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All About Orbs

By on June 10, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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All About Orbs

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Have you ever seen an orb and wondered what it meant? Are you aware that different colored orbs have various meanings?

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The following is research material that I compiled together on the subject of orbs:

Orb Chart:

These suggested meanings are a compiled consensus of several different color interpretations. Although they are generally accurate, additional research is needed to verify their meanings, and it must be noted that each is open to individual interpretation.

These suggested meanings are a compiled consensus of several different color interpretations. Although they are generally accurate, additional research is needed to verify their meanings, and it must be noted that each is open to individual interpretation.

What do the different colors of orbs mean?

Orbs of light, or energy orbs, often appear in photographs, on videos, and even floating across our living room before our very eyes. They seem to come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Most orbs appear to be white, but some orbs are pink, purple, blue, green, etc., or even multi-colored. It is common for orbs to display an aura. So, a white orb may have a blue aura, or a pink orb may have a red aura, and so forth. (It is relatively uncommon to see grey or black orbs, although they certainly exist.)

All living beings have auras of various colors that depict their personality, state of mind, health, traumas, etc. Assuming that the little floating spheres of light are conscious or sentient beings, could it be possible that orb colors, and their aura colors, also represent the entity’s personality, emotional state, intention, etc? Many experts believe so.

Each color represents an emotion or state of being. See the “Orb Colors and Their Meanings” chart below.


All About Orbs

In5D Orb Experience

While at the Boynton Canyon vortex during the summer solstice, I felt a very strong presence and it made my hair stand on end. I took several pictures of the juniper trees at this vortex and discovered something very unusual when I got back to my hotel room to download the pictures… I captured spirits in some of my pictures. This is one of the photos: All About Orbs |

I zoomed in on this picture and saw this…notice the orb in the picture:

All About Orbs |

Upon zooming in on this orb, you can clearly see at least one face:

All About Orbs |

1) The right side profile of a person and

2) A woman looking to her right.

At the 11 o’clock position outside the orb, there is another face. The picture also shows a hand holding the orb in it’s palm.


Komwidapokuwia, the Goddess of Boynton Canyon

I immediately became intrigued and started researching this vortex when I got home from my vacation. Boynton Canyon is said to be the shamanic crack between worlds. This largest vortex of Sedona activates a strengthening of one’s spirit bond with the earth, and renewing ones sense of purpose and direction in life.

The Apache believe this is the place where the first woman mated with the sun to start the human race.

I continued researching this and stumbled upon another web page. According to early records, first woman, Komwidpokuwia, old stone woman, originally came from Montezuma’s Well, where the Yavapai had been living. Before the great floods came, she was placed inside a hollow log, along with a bird and some food. Then they sealed the log with pitch so she would to float to a new place of safety to create the next world.

It is said that Komwidapokuwia landed in a high place in Boynton Canyon, where she lived in a cave. “She is the Goddess of the supernatural and medicine powers and is beautiful and as pure as a downy white feather… The medicine men, or anyone believing… may see her yet in a vision or dream and receive instructions, comfort and encouragement.” (Sedona Sacred Earth).

The Yavapai-Apache still hold a beautiful ceremony every spring right below that emergence cave. The picture of Komwidapokuwia looks very similar to the image of the woman in the orb.

I read an article in which Sedona resident Kathie Dame-Glerum stated, “There is a crystal in Boynton Canyon where the land folds into itself; solstices, equinoxes and planetary alignments give energy to the other vortexes.”

That was an interesting statement because this picture was taken on the day of the summer solstice.

As I continued to read about Boynton Canyon, I found out that it is surmised that Sedona is above an ancient Lemurian city, which could be part of why there are some many vortexes there.

My friend who traveled with me is an intuit. We were both blown away by these photos. She stated she felt a warm, hugging presence in this area. The energy at Boynton Canyon, generally, shoots directly from your feet through the top of your head, thoroughly opening the crown chakra. The energy is also omnipresent where you feel it coming from all around you and not in one particular place or direction. There was one exception. When I went back to this spot, I meditated under the tree with the orb and was drawn into the tree while meditating. I’d like to think I was lucky in taking these pictures, but I don’t believe in luck. Things happen for a reason. What this reason is, I don’t know but I’m glad it happened to me.

Orb Color Theory

Everything in the universe is composed of energy vibrating at its own rate or frequency. Sight is a visual interpretation of vibration. Each color on the visible light spectrum vibrates at a different rate or frequency. The individual vibration or frequency of each color incites a particular emotion, mood or state of being, and therefore can also represent a particular emotion, mood or state of being. The coordinating moods and meanings of colors were determined ions ago, and this established information is generally used as a basis for interpreting the meanings of the colors of orbs.


The interpretation of the meanings of orb colors relates to orbs that are perceived as conscious, sentient beings. The following chart is a compilation of colored orb meanings as they may relate to an entity’s personality, emotional state, intention, level of development, etc. – as well as the general spiritual hierarchy.

Orb Color Theory

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Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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