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Unity Consciousness

By on December 30, 2014 in Spiritual Awakening

Unity Consciousness

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by Paula Wratten

We live in strange times, the human race is being bombarded with negative timelines, false flags and ever-increasing catastrophes.On the agenda are financial collapses, pandemics, population control, celebrity worship and a multitude of media stories to add to the fear vibration we already have succumbed too. The disturbing outcome to this programming is the duality consciousness, it is prevalent in modern society. Service to self and lack of empathy to other sentient beings all serve the agenda for global control. If we are to believe the present timeline construct we are heading for spiritual annihilation. These dense frequencies serve the matrix elite well and the human race is in a constant vibrational prison. A dark filter has been placed upon our reality to create duality, separation and master and slave mentality.


The Good News

Human beings are now opening to the cosmic wave of unity consciousness, this is not some new age matrix insert but a real collective energy emanating in the planetary consciousness. We are able to change our predicted catastrophe to a positive timeline, enlightened status. We have forgotten the joy of being connected to source and all its creations, when we commit to global heart coherence we change the outcome and transcend the negative human programs. As a collective we are now seeing the shift and exploitation of the earths resources, animal and mineral world. We no longer trust the media and question the insanity in which celebrity status overrides reality such as poverty, child slavery and animal abuse.

We are all able to make the shift, at first it will seem difficult, friends and family will not understand your new awakened reality, but subtle changes within you can connect you with matching frequencies and synchronicity .

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Moving Forward

As a collective species we need to ensure the survival or our planet for future generations, not as an enslaved race but as a united consciousness. To achieve this we need to implement a new energy system, recognize that all animals have rights to a pain and cruelty free life, truth and disclosure from world governments, money and bank changes that supports everyone not just the elite, ban on war, education for everyone, access to extraterrestrial technologies. This all seems impossible in this timeline but we can all change the outcome by manifesting a collective unity consciousness, it starts with an individual and becomes a collective energy as new thoughts are created, the wave creates changes within the hologram and a positive future is constructed within the matrix framework. Separation in an illusion, it was created and designed to keep your mind and body in an energy prison, the bars are not real and you are not aware of being enslaved, the key is vibration and frequency, you are the key holder all you need to do is make the shift and set yourself free.

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