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Are All Spirit Guides Of The False Light?

By on October 10, 2014 in Exiting The Matrix, Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Are All Spirit Guides Of The False Light?

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by Michelle Walling, CHLC

Who am I really calling upon when I ask my “guides and angels” for help? They could be genies (djinns) that pose as angels and helpers from the astral realm, and these types usually want something in return. Recognizing motive and paying attention to your body’s intuition and discernment signals can help you figure out if you are dealing with a being that is benevolent or malevolent.


If you have been following lately you know there have been several articles about the False Light Matrix or demiurge. I interviewed Cameron Day on In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show where he explains the ongoing deceit behind the “ankle biters” posing as archangels, guides, and “lords” of the light.

These posers target the “good” lightworkers to join them while the “bad” people can fall right in with the dark beings. The bigger picture uncovers this dualistic choice as all part of the induced consciousness that has held humanity in a long slumber. The irony is that the lightworkers and dark minions have both been serving this lower consciousness.

It seems that the ankle biters caught in the astral realm will do anything to feed off of our energy, including bringing messages forth that seem like they are full of love and light and have our best interest in mind. Most of these deception tactics will include mostly spiritual “truths” to hook you and then will include the one thing that drains your energy right out. Many times these beings will pose as spirit guides that claim to be helping you along your journey up the ladder of spiritual growth. They also call Earth a school and explain that we are here to learn our lessons and then to pay back the karma accumulated from such lessons.

Examples include suggesting a particular spiritual practice that will allow them to tie into your energy, asking that you meditate on their image in your third eye, or leading you to pray to them in worship. These tactics are very similar to the religious doctrines. Other tricks include ongoing false hope that may include giving specific dates for a great transformation. This constantly causes disappointment which can lead to negative energy and depression.

Many people have stated seeing Jesus in an apparition state in person or have had an ascended master appear before them. Some people see these beings in their third eye in a meditative state or have dreams about them. False light beings easily have to ability to emulate feelings of love and “home” during this kind of contact. This false energy that they project is recognizable because it is the same tactic they used to trick souls into staying in the reincarnation cycle over and over again.


I agree with James Gilliland  that there are definitely beings from the true light- outside of the demiurge that are here to help guide us. In my experience, I know that there are benevolent beings that are out to protect me and to help me with my journey. But just as a child grows up and learns how to be independent, the real lesson is beginning to be realized as we begin to think outside of the box.

Very clever confusion has been inserted with the new age term “spirit guides”. Many people have given their power over to paying homage to beings of light that may or may not be of a benevolent nature. The real question becomes, why are we giving our power away to someone outside of ourselves?

True beings of the light would never tell you what to do. They are not allowed to directly interfere with humanity unless the planet is about to be destroyed by nuclear weapons.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that one of the biggest false light tricks in the book is to appear as Jesus or Archangel Michael. Both of these are classic archetypes of an Archonic energy that feeds off of people energetically. If there was a Jesus that walked the planet, he would never have wanted anyone to pray to him or worship him. I question if there ever really was a Jesus because we have no evidence before us and as long as we look outside of ourselves for the answer, we will never have that proof.

Archangel Michael’s name is a big clue: “Arch” for archon and “el” for Elohim, which is another label for the creators of this matrix. As a matter of fact, the words “el” and “an” (Anu from the Annunaki) are inserted in many of our words in the English language. Every time we speak them out loud pr even when we read them it can give a part of our energy to them. That is how powerful we truly are, and how deceitful they truly are in creating a limiting and powerless language.

Sometimes the posers do not actually ask you to worship them, but instead show their hierarchical status over you. Cameron Day mentioned that any part of a hierarchy is a part of the false light demiurge in the astral realms, along with the many levels of heavens.

Recognizing any being that is greater than you automatically leads to giving your power away by thinking you are lesser than that being. This has been a very hard thing to accept for me, as I have had many readings confirming past lives as an Essene living in Qumran and being on the planet at the time of Jesus. I have also been told that I am part of Archangel Michael’s team of lightworkers.

