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Patreon Wall of Eternal Gratitude In5D Page

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Please join me on Patreon:

I created my In5D Patreon page in order to get rid of the “Corporate Ads” that clutter In5D. In an awesome exchange of energy, I will give you gifts for your monthly donations! check out my gifts on the right hand side of my Patreon page.

I’ll be giving you lots of things you won’t find on In5D, such as exclusive AFTERTHOUGHTS videos after I do a Facebook Live show, with additional thoughts that I didn’t cover in the video (I always forget something!) I’ll also be doing “Behind The Scenes” (BTS) videos where you see what goes on in my daily life. For example, my first BTS video has me taking you into my kitchen and exploring the contents inside my refrigerator. This could get scary LOL

There are a number of different levels as well as opportunities for advertisers to place SPIRITUAL/ METAPHYSICAL/ ESOTERIC/ HOLISTIC/ PREPPER ads on In5D. These will be approved ads that are BENEFICIAL to our readers, versus the corporate ads that sell us useless crap that we don’t need, created under the premise of “controlled obsolescence” and designed to break down shortly after you buy it.

My goal is to replace these corporate ads with ads from Patreon users.

The more subscribers I get, the fewer corporate ads there will be. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone!

Sending you all infinite love & light!

In Gratitude,


Patreon Wall of Eternal Gratitude In5D Page

Much LOVE and ETERNAL GRATITUDE to all those who have donated <3

1. Allyson (Sixx) Costello
2. Vladimir Hristov
3. Kyle Wells
4. Jesper
5. Susan Vivyan
6. Karen Wendt
7. Virginia Gummig
8. Robyn Saavedra
9. Michael Vander Waerdt
10. Radu Turcan
11. Mindy Hawley
12. Shanda Hoffman
13. Ed Carco
14. Stacey Brooks
15. Debbie Aldridge
16. Leisa Rajotte
17. Brooke Webster
18. Lara Huffman
19. Juli Barbato
20. Stephanie MacDonald
21. Connie LeDoux
22. Gena Miller
23. Rose Schiweck
24. Paul Bruton
25. Peter Beckett!
26. Despoina Kaniou
27. Donna West
28. Rachel
29. Beverly Vericker
30. Yohan Tengra
31. Tamra Kellogg

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