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What Are Discarnate Souls & How Can I Protect Against Them?

By on October 8, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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What Are Discarnate Souls & How Can I Protect Against Them?

by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

I recently posted an article about discarnate souls and there was some questions related to fears that popped up. Mostly this was along the lines of “Well how do I know I won’t become a discarnate soul?” Which I thought was a very valid question. I asked my higher self, as well as checked in with some other healers & readers for how they viewed this topic.

A discarnate soul is a soul that was once a human and for whatever reason decided not to pass on at their death. Then they hang around in spirit form. Some are completely harmless, while others will cause problems such as haunting a place & attaching to people. If they attach they can cause ailments to pop up, drain your energy, manipulate your thoughts, and so on. They are on the easier side to remove compared to other entities.

Some of these reasons can include:

  • Being attached to a house or property so much that they just refuse to leave it. This could be for various reasons. A loved one could be buried there. Maybe they feel they need to protect or guard something there. Or simply because they just spent a lot of time there and don’t want to let it go.
  • Being attached to a person. Really just overly attached to anything that would keep them from moving on.
  • They don’t know they are dead. They may have suddenly died in an accident or in a sudden way and don’t even realize they died.
  • They soul didn’t believe in anything during their incarnation. They didn’t believe in God/Source. Although I, personally will never support religions or their teachings, even if people believe in that and even in heaven or hell it gives them a way to move on. It’s more of the people that just don’t believe there is anything. They believe they die and there is just nothing. So when they actually die they have no idea what they should do and get stuck there.
  • They simply refuse to move on for whatever other reason. It’s a choice for everyone, and they decided not to.

Mediums, psychics, & energy workers can help these discarnate souls if they want help or will accept them. For the ones that don’t know they are dead, they can simply be told to turn around and go to the light and they will generally go. They can be told to go to their ancestors, spirit guides, or whoever is waiting for them. So there are people that the souls can go to for help here. Also as more and more of us awaken and get our vision abilities and other abilities back, there will be no shortage of us to help these souls whenever we can. As long as they will accept it anyway.

So How Do I Make Sure I Don’t End Up One?

If you are a reader of, I can’t imagine you will ever have to worry about this. The short answer is simply to remember to go to the light when you pass on. Anyone that has put in their inner work won’t have an issue with this. Believe in something! Try to have some faith in Source or however you view that and connect to Source in whatever way resonates with you and you feel is appropriate. Stay true to yourself & don’t get overly attached or obsessed with things here. Know that this life is simply another step in your journey and you have more steps on your staircase to go.

A lot of us will be in touch with our higher selves, spirit guides, and soul groups in this life. They are always guiding us and in touch, but more consciously communicating back and forth to them. There are many of us that won’t be passing on a traditional way, but we will simply choose when we want to leave our bodies and see right where we need to go, even before we disconnect from our body.

How Can I protect Against Discarnate Souls?

Archangel Michael will generally be your best bet. You can imagine a vortex of energy around you with the intentions that it protect you against anything that is not of love & light and that is trying to interfere with your free will & energies. You can imagine the energies as blue & white, but you can really use whatever colors you want to. Ask Archangel Michael to protect that vortex on all sides. You do not need to see the vortex or sense it for it to be effective, simply visualize what it would look like and use intention. For calling in Michael you can do that in your head and just say “Archangel Michael please come in and protect me, my vortex, my home, my children, my pets…” & whatever else you want to specify. He will hear you and be there and you can ask that he protects you during the night as well. You can also play around and put a vortex around your house, property, vehicles, loved ones, pets, & even electronic devices.

You can also ask Archangel Azrael to come into your home and close all portals that are open anywhere in your home, on your property, & anywhere else near you.

I also shared about an additional protection that was recently made available. It has to do with bringing a golden pyramid down from our sun and putting yourself inside it. You can read about that here: //

If you feel that there are discarnate souls that could be attached to you, your home, or property feel free to get in touch with an energy healer/worker, medium, psychic, or other that specializes in removing them. I can also assist with this.

Love & Light


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