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Frequency Shifting In 5D

By on August 6, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Frequency Shifting In 5D

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

The word shift has been a by-word by various groups that come into existence discussing what shifting is all about. What do we expect from the shift or how do we prepare for the oncoming big shift?

Science is very pragmatic and it tells us about continent shift, tectonic or volcanic or movement that affects territories and creates islands or divides not related to the total universal picture. Phillipines (PH), my country, would look like a puzzle if you look at the world map as it was before 7,000 islands and now it is more than 7200 islands and growing. Work out PH as a puzzle and see that it can only be ONE. Spain conquered PH with a cross, not the planet of the crossing NASA is talking about nor what Zitchin wrote were seeds of Nibiru are planted on earth at the crossing, the first recognized shift on earth. The conqueror made Filipinos ‘Indios’- bastardos for 400+ another 100 years with other conquistadores, worse than the sufferings of the Hebrews in Egypt. India is hard hit as theirs exceeded 700 years with kingship as conquest concept, for her Majesty’s service.

Shift can mean humanity’s division thence seeking Oneness philosophy of extra-terrestrials. All islands, continents, solar systems and galaxies will merge in time to ONE, also a major shift. It is never limited to human beings of the Adamic kind. Milky Way/Andromeda galaxies are sisters and in cycles will be one, merged, shifted and that would be beautiful for all where Andromeda is known as a very advanced galaxy with a vibrational frequency way beyond human imagination but Earth has a unique oneness of evolving with Love Emotion/Mental faculties functioning together. A lot of advanced technologies on space travel come from Andromeda and our own human species will be favored by this relationship as our solar system is at the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy similar to Arcturus of the Bootes constellation, an advanced civilization observing, learning and assisting us. This is an avenue for us to go inside our galaxy or to the far outer spaces known.

Shifting, however, in a sense causes severe changes in our planetary system. You may call it catastrophe or devastations but the advance of Mother Earth to 5D is remarkable, what you can call a paradise planet. Some of us are with it when raised to 5D and others who are unprepared at 3D are lost sheep. HBs say majority of us will be left behind to continue the experience of 3D Earth while qualified select few will join to a New Earth, higher frequency of 5D.

Without waiting for the actual event or happening, frequency shift must be understood by anyone who ‘plans’ to perform this shift from our solar system to outside our system, say further away from the Jupiter Corridor where higher beings (HBs) observe us in their huge city size space ships and mini size rovers who are also learning from us love energy said to be very unique in our planet of free will. Some of these ships are photographed by awakened people. Love is part of an emotion segregating the human race from other beings. Sananda-Christ is born as a being of love from the Milky Way who can go in and out of the Central Sun of a million suns illumination, the center of our galaxy and with other masters protect our Mother Earth from the negative Archons who are now driven out of Earth. They left puppets of humans called DG13 out to destroy the little evolutionary achievements of humanity. ETs ahead in technology are trying to uncover other knowledge that the central sun provides while our desire is basic- attain light speed travel and understand other life systems of other galaxies. NASA has shown us more than 4300 exo-planets for our future visits.

On Sananda as human, the name Romans made out of him is Jesus aka Apollonius of Tyana or Yeshua bin Yoseph, Yeshua, Jesus ben Mary, called the Nazarene by humans who lived with them in Rome and Nazareth, or Immanuel of Nazareth. He is simply AM, or I AM. They are human history presentations we made that are interesting for beliefs or mostly mind control, implants and generally for love of material wealth DG13 call money. Find ways to control implants in your brain and you start to analyze with the heart and rationally-logic.


Some of us have gone frequency shifting unprepared and return confused. Ten years ago, Christ Consciousness (CC) came to my consciousness and made a three-pronged merger, CC, a mini Sun and myself in Oneness and have gone frequency shifting outside of the solar system, out of the Milky Way and to the galaxies we call beyond – beyond. What a wonderful outer space travel, you call it Ascension or transfer to IN5D or IN6D or heaven but the experience is fantastic. At 12, I received light ray showers from the sky very different from space outing, reorienting consciousness. On space travel, CC brought me back and as I sit at my bed dazed and confused from this extraordinary outer space travel or in realty SHIFT I calm myself. I explained to my home twin flame Cristina, a namesake of CC born on Christmas day, December 25, like so many psychic humans of the Roman, Egyptian times, that I was on a sun satellite, exploded-bounced out of the solar system and accelerated to outer space, to the heavens, the galaxies at light speed beyond my comprehension and after this travel CC brought me back home with light information beyond knowledge. I have a sudden knowledge of what outer space is and teaching of love, light and unity is my concern. It took me 5 years to decide to tell you all these experiences, daily or weekly after the first. The Hollywood producers call it warp speed by the ship Enterprise. CC repeated this in 2015 as I have not joined them in 2014 despite daily two weeks invitation to come to a light corridor with 17 years old Mother with him.

