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Heal The Blocks To Uncover Your Self Worth

By on March 22, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing Writer,

I really want to talk about self-worth. Seems to be an issue collectively. I know that some Divine Masculine have a low self esteem and don’t feel good enough (for whatever reasons) so some may look for outside attraction/attention from multiple women to validate their self worth. These unhealthy behaviors are ending for most due to the increased energy waves washing over Earth and Humanity but the deep wounds that lead others to react this way can still remain if not looked at, at a soul level and healed. We are all interconnected so what you choose to heal is of service to ALL and becomes a true benefit.

I know I personally struggle with self worth because I don’t feel attractive enough physically. I think that’s a struggle in general for most women because we have experienced past situations where we have been “judged or graded” by others for our physical appearance as opposed to our intellect, personality, or heart/soul purity. The Divine Feminine would rather not be viewed or seen as a sex object. I know in time, with Ascension, this particular stigmatism will drop away from the collective reality entirely. Little emphasis will be valued based on visual stimulation, and most of the time we will be guided intuitively with soul resonance and “chemistry.”

We will FEEL our way through life more than with intellectual guidance. This is a complete over-haul and struggle for most Divine Masculine energies. This IS their biggest challenge. To step outside of their head and into their heart. The Divine Feminine energies are choosing to love themselves and to see their value and worth regardless of an outside situation, circumstance, or relationship. Their physical appearance is unimportant and should be. They will step into their power and shine their Light by example through their independence, strength, and achievements.

Let’s close this book of imbalanced energies once and for all. The last chapter has concluded and this story goes down in history for all to see the great and magnificent battle between the Light and the dark aspects within ourselves as well as our outer World. I think we will jump ahead collectively in an untouchable way. Never again to be influenced or manipulated by the Dark Ages Era. Victory is ours as we have chosen to hold hands in unity and ascend completely balanced both within and without.

I guess for some of us, as we begin to truly love and value ourself, we might be accepting of our physical imperfections. We will desire to attract someone who loves us for who we are in entirety and not how we look. Looks and physical attraction that is “pleasing to the eye,” will only go so far. A true heart and soul connection already has built in magnetism and amazing passion without conditions to “make something grow or flourish.”

You are AMAZING. I hope you see your self-worth by now. Your soul is waiting to heal any false block within yourself that could be holding you back from all that your heart’s desire.

Love to You ALL,

~Adeana M. Slater

About the author: Adeana M. Slater is an Empath, Lightworker, and Twin Flame who enjoys to write spiritual and inspirational articles in her free time to encourage the collective towards self love, soul empowerment, and higher consciousness.

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