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VISION: Crystal Tidal Wave

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VISION: Crystal Tidal Wave

Many people are stepping forward to talk about their dreams of tidal waves.  In most of these dreams, there is an absence of fear and an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity.  What many people are interpreting these waves to is a transformational wave of galactic energy…



by Amy Schabot,
Contributing Writer,

Lately I’ve been hearing many people talking about having dreams regarding tidal waves or the belief system and programming that the water is coming. I, too, have had the tidal dream, but I had it as a child. To this day, I can remember every detail about that dream.

In my dream, I felt excitement while walking down to my parent’s basement. I looked out of their large, pane glass window, right by the outside door which faces the Catskill Mountains. It was confusing because the Christmas tree and silver bell lamp was still on the window sill, yet outside, it was a beautiful summer day. While looking at the mountain, I saw a huge wave coming over it.

The waves looked like DNA crystals crashing into the mountain and over the highways. If you think about it from another perspective, you could see this as crystal waves, or information, coming into your veins which are the highways of our bodies.  We all know water turns into crystal form when you freeze it. Crystals hold information, intentions, and healing abilities.

To me, this is about to happen and/or may already be happening. Even mountains can not hide or stop this wave.

Humanity is awakening, especially in this age of information. With astrology being followed by most prominent people in power, we need to be looking into the heavens and planets around us for information, not to leaders and religions, because that hasn’t work out very well for us.

Coming this December of 2016, there will be 8 planets going into retrograde. We are about to change on this planet. Our “junk DNA” is being upgraded with waves of healing crystals while we step into the Golden Age.


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