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Wave X Awakening Symptoms And How To Deal With Them

By on November 15, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening

Wave X Awakening Symptoms And How To Deal With Them

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by Jared Walters,
Contributing Writer,

It is becoming increasingly obvious to anyone who is sensitive to energy, whether, your work as a healer, a medium, within the paranormal or are involved in any way with the esoteric that there is an energy shift going on throughout the world during this time of September 2015, and even if you are not, more and more people are becoming aware of the symptoms even if they are not aware of the cause.


People from all walks of life are experiencing very similar phenomena, even if it is to a lesser or greater degree. It is also worth noting that each person is having a very unique experience, even if some of the symptoms are shared, the manifestations of this shift are experienced in very different and unique ways.

I have personally become aware of this energy shift since around May of this year, increasing in intensity as the year has progressed, leading me to wonder, what is going on here? I have also looked at great depth into what I am calling for the purposes of this article, The September convergence phenomenon, simply because this is the best way in which to describe it.

Whether this is caused in part by the wave X phenomena as postulated by Dr Simon Atkins or an effect of a convergence of events here on earth and in the heavens with the last of four blood moons, a super moon and lunar eclipse all happening in the end of September, or as a result of enough understanding gained through exchange of information now seeping into the public consciousness, remains to be seen, however even just by reading comments of such sites as In5d, it is plain to see that these effects are being felt across the board, and even other communities, including religious communities are feeling it to some degree?

A sense of desperation.

One of the common symptoms felt is a sense of despair, recognition of repetitive patterns of daily life, leading to a sense of restlessness, to the point of boredom. Almost like you’re holding your breath, waiting for something to happen, leading to agitation and anxiety, underpinned by a knowing that there must be more to life than this.

Old ways not working anymore.

Linked to this feeling of despair is a feeling of confusion, loss of confidence and self worth, simply because some of the old methods, don’t work anymore, ways in which we would have once entertained ourselves for example are becoming less appealing, we are seeing television shows and movies for example for what they really are and not what we thought they were. To some the truth about the world is being revealed and more and more people are gravitating from the mainstream to alternative viewpoints. Researchers who have been rubbished even just a few years ago are being vindicated to some degree and even in our personal lives; we are feeling confusion as we are asking questions about the simplest things. For me personally it has affected my ability to work with money, I have always been very good with money and able to work with it quite effectively in terms of budgeting etc, now even simple mathematical sums are difficult for me to do, almost as if I am seeing money for what it really is. Unfortunately, this breakdown at least initially is leading to a sense of cognitive dissonance and apathy amongst many, however bringing others together in common cause to share information.

In many ways the breakdown in my personal ability to work with money for example is leading to new possibilities being opened to me, new ways of thinking, without the hold back of wondering where the next rent payment is coming from. It is like in one respect a switch has been flipped and I am more in tune with my intuition telling me I am going to be ok, follow your heart and let the universe take care of the rest. In order for this to happen however, I had to experience a breakdown of the old self, in order to let the new ideas and ways of being come in, so though the lack of self worth, confusion, dissonance and apathy for a time was a difficult experience, I can now see the necessity in it.


Physical effects.

A lot of sensitive people are feeling tired and exhausted, and needing to take rest time where they haven’t needed to before. Other physical symptoms include feelings of vertigo and dizziness which comes on for a short while then leaves. Others are exhibiting intense headaches around the third eye area and eye auras. Other more emotional symptoms include flashbacks and old thoughts and feelings coming to the surface in order to be healed.

Becoming more sensitive.

One of the things I have noticed through my work with paranormal investigators amongst others, is that more and more people are reporting paranormal experiences recently, especially an awakening of spiritual senses, more so for me as it is my realm of work, people reporting a much greater sensitivity to the spirit world. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience etc seems clearer however the more sensitive you are, the more symptoms you seem to be having. Empaths, for example seem to be having a very difficult time, as they are not only just dealing with their own experiences, but are picking up on the experiences, thoughts and feelings of others around them. I have also noticed from my own perspective, an increase in how in tune my partner and I have become.

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Distortions in time

Possibly one of the strangest phenomena being reported is that people are experiencing irregularities in time. Missing time is a common occurrence, along with ghostly distortions being observed of future events. One such experience I had was during the summer solstice of this year where I and a group of people were activating a sacred site in South Wales, at the same time as others from our number were doing so in Scotland. We left our house at 5pm on the dot, and made the 25 minute journey to the site, at which point the whole session was recorded, and at least 30 minutes of footage was taken. After the proceedings we explored the mountain for a while then sat next to a small fire and chatted. After a while we made the 25 minute journey back to the house to find that the time was 6.35, a physical impossibility.

So what is happening?

The explanation that fits for me is that our awareness is shifting from a collective point of view, of everything being physical to a point of view where we realize and feel on a more conscious but yet intuitive level that everything is energy, and though we have known this for some time we are now starting to really experience it on a much wider scale.

Our thoughts create our reality, this is a fact, think of it this way, is there anything man made on this earth that was not conceptualized through thought, or imagined before coming into being? No, so by feeling that there must be something more to life than the old patterns, cycles and routines, we are already agreeing that there is something more, and we are feeling it, even if we don’t understand exactly what it is that we are feeling.

So what this realization is doing, is instigating a healing process, in order to bring to the surface all the things that hold us back, as this happens to each of us, it is reflected in the collective unconscious and therefore, the truths that remained hidden for many years will rapidly come to the surface in order to be dealt with. Ultimately leading to a choice, do we live in the old paradigm or do we choose to move forward with what we are feeling. It is becoming increasingly obvious in our own experiences that we cannot deny that which needs to be healed. Some are seeing this more than others however I feel that on one level or another we may all come to experience this shift within the next five to seven years.

Thoughts and perceptions need to be actualized in this reality, every act of creativity requires motion as well as the creative thought. We cannot simply will something into being, however what we can do is create the energy so that we are drawn to the right people and places within the physical world to instigate this new change. This is why people are awakening in small groups of like minded people, just enough diversity to add something a little different into the mix. This is why structures of belief that keep us trapped are coming down and if we allow it, we can become open to more and more creative expressions of how our reality responds to us. This is why the shift has been so difficult for many as it is setting us up for the challenges that lay ahead, helping us to focus on what unites us and learn from that which divides us. The more rigid your belief system the harder time you will have. It truly is a time to doubt nothing and question everything, but take action in accordance with how you truly feel inside yourself.

As each group awakens they tell the stories of their experiences and inspire others by their actions of living in the new energy paradigm on a level that they can identify with at their current point of development, the ones who have been feeling this more acutely are the ones who are there to help and support those whose awakening is still to come. Or those who choose to continue to live in the physical reality.
here is a need to bring people together, not so much as en mass but to enjoy the conversation with family and friends and take pride in talking, connecting and sharing experiences. Though the last few months have been difficult, one thing I can say that it has brought me closer to those in both my biological and soul families, and being there to help others look at their life from a new perspective of being an infinite magical sovereign creative soul, and be supported to see those same qualities in myself in return.

About the Author: Jared is a medium, paranormal investigator who runs a esoteric themed website called spiritual worlds with his fiancé Sam (a gifted empathy and reiki practitioner) offering advice, healing and guidance services. Jared is at present writing his first book “Brothers between Worlds” detailing his experiences with his brother Jonathan and their continuing relationship since Jonathan passed away in 1999.

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