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Albert Einstein – The Nature Of Life And Dimensions On Earth

By on February 20, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Albert Einstein – The Nature Of Life And Dimensions On Earth

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by Steve Beckow

Albert Einstein explains dimensionality to us. I have not heard the schema of 12 dimensions with 12 planes before. Before I could say whether that is intended to cover all life, or just the human sphere, I’d have to know more than is said here. Whatever the case, we have to navigate all planes and dimensions before we ultimately return to God.


His suggestion that all dimensions are observable in the Third is a novel and interesting idea. To be sure, all grades of people, in terms of evolution, commingle in this dimension whereas they don’t in others. But I had not considered that the higher levels could be actually observed. Of course Mr. Einstein would have been the consummate observer. In this article we can see where his interests took him after his transition.

Albert Einstein – The Nature of Life and Dimensions on Earth

Courtesy of Linda Dillon, Council of Love

Humans usually think of dimensions in terms of measurement. The term “measurement” refers to length, width, depth in the third dimension; with the added element of time is the fourth; and numeric assignment to the fifth. I wish you, my dear friends, to think of dimensions in a different way – not excluding measurement but as a measurement of growth and qualities of being; states of existence. As humans you have come to consider growth as the core definition of what is alive – what is living. Examples of this would be trees, plants, animals, crystals, and of course human beings. It is natural for you to think of yourselves as the top rung of the food chain of life which expresses in the third dimension.

What you and I, when in form, failed to realize is that life, life forms, and dimensions are not a ladder but rather a circle. That circle of 12 dimensions, each with 12 planes, defines this universe in which all life forms participate, or have the capacity to participate.

Each dimension has qualities, or growth patterns, that define it. That is the concept of dimensional measurement; you are measuring the energy force of that quality. Each of these dimensions has their own signature as, it were, and of course within this there is a gradation – much the same way as a diamond has a gradation. I wish to discuss these but first I outline them.


But before I do it is necessary to put your preconceptions and judgments about ascendancy aside. Each dimension has a plethora of gifts or learning opportunities – opportunities for evolution on the physical and spiritual scale. What you also have need to realize is that all of these dimensions operate and are observable in the third dimension.

One of the qualities of the third dimension is the ability to observe all dimensions and realities in the physical life form. Now it is time to pay attention to what is being represented to you but that you have not adequately observed. I suggest this to you because that is part of the process of being born into the third dimension – it is the possibility and the responsibility to observe like a scientist.

The first dimension is amorphous, having no defined or classified form. Believe it or not ideas fall into this categorization. Ideas are simply a chemical electro-magnetic event. Ideas have no form until such time as they are brought into action and form. You have an experience of this dimension when you are brain-storming or free-associating, letting ideas move and circulate throughout the inter-dimensional field. That is why so often there are similar concepts or scientific discoveries at the same time. It is from this place that the understanding of the 100th monkey emerges. Both the first and second dimensions hold the qualities of humility and prudence.

The second dimension has the aspect of flat spatial extent, meaning that there is no depth and therefore often not perceived by the human eyes. The quality of this dimension is the ability to mutate, grow and evolve from one amorphous mass into another and so on. These are often micro-organisms, virus or bacteria, such as a common cold. Cancer also falls into this dimension – evolving from a cell and often mutating into a tumor or growth. Usually the life form of the first dimension is only observable under a microscope – but the presence of this life form is clearly evidenced both in nature and within your physical bodies. This dimension teaches inter-dependence as life forms are dependent upon a host whether it is a human form, air water and so on.

There are many life forms that inhabit this universe who are of this nature, popping in and out depending on whether they are facing you or not. Not many of them inhabit your planet, but one example is of the Serros (1) who feed energetically upon humans. This is not a malign activity but simply an inter-dependence that one life form must attach to another in order to survive. The quality of this life form, similar to the first, is that there is no experience of emotion. It is learning to simply be in form and learn interdependence without the presence of emotion.

What many of the scientists are defining in String Theory as the other 11 dimensions are in fact aspects of the 12 planes of this dimension. They have not yet made the quantum leap to understanding that dimensions are not defined by physicality but by qualities of growth.

The third dimension as you are aware is defined by the quality of the perception or experience of physicality – meaning that the universe is perceived through the experience of length, width, depth. But the growth quality is the ability to embrace all dimensions, realities, emotion and spirit. It also has the unique quality of freedom of choice. All of the numerically higher dimensions have the opportunity to exhibit in the third. The growth opportunity and quality of the third is the ability to choose to expand beyond the mere perception of physicality, and, incorporate all aspects of self.

This is what the Universal Mother  talks about when she is discussing incorporating all aspects of self. The third dimension is not limited by the time-space continuum; it merely appears to be. That is the challenge and the opportunity in the third is to reach beyond physical appearances.

The fourth dimension is the quality of magic, what many of you think of as alchemy.  It is the growth into the realization and action of being an agent for transformation, transmutation and transubstantiation. This dimension is very easily accessible from your third, and is witnessed continually by living masters such as Sai Baba; divas, fairies, elementals and so on. It is important for you to realize that once you have anchored this growth component within yourself, i.e., once you have anchored the fourth dimension lessons and growth within your being, these beings and abilities will be not only visible but commonplace. An everyday human example of this dimension, and one which bothered me throughout my human life, was the splitting of the atom. What you think of as science is often simply operating within this dimension.

