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Do We Need Our Chakras?

By on September 29, 2014 in Meditation
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Do We Need Our Chakras?

by Michelle Walling, CHLC

There has been some buzz lately about whether or not we need our chakras at this point in humanity’s consciousness development. Some are saying that they are now ready to consider either merging their chakras into one energy center and some say they are ready to dissolve their chakras. Others ridicule these theories all together, saying that we need our chakras as human beings in order to exist in physicality.

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What are the chakras?

The following material was extracted from the website

The earliest written account (that has been revealed to us) of the chakras are believed to be part of the Vedas, an old written tradition in Indian said to have originated between 2,000 – 6000 B.C. and started by the Indo-European invaders of India known as the Arians. The word was also a metaphor for the sun, which “traverses the world like the triumphant chariot of a cakravartin” (ruler) and denotes the eternal cycle of time called the kalacakra, or wheel of time. In this way, it represents celestial order and balance…..

The chakras are, generally speaking, concerned with the heightening of the consciousness in an individual.  The term consciousness is really just another way of referring to an individual’s state of mind and therefore the chakras are tied into psychological issues and the mental development of a being.  They are concerned with helping us attain enlightenment……

Each and every one of us possesses seven primary chakras (some claim there are other subsidiary ones) and through the awakening of their chakras an individual is said to awaken to the realization of the eternal absolute reality.  Each chakra is said to exist within the subtle body, overlaying the physical body. Through modern physiology we can see that these seven chakras correspond exactly to the seven main nerve ganglia which emanate from the spinal column.  There is even some scientific evidence of their existence; however science has been very slow to take up the gauntlet……

As we ascend (our energy) up the chakras we achieve a higher level of consciousness to the point where we voluntarily release ourselves from the bondage of the greed, hate and anger that was originally brought about by our confused state of mind.  When we reach the very top we begin to understand our connectivity to all things and realise the purpose of our existence.

I picked up from the above referenced material that the chakras could possibly be related to an eternal cycle of time. It seems to me that this could be referencing a construct that many of us are trying to exit from because some of us have completed this chapter of the book and are ready to move on.

In the article 7 Chakras and 7 Links to Your Subconscious, the author shares “The chakras are amazing, organic, 3 Dimensional Centers of Energy and within them they hold so many secrets.” One observation I have with this statement is that many of us are ready for a higher vibrational experience than 3d. Traditional methods of chakra alignment as described in this article serve the purpose of balancing your energy as required for a blissful 3d experience. It is necessary to learn a little more about the chakras before deciding what to do about them.

In the article 7 Chakras and 7 Links to Your Subconscious, the author shares “The chakras are amazing, organic, 3 Dimensional Centers of Energy and within them they hold so many secrets.” One observation I have with this statement is that many of us are ready for a higher vibrational experience than 3d. Traditional methods of chakra alignment as described in this article serve the purpose of balancing your energy as required for a blissful 3d experience. It is necessary to learn a little more about the chakras before deciding what to do about them.

Why would you want to get rid of the chakras?

The interest of dissolving the chakras began with shedding light on the archonic manipulation that has been plaguing humanity for thousands of years. Various forms of mind control and energy vampirism includes implants which can attach themselves to chakras and to the brain itself. Through clairvoyance, energy workers began to identify the energy vampires that attack the chakras. Removal of these beings and implants allowed for the person to raise their vibration and continue advancing toward their spiritual goals of moving out of a dense third dimensional inorganic experience.

The thought process is that by removing the chakras, one would be removing one of the devices by which the archon is capable of siphoning ones energy. My friend Lance White has done his homework into this subject.

In Lance’s amazing interview with Inelia Benz, they discuss chakra removal at the 6:18-13:00 mark. Inelia explains that some of the human collective is now ready for this information. She describes the chakras as tools that can be used either positively or negatively, and can be created or dissolved as you like.

Here is the mp3 from Lance’s Blogtalk Radio Show- A Fireside Chat.

George Kavassalis says that he has completely removed his chakras in many interviews and thus he seems to be a way shower in this subject. Lance also interviewed George, and he confirms that really all of the “popular” meditation techniques involving activating certain chakras and using them as a template will always be a constriction within a certain boundary. Could he be referring to the false matrix?( George further explains the only true direct connection is through the center singularity of “self”. To me, this could be interpreted as the heart center, where the “seat of the soul” is, but not necessarily the combination of all chakras into the heart chakra.

