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Can You See Into Other Dimensions with Dicyanin Glasses?

By on January 11, 2024 in Science with 0 Comments

Can You Really See Into Other Dimensions with Dicyanin Glasses?

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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Can You See Into Other Dimensions with Dicyanin Glasses?

As unreal as it sounds, Dicyanin Dye Glasses were invented almost 100 years ago. In 1908, medical electrician Dr. Walter Kilner invented Kilner screens which were glass plates containing a Dicyanin dye solution that he believed would allow him to see the human aura, which is an energy field that surrounds the body.


This invention eventually turned into a device called Dicyanin goggles with the reported purpose of allowing users to see the human energy field, also known as the aura.

Kilner Goggles, armed with vibrantly colored dyes like Dicyanin, promised a different kind of sight. These early 20th-century devices, part spectacle, part science experiment, aimed to train eyes to perceive auras, those elusive energy fields swirling around the human body. Through colored glass and controlled lighting, Kilner claimed we could all become aura whisperers, eventually ditching the goggles and seeing those wispy energies with our naked eyes. While the science remains murky, Kilner’s goggles offer a glimpse into a time when humans yearned to unlock hidden dimensions of sight, even if only in the realm of belief.

According to his study, Kilner and his associates were able, on many occasions, to perceive auric formations, which he called the Etheric Double, the Inner Aura and the Outer Aura, extending several inches from patients’ naked bodies, and his book gave instructions by which the reader might construct and use similar goggles.

Dr. Kilner developed a training method so that any person could train themselves to see the aura. This involved looking through “Kilner Screens.” These were two pieces of glass containing a blue dye made of a substance called Dicyanin. While these are claimed to be very successful, the problem was that dicyanin was both expensive and potentially toxic. Although actual Kilner Screens or lenses have fallen out of favor, the use of them is sometimes simulated using glass or plastic lenses that are deep cobalt blue or purple. Once you were able to see the aura using this device you were supposed to decrease your use of them as you should be able to see the aura without them.

Critical acclaim to Dr Kilner’s work can be found in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), who reviewed Kilner’s research and stated that although Kilner contended the aura is a “purely physical phenomenon”, evidence does not support this view. Scientists from the BMJ attempted to replicate Kilner’s experiments but the results were negative. The review concluded that “Dr. Kilner has failed to convince us that his “aura” is more real than Macbeth’s visionary dagger.”


The allure is what makes these goggles so intriging. While the science behind Kilner’s claims remains shrouded in mystery, his invention is curiously fascinating. These goggles, with their fantastical filters and promises of unlocking a new layer of reality, capture the human spirit’s yearning to peer beyond the visible, to glimpse the hidden dimensions that may lie just beyond our grasp.

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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