The fifth dimension growth opportunity is the ability to cope, create, manage and manipulate change. This channel has often spoken of the fifth dimension where the quality of change is constant. That is correct but the rationale behind this is that the being is learning how to deal with and create change. It is the precursor to creation. You live in an infinite universe, one that is constantly in the process of change and growth. If you are not able to manage change internally and externally then you can not incorporate the qualities of the higher dimensions with grace. Therefore the growth aspect of the fifth is the ability to move through change, manipulating it in ways that are loving, kind, considerate of self and the collective, and respectful of the grander plan of unfoldment.

There has been a great deal of discussion about the Earth, Terra Gaia, moving into the fifth dimension. This speaks to a fundamental misunderstanding of the quality of dimensions. The dimensions are not fixed points on a compass. They are a circle dancing, moving and expanding constantly. There is constant movement with and between all of dimensions – they are fluid. The planet, animal and human kingdoms collectively have been intensely learning the lessons of constant change.

What do you think the explosion in technology, human advances and thinking has been about? The human community has managed enormous change in the past few hundred years. No, not always well or wisely but that is the nature of the dimension – it offers the opportunity to learn the growth lessons of that dimension. Gaia which operates at a very different frequency and time/space continuum from humans has conquered the lessons of change eons ago. So have most of the other kingdoms.

So when there is discussion about moving from one dimension to another, simply think of it as moving from one classroom to another, passing from one grade to another, while understanding that sometimes you have to go back and review basic principles in order to remind yourself what you learned and forgot. You do not eliminate the spatial and time continuum because you are moving inter-dimensionally. You are expanding yourself while remaining in the form and expression of the third dimension.

The qualities of growth that occur as part of the shifting in and through the fifth dimension are patience, stamina, humor, and wisdom that the more things change the more they are constant. Love and joy are constants my friend. And by the way, why would you think these blessings and qualities are the exclusive purview of the third dimension. That is truly of human ego.

The sixth dimension is my favorite – it is the place or state of being where ideas and belief systems mutate into form. This dimension has often been defined by this channel as the dimension of chaos. There are many above and below who would suggest that the human race collectively is in the process of experiencing the growth opportunities of the sixth. When we say chaos we speak of it in terms of creative chaos – for in every chaotic situation – whether it is internal such as cancer or external such as war or societal breakdown, there is an opportunity for growth. Often you have heard me speak of the process of implosion/explosion of creation. Chaos is the nucleus for that action and outcome. It can be beautiful and magnificent – think of it as the Big Bang, think of it as the birth of a solar system, the death of a star.

The biggest opportunity for growth of the sixth dimension is the understanding that you are not in control. It brings with it the growth of the qualities of surrender, trust, fortitude and hope. It is the ability to acknowledge that seemingly random chaos has a Divine patterning. It teaches the lessons of reaping what you sow. It brings forth a profound appreciation of the gift of the unknown.

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The seventh dimension is known as the dimension of the Christ Consciousness. This is the state of being the heart and knowing of Love. It is the growth opportunity for compassion, kindness, selflessness, honoring and Love. When you anchor in this place of consciousness you are fully capable of holding the vibrations, energies, lessons, understandings and growth of all of the 12 dimensions available to you on this planet. It is the gentle allowing state of being that permits expansion and incorporation of your entire original imprint, soul design – what you think of as your universal or higher self, your angelic self or your over-soul.

If you think of the seventh dimension in terms of the electro-magnetic field that governs your planet, it allows you the capacity to incorporate the electric nature of the energy, patterning and lessons of the first six dimensions, and, the magnetic energy pull of the eighth through twelfth dimensions. You can think of the seventh dimension as the place of still point where all energies anchor and flourish.

It can be the place of intersection of All, and is the most natural and comfortable dimension for human beings because it is not only peaceful but feels like home to most. It is the state of being in perfect balance, of simply being. While many dimensions entail action, this is more a state of allowing. Because it is the place of intersection it is the growth lesson of acceptance and acknowledgement of unity and connectedness of all beings, all dimensions, and all life forms.

The eighth dimension is creation. This is the state of being where the manipulation of energy, of my beloved sub-atomic particles, of the fuel of Love into form – be it process or tangible, is learned. When you have anchored the growth pattern of the eighth, then you have no difficulty in bringing forth consistently that which your heart desires and that which is in alignment with Source and your universe. Creations that are not in alignment with the higher self and collective are phantoms manufactured by human ego and not of the sacred nature of the growth patterns of the eighth.

In many ways, this is the most challenging growth cycle of all. Many travel through this creation dimension again and again; shying away from the energy because it entails use of personal core essence power, and the acceptance of responsibility. This lesson of acceptance for one’s creations is an inherent component of this growth cycle. You cannot consistently create and anchor into the third reality without acceptance of this precept. Many shy away from this cycle because they believe it is a sin of hubris to think that they can manipulate atoms. They believe that this is the purview only of the gods. This situation is often present because of flow from past lives, when human ego manufactured painful experiences.

