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Your Aura’s Energy

By on March 13, 2015 in Meditation
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Your Aura's Energy

by Karen Kleinwort

Energy is a word from which most people draw the definition of electricity, gas or some other form of power to produce movement or change. In the context in which we use it here, these definitions really aren’t that far off from how practitioners like me would describe or explain energy. But what is an aura, you ask? Simply put, your aura is the space surrounding your physical being; it extends outward and upward and is approximately the length of your arms. You might refer to your aura as your own personal airspace, and you are the flight commander with regard to what gets in and what doesn’t.


We all understand as humans that we are walking energy sources. The heat we produce keeps us warm when the air is cool, and the sweat we produce when the air is too warm functions similarly. Our metabolism is a form of energy that uses the food we consume as its fuel, and we carry a certain amount of electricity in our bodies. The electricity can affect our heart rates, breathing rates and CranioSacral rhythms. Add electricity from an outside source – you know, when you shuffle your socked feet on the carpet and “zap” your friend or sibling — and a few things can occur: your heart can actually stop or go out of normal rhythm. More likely, however, nothing at all will happen except your friend becomes focused on getting you back.

Your aura takes on this energy. Depending on what emotional state you are currently experiencing, your aura will transform itself into a color that matches the emotion. Additionally, our auras can become something of a “collection site” for energy that may or may not be useful for us. This means that as we have interactions with another individuals, we also exchange energy. This can be via physical means such as hugging or even something as simple as walking by a stranger and brushing shoulders. Additionally, the energy exchange can be both conscious or sub-conscious communication between you and another person. These energy exchanges can actually leave residual pieces of themselves behind that get “caught” in your aura or energy field. At that point you have taken on energy that’s not yours to take; but because it’s now residing in your aura, you can be affected by it. The effect can be good, not so good and indifferent.

Previously we described you as the flight commander of your aura. You might wonder, “If I didn’t agree to the energy staying, why is it staying?” Did you miss the statement about the exchange of energy being conscious or subconscious? That is key. When we take on energy from another that is not ours and of which we are not consciously aware, it’s because we have subconsciously agreed to do so. Why? That’s a great question, and only you are able to answer the “why” question when the time comes.

Take comfort in knowing that there is a reason — a very good reason: you have chosen to take on the energy. Remember that we are not always privy to the “why” at the time of discovery, and it may take years before we know the truth behind the “why.” It comes down to trusting it all is happening as it should, when it should and why it should.

Your first step is to learn how to read or feel your own energy field. This comes with practice and a little self trust.

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You can learn to read your own aura by sitting in a quiet setting where you will not be disturbed and closing your eyes. Remember that this does take practice, but all have the ability to do it. As you’re sitting comfortably, extend your hands out and gently move them around your body slowly as you feel the air. What do you feel? Is it heavy? Light? Can you sense if there are any colors associated with the air? Continue to do this for about five minutes.

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When done, write down whatever thoughts, feelings and images that came to you. I suggest my clients repeat this daily for two weeks. After they’ve completed a two-week period of the daily five-minute exercise, I ask them to review their notes and see what commonalities they find. By taking notes, you are creating your own language or dictionary of understanding with your aura.

Next you will want to create a mental reminder note in place so that when you have had an exchange with another individual you repeat the above five-minute exercise to see what might be different in your airspace. Try to do this after you’ve have a wonderful experience, a not-so-wonderful experience and a general “how are you” experience. Begin to feel the difference in your energy field after each type of exchange. What you notice may surprise you.

The times when your field seems heavy provide great opportunities to clear your airspace. You can clear it by using mental imagery. This again will take practice, but you are more than capable — so trust yourself. I explain to my clients to imagine they have a beautiful art brush in their hand with a bucket filled with a warm, golden-white paint. With your eyes closed, begin to see yourself painting your airspace with this beautiful paint. When you are done painting, take a few moments to feel the space again. Has it changed? If you sense it’s better than before, you have successfully cleared your aura. If not — and in some cases it take a few coats of paint to clear — then repeat the process until you feel your space has improved.

The energy of your aura is personal to you. There are many wonderful individuals and tools available to support your learning to read your own aura, and I encourage you to expand your knowledge base.

Until next time, embrace your inner wisdom.


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