My conclusion

Confusion with contradictions in most spiritual practices arises from the fact that we are all here on an individual journey. Each soul has an individual path through which it has traveled and the cumulative experience can be activated in the now. Depending upon the level of consciousness that soul has brought into the now and how much awareness they have of this consciousness in this incarnation depends on decision they should make with their chakras.

As Inelia said, they are tools that can be used for positive energy vibration as well as for negative siphoning of energy. If you are at the beginning level of raising your vibration then why not use them to your advantage to clear your energy and therefore clear your head- gaining the capability to begin thinking clearly about your next step. Clearing out negative energy allows for that space to be filled with more of your own light of your true essence.

However, if you are going to use a tool, know how to use it right. Learn how to protect yourself from energy vampires.

If you are being attacked by archons or their minions then it is likely that they could be using your chakras. More information is coming out that is pointing to why these energy centers added to the human body. You can clear this energy by consciously minimizing the chakras by reversing the expansion techniques used by a particular meditation. The next step would be to protect yourself with a white light energy egg. Of course some people require some extra help if the vampirism has gotten out of control to the point where a person sees themselves as powerless.

Some people will decide that they would like to rid themselves of their chakras all together. Lance mentions Carla Fox as another person who has removed her chakras. I have also heard of people simply using their own power to intend and visualize the chakras being dissolved one by one.

Some people feel as if they are merging with their multidimensional self which has all of the experiences of past and future lives. By merging with these parts of themselves, they are healing them in preparation for linking directly with their “I AM” presence. This eternal energy can be accessed through the physical body and may also be represented in “the space between” or what scientists have labeled “dark matter”.

According to Lance White, this goal of dissolving the chakras is not the same thing as “activating the DNA” or “bringing a new software program online”.

He feels that these actions may actually be limiting you to another experience within the matrix while becoming you true self expands beyond this Cosmos as we are infinite beings.

There seem to be several steps and tools that one can use to increase awareness and ultimately consciousness in order to remember how to integrate our multidimensional selves. The chakras seem to be connected to that and as such are vulnerable to misuse or control.

Bringing in more of our eternal essence cannot be done all at once because the body could not handle it. We cannot possibly bring all of our consciousness here to fit into a physical body as the energy is even larger than the earth itself. I feel as if my goal is to connect those parts of our multidimensional consciousness that experienced many other lives and merge them into our heart center, then connect that conglomerate to the core of the planet.

As we continue to make the connection with Mother Earth, we are guided to what interests us and to what will help us make the ultimate stargate connection to our soul’s essence. “All the answers are within you”, and in my opinion there is no one way or guide to reaching the ultimate goal of “ascension”, which actually translates to “inscension” as related to going within.

Clear as mud, right? It’s really not so complicated once you realize our limitations can be reduced by simply placing your attention on the doorway or stargate that leads to all of the answers. Prior incarnations, contracts, interference, and the current amount of time spent intending to raise your vibration and your soul’s group origins are all factors involved in defining what a person’s path will be. This is the first time a species has performed the task connecting the physical body in this manner with the planet and bringing the organic template back online.

We are writing the manual as we go. Once a few people have accomplished this, others will have a better idea of what method will work for them. As we recognize that, confusion over he said/she said can be averted, it allows way showers to move forward and to share their experiences with each method without controversy.

Did I just hear you ask, “Michelle, what are YOU going to do with your chakras”? I thought so. Currently I do not feel the need to remove my chakras. However, I am going to use them as a tool to expand them in order to clear my energy and raise my vibration when I need to, and to contract them and guard them when I am around other people or if I feel like I may have some outside interference. I currently do not feel that I have enough evidence in my reality that:

1. Removing my chakras is what I need to do, and

2. Whether the chakras can actually be removed or if it is more like retracting them and moving your waking consciousness and attention to another place and time within your real heart center.

I DO have a strong desire to exit any matrix that is structured or controlling. I DO want to find the doorway to be able to come and go, outside of the silver cord that leads to the reincarnation cycle. By focusing on this goal, the question of keeping the chakras may indeed take care of itself.

About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach. She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive.

In5D Addendum

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

This is Michelle’s opinion and not necessarily the opinion of In5D.  Personally, I’ll keep mine for now as I find my chakras beneficial in showing me what areas need to be attuned.


Image: Pixabay

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