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Your Awakening Process

By on November 16, 2012 in Spiritual Awakening

Your Awakening Process

by Judith Kusel

So many people wish to become enlightened, without wanting to make the effort of looking within It is like wanting a quick fix and instant rising of consciousness etc.

Life is not like that. Things have to be worked through.

There is a higher reason for this though: If you are very much attached to the physical and are only familiar with the heavy frequencies and vibrations of the 3D world, and you suddenly have to step into the 5D world, your physical form and your denser functioning of your mind etc. would not be able to take that much higher frequency. You would simply fall out of the bus and feel as it you are going mad etc.

This is why a lot of us have been through masses of life changes in the last few years – being prepared and gradually stepping up in frequency and vibration and learning to tune into the higher states of consciousness. It did not come overnight – an awakening would have happened.

Ask around and lot the lightworkers now active, have had some type of wake up call… or they had a call or something happened which triggered their becoming aware of a much higher calling.


Whatever. a lot of us, have had to go through quite a lot of shedding of old skins etc …

I actually love this for it is a type of purification which is going on. In the Ancient times you had to go through purification rites and initiations before you were allowed to step into the Priesthood or High Priesthood.. A lot of us have now been through initiations and purifications in the inner places in the last few years and months.

This by no means mean we have arrived, merely that we have switched dimensions or can tune into higher dimensions or states of being, because we have been attuned to this yet we still have more to master and learn, for dimensions go up in octaves of being and thus one also has a higher attunement for the soul.

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