energy does not move than it becomes dormant and dissipates. Then it eventually merges back to source via long way home. They would rather connect directly to humans and drain our energy in order to not become lost in space until the implosion of our solar system, galaxy, and Universe takes them back to Source through a black hole.

Our energy is drained most all of the time. Some of these ways include societal programming, polluting the environment we live in, and religion. Is it possible that they drain it through false light teachings in the spiritual and metaphysical world involving prayer to a power outside of ourselves (including spirit guides and angels)? This question also includes opening up the chakras and connecting to the astral realm through the pineal.

It is an ingenious plan. I always felt like I was not getting anywhere by not being able to successfully project myself outside of my body. When you push your essence outside of your body you leave an open door for anyone else to pop in there and make home. Then some people are quite surprised when they pop back in that things start falling apart in their lives and they can’t figure out why because they are doing their best on their spiritual path.

It makes me wonder if the Dark Night of the Soul is actually a fight to reclaim your body back from the body snatchers. What if the things in your life have to fall apart to wake you up to the fact that you have allowed visitors to join you that create turmoil in order to feed?

I have also discovered a correlation to the silver cord in astral traveling, where you are always connected to your body when you astral travel and dream. There is also a silver cord that becomes the tunnel to take you to the afterlife in the astral realm. Could they be one and the same? Could this cord be a tether that has been inserted as an artificial umbilical cord to the astral planes? If so, I think I can do without a tether to the astral. Instead, I would rather tether to the planet, for now at least.

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Now for one last eye opening thought. We have been warned about fluoride in our water that is meant to close down the pineal gland. If everything we have been taught is a lie and everything is backward and upside down, could it be possible that fluoride actually facilitates the connection to the astral realm through the pineal, and thus that is the real reason not to ingest it? I know it is on the poison control list, so I know it is not something I want to ingest anyway, but is there a false campaign steering us away from the true reason for the pineal? I stopped drinking fluoridated water and switched to natural fluoride-free toothpaste several years ago and I have not been able to astral project or connect with my “guides” through the pineal. It is definitely something to think about.

The biggest message I want to share with you about astral travel is that we do not need to leave our bodies. We fought to get a physical body before we came here and if we vacate it we are allowing another being to occupy it. It is a very clever trick. We are infinite source having a physical experience. Our body has dark matter within it, which is a direct link to Source through the core of the planet. If anything, the safest thing is to stay in your body, centered in your heart space, grounded to the planet.

Mother Earth is a space ship hurling through the cosmos, and is an organic sentient being that has allowed a false light matrix to exist around her for a very long time. She has been very patient and is slowly raising her vibration out away from its existence.

I am done with the battle with the light and the dark. I no longer want to be a lightworker and I no longer want to exist in a world that is controlled by dark forces. I am choosing a third choice which is moving beyond this matrix experience. I hope that that grounding to the planet through going within my heart space will lead me to the doorway, or stargate. Travel anywhere else outside of myself at this time would be a gamble for recreation that I am just not willing to take.


I have begun to question everything, full circle- all over again. It’s funny when you think you understand what is happening only to realize that many of the books on the bookshelves at your Barnes and Noble are engineered to brainwash you into giving your power away and vacating your body.

Some people think I have lost my mind. I will be writing an article about that soon. I hope to lose my mind and to embody my eternal Source essence. One thing I have to remember is that not everyone will make the choice I have made, and I have to respect their choice. But it is also frustrating for me to hear the teachings that there are only two choices. I have had to pick apart truths masked by false light teachings, and I try to go within to see what feels right. The other choice presented is to join the dark which not many people will choose but they may be aligning with them anyway through their pineal gland and other chakras and astral travel.

About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach. She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive.

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