The qualities of this growth are the understanding of unity with One and All, the ability to full embrace and participate with God Source. It is an acceptance of your role within the universe, and it is ahumble devout vow to abide by the Universal Laws of Creation. It is through the embracing of this growth cycle that the anchoring of Nova Being and the creation of Nova Earth will truly come to pass. The virtue is awe, in deep recognition of the wonder and unlimited potential of the universe and Source.

The ninth dimension growth pattern engenders completion. This is often a challenge for human beings. It is the understanding of the pattern of growth for each cycle of life and existence. It is the embracing of completion while realizing that while life cycles are defined that existence if infinite. It is anchored and made manifest in the human being by the ability to let go, to reach resolution, to continue on in Joy, to accept and participate in the unfoldment. The quality of this dimension is truth.

The growth pattern of this dimension is easily discernible in human beings. The most significant anchoring of this dimension’s quality is when a baby is born. They choose, consciously and fully aware, to relinquish their state of angelic freedom to come into form, to continue with a new cycle in order to be of service and have a unique human experience. That momentous event could not take place unless the spirit coming into form had fully embraced the qualities of the ninth. That is what humans so often fail to understand – that the growth patterns of the other dimensions are already present within the third dimension when the child is born. They are as undeniable as the rings on an ancient oak tree – not seen from the outside but present nevertheless.

It is the truth of the core essence. The choice in the human third reality is simply whether or not you will allow those qualities to be brought to the surface. The same quality is seen in the completion of life – of the ability to resolve and embrace the next chapter of existence. The same is true of the growth patterns of resolution of old patterns, relationships, habits, addictions, and jobs. When you practice completion you are drawing on the energy of the ninth dimension. You are pulling to you the knowledge and patterning of that reality.

The tenth dimension contains the growth patterns of beauty, purity and charity. It is the patterning and state of being in complete willingness to share and participate in and throughout the universe. It is the growth of selflessness and generosity. It is the sense and patterning of understanding, knowing and creating beauty from the purity of heart, soul, being. It is the commitment to be only a reflection of Love. This is a magnificent dimension that few upon the Earth achieve but which is completely available to each of you to experience. It is so far beyond what you conceive of in terms of tangible human creation and yet is part of the pattern of each and every plant, animal, tree, rock, stream, and molecule of air on your planet. It is part of the essence of Gaia. It is the ability to fully participate uniquely but with no sense of ego-self. In many ways it embodies the quality of Divine Creation. This is the dimension where angels play.

The eleventh dimension contains the growth opportunity of mastery. This term is greatly misunderstood upon your planet. What mastery means is the full embrace of all abilities, knowing, and talents (of which the human are minor) of self as reflection of Divine. It is the quiet acceptance of self as participant and reflection of God Source. It is the lesson of letting go of all preconceptions and limitations and becoming a willing participating vessel of One. Now, you begin to see just how fluid the dimensions are – how they work like a formula together, joining together in growth patterns to create something new, old, unique and common. All your master teachers, including Jesus Sananda,  emanate from the eleventh dimension. It is a growth pattern that when anchored results in not only the ability but the desire to teach, contribute and heal. The presence of many masters upon the Earth is a wonderful way in which to understand how the qualities of the dimensions are anchored in the third physical life-form.

The twelfth dimension growth pattern is of joy, grace and Love. This is the point of wholeness where there is no need to demonstrate in form. This is the place, the state of being, the bridge, to the Divine ecstasy. It is the place of arrival, integration and departure from your universe. When you have integrated the growth opportunities of the twelfth dimension you are free to basically travel where you wish. It is the state of being that incorporates all the growth patterns of the other dimensions. It is outside of the time-space continuum.

To sum up, I wish you to understand that within each of these dimensions there are 12 levels – bands or planes. This is the gradation of the diamond that I spoke of earlier. Sometimes the diamond is exceptionally clear and flawless, other times it is not. Each of these dimensions has a pattern – a physical observable form that we will discuss and share with you in Sedona. Meanwhile, you are able to see this every single day not only in the unseen realms but in the humans around you. Notice how this one seems to be able to resolve let go and complete, or that one holds the quality clarity and truth; while another seems to have learned and incorporated the growth pattern of creation.


Upon your planet, and within metaphysical circles, there is a tendency to say that other inter-dimensional star beings come from a certain dimension. Understand what is being said is that group or individual carries the imprint or quality, the signature, of completing that dimension growth cycle. They are still manifesting and operating into the third dimension. Think of it as a form of multi-location.

This understanding of the different dimension is essential to understanding your own soul design – the patterning you carry within your sacred self always. It is also crucial to building your City of Light Within, of choosing and incorporating the qualities of each of the dimensions available to you within your universe.

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My invitation to you is not to choose what dimension you wish to live in, but to rather embrace all the dimensions and growth patterns available to you. That is the gift to this universe and this planet. You are a multi-dimensional being. You always have been. Now is the time to realize and embrace this miracle, this gift of you.


Image: Pixabay

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