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Sherry Wilde Tells Of Near Death Attack By Negative ET’s

By on March 17, 2016 in Extraterrestrials, Health, Spiritual Awakening

Sherry Wilde Tells Of Near Death Attack By Negative ET's

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by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Contributing Writer,

In December 2014, ET contactee Sherry Wilde’s life spiraled into a deep rabbit hole full of difficulty and pain. In a recent interview with Ray Kosulandich, Sherry shared her story with the world for the first time.


Sherry Wilde is the author of the book The Forgotten Promise: Rejoining Our Cosmic Familyir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1886940487. When Sherry was 17 years old, she had an incident of missing time. She always wondered what had happened, but put it in the back of her mind for many years. She finally had a hypnotic regression, where Sherry realized that she had been taken aboard spacecraft many times from a young age. Through her regressions, Sherry came to understanding that she came to Earth at this time be a volunteer, to be of assistance, and to transmute negative energy.

Sherry has shared her life story about her ET experiences with people in order to help those who may have similar memories. However, the public eye proved to be a double edged sword for her, as she found herself being attacked by negative beings that disrupted her life and almost robbed her of her sanity. The video of the interview between Ray and Sherry is embedded at the end of this article, but I have summarized it here because I felt it was an important message for humanity.

There were many things that contributed to Sherry almost losing her life. The first thing that Sherry found out is that she had received a “Trojan Horse Implant”. She describes this as a mechanism that was implanted in her that introduces negative thoughts. She began to wonder what was happening to her and began asking herself why she was so negative all of the time. Her inner voice spoke to her and told her to look up Trojan Horse on the internet. That’s when she realized that the negative thoughts were put inside of her. The psychological impact of having thoughts that do not seem to be yours running your life was devastating for Sherry, and she wasn’t quite sure what to do about it.

The next thing Sherry had to deal with was ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation in her neighborhood. People were noticing the strange sounds and it was even reported on the news. Sherry says that low frequency rumble messes with your immune system and overall vibrational frequency. This of course made the psychological distress from the implant worse as she fell further into a negative vibration.

The third thing that almost took Sherry’s life was lead poisoning. Sherry says that she visited a well known healer in Sedona and ordered some supplements that were mailed to her. The supplements were somehow tampered with, and basically what she ended up taking was pure lead.

At this point Sherry was just feeling like she wanted to die. She was having trouble breathing and thought she was having heart failure. She had even pleaded with her husband to leave her to die. Again, her inner voice never left her and asked her if she was just going to give up. She kept asking for answers and wasn’t receiving much help from within, but did receive enough to at least get herself to the hospital.


The doctor said that her heart was fine but she had lead poisoning. I can imagine how hard it was for Sherry to hold back the information about the Trojan horse implants and ELF frequency attacks. Fortunately, her guidance had another way of helping her. Inelia Benz, Ray Kosulandich, and Dr. Sam Mugzzi were all instrumental in helping Sherry slowly regain enough understanding and healing to regain some sanity and strength.

According to Sherry, her “guys” ( I think that is her guides and ET family) knew that she was coming up on an “exit point” and knew wanted to take it. In other words, we all choose exit points where we will be able to “die” if we either can’t handle this lifetime or if we finish all that we came here to do. The guys contacted Inelia, who is a psychic adept and asked for intervention. Sherry’s soul family also contacted Inelia. They said Sherri would be very disappointed if she didn’t finish her job here. Although Inelia had never heard of Sherry before, enough synchronicity was placed into Inelia’s awareness that she finally contacted Sherry and had a meeting with her.

Inelia brought to light that Sherry was under attack because she has called Earth a “Prison Planet”, and this put a bullseye target on Sherry. Sherry said that she didn’t believe in evil, and Inelia said no wonder because Sherry came from a love and light planet in a higher dimension. Inelia explained to Sherry that here on Earth, we are in the battle for good and evil, and she was very surprised that Sherry had agreed to come here.

According to Inelia, there is a battle going on for human souls at this time. Although Sherry does not want to believe in evil, she understood that she was targeted by something or someone that was not of the light. Ray says that there were also reptilians that were trying to “off” her at one point, and he asked for help from his elephant ET friend George to intervene. The reptilians were decimated outside of Sherry’s house right before they were going to come in her back door.

In the past, Sherry had not been afraid of any ET’s as she had a higher understanding that everything came from Source. She has seen many beings come and go through her house. She said that at one time she was approached by Dracos. They that had asked if they could take advantage of this time of transition and wanted to change from service to self to service to others. They asked Sherry’s permission to work with Sherry and her husband on this and Sherry said yes. Looking back, it may have been this agreement that sparked her opening to attack. This agreement also made her guidance move away because of the Law Of Free Will. It is unclear what other agreements were in place but the interview shows that this agreement with the Dracos may have been the trigger.

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Sherry says that she learned from Inelia that she had to reclaim her free will and sovereignty and she stood in her power and told them to leave her alone. She says that she now has help from some female Pleiadian guardians that are with her all of the time and have been seen by some of her clairvoyant friends.

Sherry knew that the negative ET’s cannot touch you if you keep your frequency high, but she says that is impossible to do so all of the time. This means Sherry doesn’t even have a glass of wine or a beer to make sure that her frequency doesn’t get lowered. She is also mindful of ELF frequencies and is not happy with the fact that she has to be so careful while living here on Earth.

Sherry has received helped from Dr. Sam Mugzzi to get some alternative health measures to try to recover from her diagnosis of Parkinson’s and her lead toxicity. She used to be able to walk her dog and can’t do that anymore. She did many interviews and lectures in 2015 while she was very weak and sick, but didn’t fully explain the reasons behind this until now.

Ray said that the Arcturians, Blue Warriors, and Pleiadians are coming to help where help is requested with situations just like this one that happened with Sherry. However, as Sherry demonstrated, because of the Universal Law of Free Will, if you make a deal with the negatives, your guides have to back off. You can always revoke your deal once you gain an understanding of how you may have been manipulated or in Sherry’s case she was naive to what she was agreeing to.

According to Ray, we are coming to the end of this battle. The positive ET’s are going to start showing themselves at altitudes of 25-30,000 feet to see how we react. There has been a battle above that has been reflected below for eons of time. Once held by negative and service to self beings, Earth is now emerging into the light and to be healed and transmuted.

Sherry says that as we move through ascension, we are bringing all aspects of ourselves into unity consciousness and into alignment. I wonder if the Trojan Horse was simply one of her deepest darkest aspects of herself that she allowed to join her and integrate (and eventually transmute). Perhaps the twist is that this aspect wanted complete control of her body. If so, she has done some amazing clearing and sovereignty work in order to allow Sherry to ascend and the other beings to be transmuted into the light.

We can all can learn from Sherry’s ordeal through staying present and deal with things as best you can as they are placed in front of you. Be yourself and love yourself, and seek medical attention if an illness or in her case a poisoning becomes life threatening. However, as Sherry shared in this interview, sometimes holistic and alternative medicine can tackle the issue once you find out what has occurred.

About the author: Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric guest writer for Michelle is the webmaster for five websites including,,, and Michelle is the host of In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show and In5d Network. Her personal Facebook page can be found here.

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