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Patreon Wall of Eternal Gratitude In5D Page

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Please join In5D on Patreon:

The In5D Patreon page was created in order to get rid of the “Corporate Ads” that clutter In5D. In an awesome exchange of energy, In5D will give you gifts for your monthly donations! Check out our gifts on the right hand side of our Patreon page.

We will be giving you lots of things you won’t find on In5D, such as exclusive AFTERTHOUGHTS videos after Gregg Prescott does a Facebook Live show, with additional thoughts that he didn’t cover in the video (he always forget something!) He’ll also be doing “Behind The Scenes” (BTS) videos where you see what goes on in his daily life. For example, his first BTS video has him taking you into his kitchen and exploring the contents inside his refrigerator. This could get scary!!! LOL

There are a number of different levels as well as opportunities for advertisers to place SPIRITUAL/ METAPHYSICAL/ ESOTERIC/ HOLISTIC/ PREPPER ads on In5D. These will be approved ads that are BENEFICIAL to our readers, versus the corporate ads that sell us useless crap that we don’t need, created under the premise of “controlled obsolescence” and designed to break down shortly after you buy it.

One of our goals is to replace corporate SPIRITUAL/ METAPHYSICAL/ ESOTERIC/ HOLISTIC/ PREPPER ads with ads from Patreon users. These would be ads that support the spiritual community and NOT corporations.

The more subscribers we get, the fewer corporate ads there will be. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone!

In5D Goals:  For every 333 subscribers, one corporate ad goes to its grave!

Sending you all infinite love & light!

In Gratitude,

Gregg Prescott

Patreon Wall of Eternal Gratitude In5D Page

Much LOVE and ETERNAL GRATITUDE to all those who have donated <3

1. Allyson (Sixx) Costello
2. Vladimir Hristov
3. Kyle Wells
4. Jesper
5. Susan Vivyan
6. Karen Wendt
7. Virginia Gummig
8. Robyn Saavedra
9. Jeanette Tannehill
10. Mark Orion
11. Mindy Hawley
12. Shanda Hoffman
13. Ed Carco
14. Stacey Brooks
15. E Skill
16. Leisa Rajotte
17. Brooke Webster
18. Lara Huffman
19. Juli Barbato
20. Stephanie MacDonald
21. Connie LeDoux
22. Gena Miller
23. Rose Schiweck
24. Paul Bruton
25. Peter Beckett
26. Despoina Kaniou
27. Donna West
28. Rachel
29. Beverly Vericker
30. Yohan Tengra
31. Tamra Kellogg
32. Sha
33. Susan Millar
34. Teresa Edmonson
35. Kachina Bluestar
36. Daniel
37. John D Mahoney
38. Cynthia Gauthier
39. Sean Akers
40. Austin Kerr
41. Russel D’Souza
42. Anita H.
43. Karen Keating
44. Sandra Price
45. Malvyn Barlaw
46. Andrew Fisher
47. Cody Gorman
48. Rayleene Rider
49. Debbie Aldridge
50. Mitchell Schorr
51. Gina Guccione
52. Amanda Stanger
53. John Alan Girouard
54. Rianna Munro
55. Big D.
56. Lightworker Support
57. Gail Lambert
58. Matteo Simon
59. Meashenu
60. DavidJ Gherlone
61. Linda Birky!
62. Janell Mulligan
63. G Christopher Ibranyi
64. Mary Seymour
65. Sarah Slinker
66. Hubert
67. Safet Habibović
68. Kristen L Bellino
69. Carol M Timbers
70. Gayle Bush
71. Radu Turcan
72. Debra L Mills
73. David Byers
74. Lance Morgan
75. Jeannine Petrilak
76. Branka Rösler
77. James A McClure
78. Louise Isabel Nicholls
79. Jon Reddish
80. Patricia Finlay
81. Wendy Moose
82. Janne Hakovirta
83. Yuko Hoshino
84. Donna
85. Claudia Ayala
86. Betsy McCullen
87. Jennifer Moreau
88. Johanna
89. Kenneth Shibley
90. Cat Morgan
91. Abner Bradley
92. Jyl Pruss
93. Rachel Turner
94. Amy Jones
95. Ann Hughes
96. Corina Orama
97. Jeremy Malone
98. Mary Seymour
99. Hariveda
100. Brandy Collins
101. Joylise
102 Carrie
103. Lillir Mae Patrick
104. Gordon Montgomery
105. Sandy Parks
106. Cheryl levene
107. Loretta Sorochan
108. Your Name Here!
109. Your Name Here!

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