Perhaps it is all a part of a false record that is overlaid in my Akashic records that was designed to keep me trapped in the false light hierarchical design. I have been down the path of placing laminated pictures of Jesus and Archangel Michael in my meditation room, I have thrown the violet flame around for healing, and I have called upon Archangel Michael’s sword. I feel like those archetypes were helping me out all along as long as I gave my power away to them so that they could keep me from realizing that I am no less powerful than they are. I have actually come to realize that I am actually more powerful here in a physical body than they are, as they are stuck in the astral realm without a true connection to Source.

I am having a hard time deciding when I will stop calling upon my unseen friends. I have called on my guides and angels to help start my car, stop a water heater leak, get a wounded boat to shore (twice), keep me safe while traveling, and many other things that would make many people think that the angels are definitely on my side. I have written articles about calling on guides and angels to help clear the body of negative energies while going through the awakening and ascension processes. What was true yesterday may not be true for me today as I begin to realize the breadth of the illusion of the biggest secret of all.

The biggest fear of the archons is for us to realize that we are a fractal aspect of the Creator Source being that has the ability to create reality and manifest from the organic background Source energy. They do not want us to realize that they have been feeding off of our Source energy because we are their last vestige of hope for survival, as they are caught in the astral realm. All we need to do is believe in who and what we are and the barriers begin to dissolve. Just like anything else, it takes intention, dedication, and belief in yourself.

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As I think back on calling upon Archangel Michael, I did not ever feel comfortable doing so. I had never seen a physical manifestation and I have never had vision or dream of “him”. I may have been more inclined to fall into the trap, but I suppose I was an easy enough target. I have always relied of what other people have told me in the past about my relationship with these “spiritual” beings. I have had clairvoyants describe Jesus as being a part of a council around me and they have described what my guides look like. I feel like it is not the psychic’s deception but they were simply describing what they saw and felt from the poser.

I know that I needed to go through that phase in order to know what it feels like to be completely veiled and reliant upon others. At I look back I realize what it felt like in my heart center to have to call upon the aid of someone or something else. It was very disempowering and just as uncomfortable as a Sunday Church of Christ service.

Perhaps the true light beings helping me are none other than other aspects of myself from other lifetimes or they may be part of my soul family that decided not to incarnate in order to help from the other side. This would explain the fact that they ask for nothing in return and are there when I call upon my guides and angels. Perhaps I will continue to call upon them but change the name to “aspects of me” or “Source Energy”.

I do feel like I should wean myself off of them and use my own power of manifestation to create my own reality. In a paradoxical way, I was creating my own reality by calling upon them to help me out of a particular situation. True mastery would be defined as not needing to call upon anyone outside of yourself to help. This would include not needing “protection” from anyone else. We all know that without our memory of where we have been were sitting ducks, and I feel like using a crutch to aid in the awakening process was certainly what I needed to do at the time.

While we may have used these beings in the past while we were healing, it may be time for the big spiritual weaning process. It is getting easier to recognize what the intention of these beings as the veil begins to shed light in the cracks and crevices. More and more realizations are coming with the increase in the true light source that is raising the vibration of the planet and everything on it. We are beginning to realize that many of our old spiritual practices and beliefs are no longer necessary. I have considered throwing all of my books out of the window and never looking back. I often say on my radio show that we are really coming “back to square one”.


We exist in a computer “app” that is contained within a holographic matrix software program. I see it as an overlay on an organic planet blueprint, and we may be wired into this system with etheric cords and chakras. See this related article: Do We Need Our Chakras?

This is the ultimate double paradox where everything is backwards and upside down, and nothing is real except love. We are true Creator Source energy and we are occupying a physical body that has the ability to connect with the organic template of the planet in order to de-program itself. The greatest trick of all in this Universe was trapping a fractal of Creator Source energy in a body by wiping the memory of who and what we are. They proceeded to lead us into slavery at our own free will through deceit.

The one thing we can count on is our true essence and the best thing we can do for ourselves is to BE that essence. When enough individuals break through the barriers we will have helped all of humanity break through as well. There is a cosmic wildcard in play, and it is only a matter of time before it completely manifests within our reality.

About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach. She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive.

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