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You’re More Powerful Than You Think

By on December 17, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

You’re More Powerful Than You Think

by Neda The Mystic,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

To be Creator/God, you need no ego. You operate 100% from love and only love. You don’t have anger, jealousy, or hate like so many humans do. You are also in power that comes effortlessly from love, ironically. We think love is this soft, gushy feeling but actually, true love is actually the most powerful force in the universe!

Spirits are not gods. Many of these “gods” Hindus have been worshiping for thousands of years  were not actually gods. They were beings with earthly traits, such as jealousy, anger, envy, lust, greed, possessiveness, etc. However, they were more physically powerful beings compared to the average human because they had very strong and powerful wills. They had VERY strong desire, but because their souls were imprisoned in the physical world of illusions, they felt a sense of entitlement, lust, greed, etc. They were more physically powerful than humans. They appeared to have more self-esteem than the average human, but actually did not. Their Zeus-like strength is a facade to cover their insecurity of not feeling able to achieve what they want deep down inside. They don’t know what they want consciously. They just operate from feelings in an impulsive manner.

It’s not their fault that they are un-advanced beings that don’t know any better. Their minds just aren’t that advanced! They seem to run marathons in the wrong direction, at the expense of another being getting hurt. So although these beings are more physically powerful, possessing abilities that the average human doesn’t, they actually have pretty low self-esteem, because they want love so badly, yet they don’t know that they want it. They just feel it. They are slaves to their feelings. Their intentions are pure, though! So don’t hate them- feel compassion for them!

They were not emotionally advanced beings. They had pure wills to reach love deep down inside, however, their un-advanced minds, which are centered in the physical, materialistic world, felt unable to attain peace. They feel right in going after a target of desire like attention or affection or power, yet they are not consciously advanced the way humans are. They will go in an extreme direction to achieve a means.

Don’t think in terms of right or wrong here. Think of it like a child who makes a fake tent and calls it a home. They might have pure intentions, but are not actually thinking about the results of their actions. These spirit beings are beings of desire. And because they want what they want so badly, they tend to win, at the expense of another creature suffering.

In short, they have good hearts but dark minds. Their dark minds keep fooling them into thinking they have to reach enlightenment externally, rather than looking within. They would remind one a lot of the Islamic ‘Djinn’: a creature who feels entitled in doing what he or she feels called to do, often foolishly without thinking. But, in this case these spirits can sadly be extremely dark, and stop at nothing to achieve a means, hoping it will bring them the love they are looking for, when indeed, it does not. Their minds are just not advanced. Keep in mind that these beings are not all bad. Please do not think in terms of “right” or “wrong” here. They aren’t 100 percent bad- they just aren’t emotionally evolved, so just love them and trust that they will find their way eventually, finally realizing that going through extremes in the physical world will not get them the love they so deeply long for.

Humans are actually more powerful than these beings. Why? Because we possess more consciousness. We have compassion. We don’t operate so impulsively like robots to achieve a means. We just do not know how powerful we are. These spirits, look so powerful at first, to the average human. And indeed, they have seduced us and intimidated us with their grandiose “confidence” for generations. They love fooling us, yet they themselves are trapped in the illusion! But their power is just centered in the physical world.

We actually win, because we aren’t attached to love the way they are. We know at some level it is our birthright. We don’t go through extreme methods of manipulation and control in order to get it. We don’t have to. We have desire- don’t get me wrong. We could have been these spirit beings at some point in our evolution, but we are actually much closer to our goal then these poor children spirit beings, because we operate at a level of love and peace more than they do.

No, we’re not perfect but we’re still so much more spiritually evolved than they are. The spirit beings seem smarter than us, but they are more left-brained and overly logic-oriented, in a computerized, robotic manner. We are more right-brained, using the divine feminine more, honoring logic, but not relying solely on it to achieve happiness. We’re more intuitive- we use our physical eyes to see when we need to but we also rely on our intuition to see what is real. So in reality, we are smarter. We are able to look at the big picture, experience deeper levels of solitude at ease, and tend to feel safer within ourselves more naturally than the poor spirit beings do.

Although we behave like children sometimes, we have abilities these beings do not believe they have. We may not have wills as strong as the Spirit Beings do, but we do have something they do not- a greater ability to be non-attached to our goal. We have more trust in the Divine that we will return to the love that we all originated from- we don’t have to go through extreme means to prove to ourselves that we have that power.

We actually have the ability to be even MORE physically powerful than the beings too, and not just more spiritually advanced. The problem is WE DON’T KNOW WE ARE POWERFUL. We’ve bought into the phony world of illusions, and that’s why we tend to think these spirit beings are better than us, but they aren’t! Just open the Shahnameh or the Bhagavad Gita- stories full of these beings that humans feel humbled by, oblivious to their own internal power.

A lot of us became romantically attracted and even involved with these creatures, perhaps co-creating offspring like Gilgamesh, or other demi-“gods,” throughout history. Yet these beings, who if we came into contact with today, the ladies would consider them our Superheroes and dream of them as our saviors and justify their terrible actions, even calling them heroic, even if they spread some jurisdiction of having war or possessing over 1,000 wives and us ladies will think it is totally fine! These women then and even in this generation are so obsessed with these bad boys, not having any conscious idea they were just un-evolved children.

We’ve obviously unintentionally become victims to the Matrix ourselves, unfortunately. But hope is on the way. Our truly self-respecting selves are slowly stepping out of the Dark Ages, and leaving the old paradigms behind and not feeling inferior to something that our eyes and egos perceive to be more powerful than we are. We will awaken. It’s going to happen eventually. Everything is a work-in-progress. We are going to gradually stop feeling extremely attracted to that which we perceive as different than us. The more we appreciate our true selves, the more we will be drawn and involved with beings whom which we see as a reflection of our true selves, who operate from purity and love, not from greed, possessiveness, and jealousy. This is not true masculinity.

Because a woman with true self-respect doesn’t want to be with a ‘masculine’ figure who she senses has NOTHING to do with her. A creature who she perceives as someone who does not nor will ever really get HER, or have her best interests as heart. A being whom she feels separate from! If you’re a woman who is subconsciously or consciously in that teenage-young-and-hot stage, It’s okay. You’ll be over it someday and you’ll no longer feel attracted to these un-evolved children who appear to have what you’re looking for but actually do not. This is just a stage and hopefully, in this lifetime you will grow out of it. It’s all a journey. And the ones who are subconsciously attracted to these human or non-human beings, even though they know they shouldn’t be attracted to them, sometimes sadly think they are meant to form actual romantic bonds with these beings right away and spend lifetimes with them and change them rather than trusting that they will be changed in their own time, when in reality, they are just meant to nurture them and guide them as would an older sister or caring, wiser, emotionally-advanced figure.

So one moral of the story: If you don’t see your very essence in the other person’s eyes, don’t be with them! PLEASE. And the overall lesson is we don’t have to feel intimidated by all these power-obsessed beings. True Power is balanced, peaceful, calm, tranquil and serene, yet direct and clear. And that power comes from True Love, not hormonal/physiological attachment we confuse with love.

About the author: Neda is a psychology student. She loves screenwriting, art, Rumi poetry, traveling, philosophy, and studying esoteric spirituality and religion. Her favorite spiritual author growing up was Deepak Chopra. She is the owner of Lazycattherapy.com She currently offers life-enhancing advice free of charge.

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