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In5D Radio – William Buhlman – The Out Of Body Experience- Ep. #13

By on June 18, 2013 in In5D Radio, Spiritual Awakening

In5D Radio - William Buhlman - The Out Of Body Experience- Ep. #13

On Monday June 17, 2013, In5D Radio’s special guest was William Buhlman, who is America’s leading expert in the field of out of body experiences Often abbreviated either OBE or OOBE). Wiliiam gives presentations at the Monroe Institute and if the name sounds familiar, then you are correct. Robert Monroe brought the OBE / OOBE experience to light with his groundbreaking epic novel called “Journeys Out of the Body“.

William is also an author of several books, including Adventures Beyond the Body: How to Experience Out-of-Body Travel and his newly released book, Adventures in the Afterlife.

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Next week, our special guest will be past life regression hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon as we will be talking about what to expect on the New Earth amongst many other topics, so feel free to call in and ask Dolores any questions you may have about her work.

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