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What Is Ascension?

By on June 12, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Robert Stewart,
Contributing Writer,

I think it’s time to regroup. Perhaps, re-think, reassess and reevaluate exactly what’s happening here. Over the last months and years, you have most likely been on a journey of spiritual enlightenment. Recently, we have read (or written) much about energetic upgrades, galactic waves of energy, transforming DNA, physical symptoms of ascension, astrological transits and multi-dimensionality. It’s six years after 2012 and surprisingly, only now, we seem to be in the thick of it.

So, let’s take a moment to weigh it all out. Let’s assign some value, to what may or may not be happening to you personally and what it all means. In some corners of corporate America, this assignment of value is sometimes called creating a matrix (funny synchronicity), where a numerical range of values are assigned to a series of data points to arrive at a final score. No need to be so analytical here, but the exercise itself, may help you determine where you are individually in the process, what does it mean for you personally and where does it all lead.

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We have created a concise list of possible actions, symptoms and feelings (data points) below and for each one that applies give yourself a check. But before you do, consider the level of emotion that you feel may be attached to each, and depending on how much you may have been impacted, add one of two more checks. I mention this because, in an article, from just over one year ago, called “Symptoms and Revelations of Photonic Energy”,  I referred to the work of Barbara Hand Clow, who identified the incoming energies as a “cosmic cloud called the PHOTON BELT” and that it will “usher in an era of Light (2,000 years of Enlightenment) after a much longer period of [biblical] darkness. We are now (1995) poised to enter this Photon Belt… and as photonic light increases in your solar system, your karma transmutes into information, since light is information.”

What Clow did not express (and what I did not realize) is that this benign statement, “karma transmutes into information” far understates the force that these incoming energies may be impacting your life. From both e-mail feedback and personal experience, it appears that this transmutation of karma is causing an enormous release of energy, in the form of physical pain and emotion throughout our chakra systems, with emotions spanning from unrestrained joy and bliss, to soul-crushing agony, sometimes with not enough time to even take a breath.

So, let’s begin… and remember this is not a contest. There are no right or wrong answers; it’s simply a means to help you assess and understand your current condition.


You find yourself mediating more that you used to.

You receive clear message from guides and angels.

You wish you were spending more time in that higher frequency, meditative space.

You are realizing that you can bring that energy into your waking, daily life.

Meditative guidance is becoming an integral part of helping you through the process of karmic balancing (all the stuff that’s been buried in you subconscious, coming up for release).


You are having pain or discomfort in various parts of your body that you know are not related to an actual physical ailment.

This has been recurring intermittently for a year or more.

The time and location of the pain you encounter seems to be random.

You have noticed that physical pain seems to be centered in parts of the body that would correlate to a primary or secondary chakra center, i.e. groin pain – root chakra, stomach issues – sacral and solar plexus chakras, chest pain or heart palpitations – heart chakra, sever headaches and / or dizziness – third eye and crown chakras, knees, elbows shoulder blades – secondary centers connected to sacral, solar plexus and throat chakras.

You have noticed that recently your physical symptoms have shifted into the chest and head areas. Sometimes the top of your head feels like it wants to explode in a burst of energy.


You are attempting to work through certain core emotions / issues at this time.

You feel overwhelmed by an emotional tidal wave. One or more issues that you thought you had resolved have returned to smack you around with a vengeance. You are struggling through emotional agony and are unsure how or even if there can be resolution.

You feel a heavy weight lifted. A heartache has dissolved, but you were so used to living with this deep seeded pain, that now, you don’t know what to do.

You trust that a conclusion / healing of an important issue or relationship has been achieved with a specific lesson learned and accepted. You trust in divine timing.

You sense that your guides and angels have helped bring final resolution to your issues and a healing to your soul through learning forgiveness and unconditional love.

Hopefully, the triggers in this matrix have provided a few answers – and possibly a map for where you are and may be going in your journey. In Hollywood, they call it the Hero’s Journey, or more specific to where you may be, the Dark Night of The Soul.

Or, perhaps you only have more questions. There’s always comfort in knowing that you’re not traveling this road alone, which leads us to this question. Each soul is on this journey to what is being called Ascension, but what exactly is Ascension. Is it a physical departure from Earth? Is it a physical death, with the soul moving on to a higher realm?  Some have said, it’s a part of Earth herself that is ascending, into a higher frequency and for us to travel with her (which means leaving others behind) our souls must resolve karma from all past lives.

It’s also possible that we are each creating our own ascension into a higher frequency, while staying firmly grounded in this physical realm. It’s possible we are learning to bounce around between fifth dimension (or higher) and the physical third dimension.   If you have experienced this, how does it make you feel? Confused? Absolutely, but pay close attention, because this is going to make you question what is really happening.

Could a critical mass be reached where enough people were creating their own fifth dimensional existence that would enable Gaia, our physical Earth, to ascend into a 5D realm?  If you are currently experiencing this bounce-around, you may have already noticed that how your mind and body react to certain situations, in a fifth dimensional mindset, are quite different from what you thought you would do. Are you suddenly thinking about forgiveness, istead of revenge when someone does you wrong? Are you wondering why you seem calm in the face of a crisis, when your past reaction would have been to rip somebody a new one? Confusing, right? However, if you’re doing the work in meditation, and walking the walk, so to speak; as your physical and spiritual bodies slowly acclimate you may find yourself gravitating to this new mindset – and those physical symptoms dissipating ever so slowly.

You may have already embraced this sea change of thought. If you are fighting it, or trying to work through it, remember that in your heart, you know the angelic origin of the guidance leading you down this path. This love energy is always with you and will be often expressed in simple mantras that pop into your head like:

I trust and surrender to the highest good of all. I bless and forgive. Everything always works out for me.

Don’t do what others think you should do. Make your own choices.

I trust in diving timing for my soul’s highest desires.

Look forward with joy, not back in anger.

Keep unconditional love in your heart and let God handle the rest.

Whatever the real meaning of ascension is, it is something each of us will have to discover for ourselves. However it plays out, if your journey enables the love frequency to have a stronger presence in this physical space, then that’s not a bad place to start.

Robert Stewart

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