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How Do You Ground Into 5D?

By on September 7, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Todd Deviney,
Contributing Writer,

This was a question that I received privately from a reader. I really like the question because it shows an understanding of what is occurring and a desire to achieve it. If you have read any of the work the ascending collective is publishing you know that co-creation depends upon collective intent. In order for me to adequately answer this question I have to provide some background related to what is occurring.

We are currently embodied in a space-time construct that is in the process of a divergence. What this means is that when completed, there will be two space-time constructs that have a shared history, but diverging futures as they continue along separate pathways. I have discussed at length that consciousness at second density and above must be shuffled between the two as the divergence occurs. Famous people, and people you know personally will be in one or the other, but not both because they are complex consciousness empowering a human form. With the understanding that a shuffling will occur, we must consider how separate constructs are created and how consciousness engages with them.

The world we see as solid and immutable, is at its base constituents a complex composite of consciousness photons. The varying geometric lattices of matter within our current reality are then held in place and solidified at a specific energetic frequency. The ascending construct everyone is anticipating is termed ‘ascending’ for more than one reason. One of those reasons is that the solidified material construct will exist at a higher energetic frequency. Ascending consciousness will ‘shift’ into the higher oscillating frequency of the new construct while others remain in the existing construct, and this is the shuffling I mentioned. This is the separation, the divergence, the new Earth, whatever term you like, this is how it is going to happen.

In fact, it is already happening and the frequencies of the new construct are being woven into us as our collective intent has begun to weave the new reality. The separation is well underway and everyone at the leading edge knows that things are very different than they used to be. I have heard some people talk about “pulling the new reality in, or down, or up” and gravitational orientation aside, they are not wrong. Space-time constructs are a co-created reality whose foundation rests upon the desire of the collective. We are deciding what the future we are stepping into is going to look like.

I recently posted a session clip where the client was discussing the “Grid Weavers”. Everyone in the awakening communities are part of this grid. Some of us are the needles sewing the fabric of the new construct together, but the fabric of the new construct depends upon the strength of the composite fibers. This is why it is so important to focus upon what you want the future to be; love, unity, compassion, equality, continuity, ascension. All of these are present in the messages being provided by the awakening communities and that is by design. You can also find the messages of division and self-service just about everywhere else. Where you focus your attention is where your future path will lead. This is a very simple concept… You create what you focus on.

With all of that, I will share how I am ‘grounding in 4D’. This is what I am doing based upon my personal experiential path. There is no right or wrong. If you are doing something different and it is working, share it in the comments so others can decide if that feels better to them. Our paths are leading in the same direction, but we are all charting our own course.

Back in March 2018 I posted an article after a severe episode of vertigo. In that article I explained how I was taken to the new construct and then only partially brought back. Since that time I have felt as if I am standing between the two constructs as I attempt to pull one into the other. Physically this translates into a feeling of being ‘high’ both literally and figuratively (I am not taking any medication). When I walk from one place to another, I mostly feel as if I am looking down upon my body from somewhere above my head. As you can imagine, this took some getting used to. If others have begun to feel this it is important that you accept and allow the changes and not try to force yourself back into what you think is ‘normal’.

When I meditate I am immediately at the frequency of the new construct and I exist there as I provide a baseload frequency. You can think of this like the national power grid; large generators are required to maintain the frequency of the grid at 60 cycles. Without these large sources of power the grid would sag and the frequency would drop. The more people who meditate and connect to the grid, the higher the power level and the sooner it will manifest. The new construct is going to feel significantly lighter and brighter when compared to the denseness we are currently in. For this reason I attempt to exist within this energy and share it at every opportunity.

Grounding for me is a combination of meditation to maintain and grow the new energy grid, and then existing here as I attempt to share and anchor the energies. Everywhere I go I am aware of everyone else around me. Are you two aisles over and in a bad mood? Is there a child sharing the wonder of youthful happiness? Are you worried about something? I can usually identify these energetic signatures long before I come in contact with them. If you have read the book you know that energy is easily transferred between consciousness. If you can’t feel these things yet, you will as you work with the exercises in the book. When I walk around in public I visualize myself as a transmitter. I will briefly stop wherever I am and focus on pushing positive energy into the building. As I do this I see it as a golden light that radiates from me, cleansing any darkness it encounters. I am anchoring the energies of the new in consciousness willing to accept it, and so can you.

The other aspect of my grounding involves the material creations. I like being in nature and in the water and it is here that I share my energy with the body of the planetary consciousness. I am intimately familiar with existence as disembodied consciousness and I know that tactile existence within a material construct as complex as this one is a wonderful gift. If I am in the water I imagine that the energy of the new construct is flowing through me, into the water, and into the grid of the solidified construct. If I am walking through a forest I imagine that the energy is flowing through me into the trees and the life that surrounds me. In all cases I feel joy and happiness pouring out of me, as I exist in gratitude for the experience.

Can you fall off of this ‘cloud’ and get re-immersed in the thickness? Of course you can… if you allow it. Becoming sensitive to what is occurring within you lets you identify when something is attempting to push you off balance. As you become aware of events and the actions of others that push you off balance, you stop operating unconsciously, conditioned reactionary responses fall away, and you instead begin choosing your experiences.

It is time for all of us to complete the grid of the new construct and move into it. We are the change we are waiting for. As you choose the ascending reality you are lighting a point on the grid. As the grid increases, the energy it contains rises and impacts the next consciousness which then lights up and becomes another node.

Be the light, be the change, weave the grid, and together we will blanket the Earth in a new and wonderful construct.

In service to all,

Todd Deviney

Enlightened Aspect Productions / Expansion For Ascending Consciousness – the book.

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