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You Are A Time Traveler

By on April 14, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

You Are A Time Traveler

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by Dennis Klinger,
Contributing Writer,

Some of us think it is possible there will be a scientific invention that will allow us to time travel.  Or, some may think this is not possible because we will never have this kind of technology based on the understanding that time cannot be traversed or jumped.  In a way they are both correct and wrong at the same time.  Understanding time travel is much more mystic than something made of metals and plastics, mixed with human know-how of our physical realm and mathematics.  As suspected, there will be a degree of magic needed in order to understand and possibly accomplish time travel.  And by magic, I mean metaphysical.


One may think that time travel is impossible.  For me, being possible or not is secondary to the actual need for us to do this.  Why would a universe that creates these perspectives to record what is happening, need for it to travel to different times of the production, when it will be there or has already been there to experience it?  My problem is negotiating the potential violation of Universe.  In other words, maybe the Universe doesn’t want us to time travel, because it doesn’t need us to.

Nevertheless, as a curious soul placed on a curious planet, I will test the will of the Universe to be certain it does not want me to time travel, because I really want to. So how do I do that? Well, the first thing I need to do is understand time.  This was explored in my prior blog discussing the reality of time travel.  With these things in mind, how would one go about staging a travel to another plane of time?

After intense internal debate on the subject, it occurred to me that I was already a time traveler. Indeed, my perspective in this realm, right now, in this plane of time has traveled here from a different time.  But this travel was not controlled by the consciousness I have access to at the moment.  Since I remain convinced that the perspective (soul) incarnates on this Earth indefinitely, this soul that is me has been recording at different times for hundreds or thousands of years if I’m lucky, maybe less if I’m not.

So, instead of thinking that I can use a metal box with special magnetic and computer processing power, able to propel my physical body onto another physical plane of time, I should think how to access the planes of time I have already occupied. These planes exist because nothing can be destroyed.  They must exist in the dimension that contains it all.  Just as time contains every physical particle in this universe, so does the universe contain all of the time.

In fact, there is a dimension containing all of the time with all of the perspectives that have experienced it.  It is the record of all the souls from all of the time that ever was and ever will be.  It is the sixth dimension of existence that I speak of.  It is the container of it all.  This is the galaxy we cannot see but we know we are inside of because we are able to see others and realize we must be inside of the same thing.  The galaxy is contained by the seventh dimension, which is the Universe.  And being outside of that, would give you the perspective of the singularity.

But getting back to the time travel, I want to focus on this galaxy that is containing these planes of time I have experienced.  If we were to time travel, we would have to essentially do what we are doing now but have total control of it.  In other words, be what I am but instead, be in a different plane of time of my choosing.  Indeed, I can’t even be certain if I am not doing this already.  How do we know that this perspective occupying our body is not from another time and has journeyed here to this time and place to experience what I am experiencing?


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What this turns into is remembering what we are meant to forget.  The universe surrounds your perspective with time and as you travel through it, you are imprisoned within a plane.  Time trails our perspective isolating the past leaving our present with only faint impressions of what once was. This is what we consider our memories.  But really, our memories are similar to our imagination.  They can be broken down to increasingly distant still frames of the past containing the emotions we felt at the time.  Although quite important to our existence and persona we’ve created, compared to our potential, our memories are hack recorders of a past mostly lost on us.

I can only think that to undermine the universe with time travel would be an accomplishment that would define humanity as something other than what we have always been or probably meant to be. But there is a ray of light on this subject that will not dim.  If we are traveling time now, without control, do we ever travel to other realms that we are conscious of and can remember?  One could say yes if the dream state of humans were properly evaluated.  At a time when the consciousness has total control and the physical body is at maximum rest, our perspective no doubt leaves this place and travels to another.

In other words, the first step in time travel would be to control or at least try to guide our dreams.  In this state of pure consciousness, you are connecting to the energy that must exist between lives because your physical being is muted similar to death.  You must be in touch with the container that is the sixth dimension.  If the human consciousness is ever able to travel time with control and awareness, it is my opinion it will start with control of the dream world, not control of the physical properties inside this realm.

I also think some people have more control of this than others, although I do not speak of myself. Those who can do things in the dream realm have a connection to the sixth dimension that I can only guess has been strengthened somehow through past incarnations or simply by the will of the universe.  Even though the potential remains inside us all, there are probably those who are connected further to the universe because they have been here longer and have more stored planes of time within their reach.  How can you know this person?  Indeed, to know would be to see inside the soul.  Can you see inside my soul? Can I see inside of yours?

About the author: Dennis Klinger considers himself a Metaphysics Theorist and Philosopher.  He has a Mechanical Engineering and music background along with self taught Electromagnetic study. He likes to share his ideas on his website and has written “Creating Time” (Nothingness Expanding and Worlds Dividing) and a fictional book titled “American Bride”.  In the book “Creating Time” many unconventional paths are taken to explain the physical world we see and break it down into acceptable axioms that paint an intriguing reality for contemplation.

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