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Understanding The Subconscious Mind: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

By on May 18, 2015 in Awareness, Science

Understanding The Subconscious Mind: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life in5d in 5d

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by TheUnboundedSpirit

We are all aware that we have an inner mind which is called ‘subliminal’, ‘subjective’, ‘id’, or the subconscious mind. Freud was one of the first who gave an insight into the functioning of the subconscious mind, linking it with the causes of various diseases. Dr Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, termed the spiritual part of the mind as super conscious which was directly connected to God.


The subconscious mind works like a computer. The subconscious mind inspires, guides and is a permanent storehouse of memory. Our mind remembers everything we see, feel and experience but to recall is difficult. It is said that the subconscious mind has a memory capacity of 70-100 trillion images because all our feelings, emotions and experiences a restored within us as an image or sound. Just as a computer digitizes everything, our brain too does the same.

Subconscious mind never sleeps, never rests and is always on duty because it controls our heartbeat, circulation of blood, regulates digestion, assimilates, harmonizes and eliminates. It controls all the vital processes and functions of our body and knows the answers to all our problems.

The objective mind learns from observation, experience, education and its great function is reasoning, whereas the subjective mind performs its highest function when our objective senses are in abeyance.

Thoughts are conveyed via the conscious mind to the subconscious by impression made in the brain cells like an image or a movie. It uses every bit of information gathered in our life time and draws all the energy and wisdom within us to bring solutions to our problems.

Suppose one had been bitten by a dog at the age of 10, one will continue to be scared of dogs for the rest of his/her life viewing it from the childhood experience. This is because our subconscious mind remembers the incident. The conscious mind may forget but the subconscious mind remembers in greatest detail unless the event is cancelled from the memory.

Subconscious mind is always awake whether one is asleep, subconscious, under drug or alcohol effect or under coma. One of its functions is to guard us from harm and danger, yet ironically it also causes illness and even self destruction.


Subconscious mind is infinite intelligence possessed by man beyond time and space, and it helps us to receive new thoughts, ideas, business plans, discoveries, inventions, and knowledge of nature.

Subconscious mind has the habit of taking everything literally.If we keep on thinking that we will never succeed in a particular venture, it is most likely that we will not because we are blocking all positive energy flow into the subconscious. This results only in negative energy getting attracted. Therefore, it is we who are responsible for our successes and failures in life.

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If we have conveyed an erroneous concept to our subconscious mind the method of overcoming it is by repetition of constructive and harmonious thoughts, positive attitude and visualizing a happy ending rather than negative thoughts and suggestions.

Doctors have recognized this fact about the mind hence, however complex the operation maybe, they keep on encouraging the patients just before an operation.

During the post operative period visitors are not allowed near the patient because any negative suggestion given will go deep into the patient’s subconscious mind thereby damaging whatever had been done to rectify the patient’s state of heal through the operation.

It is very important that we do not use negative suggestions with growing children as it gets rooted in their subconscious mind and reflects later in his/her behavior. This effect can be seen in their behavior, hostility, anxiety, lack of confidence, etc. Whatever one believes in one’s mind is what we experience physically in the outside world. We have two sides of life objective-subjective, visible-invisible, thought-manifestation.

Even prayers and beliefs are positive signals which we give to our subconscious mind as something acceptable and true. The thought which is acceptable as true will automatically execute itself. When we believe we are healthy we will remain healthy as our subconscious mind keeps our immune system in perfect condition.

Source: All About Hypnosis: The Other Consciousness, by Tarun Mohan

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