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Your Superpower: Perception

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Your Superpower: Perception

by Shannon Keesee,
Contributing Writer,

Have you ever thought about what it be like to have a superpower? And ohhhh, how much easier life would be if you did have a superpower.


Well, you aren’t alone!

I know it sounds bizarre, crazy, and a little like the comic books. I quite agree with you but the truth is we don’t see perception as the superpower we are blessed to embody!

You, like myself, have been taught that perception is a lens in which you observe life and is influenced by many factors plus the senses. However, there is more to perception than just our five senses.

Perception, unlike observation, goes beyond our five physical senses; it is the intuitive understanding and insight of our innate intelligence system. In other words, it’s an advanced internal sensory information interpretation (I came across this description a good while ago but the source of the article eludes me at the time of writing this blog). Indeed, a built-in sophisticated GPS. AISIIS sounds like a superpower to me!

Your perceptions are formed as you grow in your surroundings from external influences (i.e., culture, education, religion), impressions, experiences, and observations. Basically, you are like a sponge soaking it all in to process through the sensory information system.

So, for example, if your centers of influence are impressing upon you as a child that you are an average student with average potential and all the testing proves you are average then odds are you will live in the average. Nothing wrong with being average. But if you could choose, wouldn’t you want to be your outstanding best self…you with superpower?

Now remember, the system is influenced by the external world and the 5 physical senses are the dominant interpretation system (ISIIS). Occasionally, AISIIS will kick in to provide you with a quick gut intuition about a life event: don’t get on the plane, get off the interstate here, go check on your child. For most people, the Advance/Intuitive part of the system is dormant because it was never cultivated; untapped potential of superpower.

Imagine yourself being able to use intuition; access to an innate advanced system. Being in the right place at the right time, fully knowing which step to take next, learning artistic expressions that you had no idea you could possibly do and these are just a few potentials for you to experience. It is you with the superpower to bring the rainbow brightness into your life and you can take the first step by acknowledging it is possible.

You, my dear, are full of untapped potential of a true superpower we call perception! It’s time to shine.

About the author: Shannon Keesee is the creator of S.H.I.N.E.- Simply Helping Illuminate Natural Essence where she delivers divinely inspired messages with The SHINE Team. You can learn more about the co-creative team and their gifts to humanity here:

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