NOW, I understand that this is what the Pleiadians, Arcturians and CC are asking us to master. We are like them, of divine origin. They ask us to learn light portals and corridors as it is very risky to transfer a 5D being to our 3D environ although they can but risky as they may not come back and will have to live with us until Ascension. That is how risky our lives here are. Living at Earth is separation, duality. It means physical landing is doable but doubtful due to the risk to their light being form. The moment you can master moving to a higher frequency which they taught some of us, you have the advance knowledge of who you really are. There are more than 300,000 humans knowledgeable of this information and most of them you call channels or inspired humans/humanoids of the Adamic race. Sananda with other ascended masters are responsible at the ground level for all of Earth arrangement for Ascension and Light Beings are asked to assist us. Sananda/Dahlberg quote: …..There is now an opportunity to ascend in one’s own consciousness and become the beautiful being you already are deep inside. The energy is high dear children on Earth. The energy is high and it is slowly spreading around the Earth with warm loving rays. It embraces all that it can embrace and it loosens up and dissolves possible blockages that it finds on its path. We in the higher realms stand by and help it find its way into people’s heart……

All of us are very special in the galaxy, that is the reason why more than a hundred extraterrestrials are watching us graduate to a higher frequency. They said we are beings of the Adamic divine race and has a double advantage in terms of evolution, that is, we have the mental evolutionary advantage and the LOVE emotion advantage are uncommon in other galaxies, a thought in a play of Source Energy. We can leap frog to 5D and by pass 4D, the dream-astral realm frequency where some travel aural with our etheric selves.

Some of our forefathers and relatives are still in this 4D frequency waiting for Ascension if their spirits are prepared and have cleansed their karmic intentions or the negative in their past incarnational experiences on earth and other 3D planets. They are healed-cleansed otherwise incarnation is inevitable for them. Remember you always dream of them as 3D-4D are earth based frequencies.


Frequency shifts are very powerful. They are cloak of planets and species of the 5D beings. Our religious-spiritualist paint them as the heavens as if you pass the frequency barrier, that is the end of your development, but not quite true as It is a beginning. What an explanation by people to derail your climb to higher vibrational frequencies. They are Archon ways to recycle you again to 3D and be regular fodder, energy supplier. It is best that you surrender to your Higher Self.

To a higher vibrational frequency, you can pass the light corridor with your consciousness and be present in any planet, say the Temple of Tomar of Arcturus with mile long crystal lake where Sananda energizes, only a stop, we call bathing in a geothermal resort. Do this and you are multi-dimensional.

Be very careful of your will or choice. It is best always to rely on your Higher Self-Oversoul and the kindhearted members of the Galactic Council designated to assist and observe us. Arcturians and Pleiadians are the known lieutenants who will assist us thru their gateways, sacred triangles and Stargates. It is an honor for them to help and look after our welfare and prepare us for Ascension. Call it a higher frequency shift after carbon body death or with your crystalline body, your choice. This means if you are prepared, cleansed and healed, your karmic burden brings along your carbon body turned to crystalline white light at Ascension time. That can happen at your NOW moment, unpredictable says CC and ETs as only our collective consciousness can make it happen. Merge our consciousness in groups of more than two to forty and you are real candidates for shift. Some advanced soul-spirits can do it in two’s or alone like Sananda, Buddha, Kuthumi, Mother Mary…. during their stint on Mother Earth. If a fortune teller or forecaster comes along and tells you of end times, believe it or not, at your risk, no such mathematics is invented in our galaxy. Collective consciousness can.

Let us all get prepared, join the collective consciousness of people you think are similar to your fairness, unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance of who and what they are. They are everywhere. They are the daily achievers of daily living, achievers of love of others and themselves, achievers of little kindness, honest, sincere with endless love in their soul-spirit, earth masters.

We do not have to die like Sananda if he ever did as we live in illusions, death for him is illusion and a simple removal of breath in a body in his stint on Earth as He is in and out of the Central Sun and re-energized at the crystal lake of Arcturians. Truth on dying can be commercials to get more believers and donors. Buddha did getting out of his throne while Sanat Kumara sacrificed planetary kingship and live with us on earth deserts, but death is far- fetched in master’s history.

My message is any human can do it as we are provided with divinity and in fact a fragment of the Source of All That Is. We all can do it. Do it NOW. Get qualified and be crystal pure, ascend, go to the shift. Drop material bearings. Praise Infinite Creator-say your prayer of appreciation and gratitude to Source.

Archangel Metatron said: Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adonai, Shevaot, In Hebrew, Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts and say I Am that I Am with pure white light purity. These are switch-words to connect your consciousness to “Light Observers” the Infinite Creator’s lieutenants!! Teach and learn. It is getting late to absorb and share the light!!

Love and light,


About the author: Angel shares love, light and unity consciousness. A corporate organization man providing livelihood to our fellow men all his life till he retrains his light to sharing. Link with him at aornedojr@gmail.com.

Image: Pixabay

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