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Losing Religion To Find Our Spirituality

By on August 29, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Stephanie MacDonald,
Guest writer,

We are born and raised with preconceived notions, intentionally and unintentionally, especially in regard to exactly who and what we are. It’s all part of the programming. Self-limiting belief systems in their many forms create populations that can be manipulated and controlled. They create these ingrained, implanted ideas of always needing to believe that someone or something “out there” is wrong or evil and therefore you need this idol or that doctrine to help you, save you, tell you, order you, protect you, fight for you and so on. It is this very mindset that has created and still perpetuates the problems of division, separation, and helplessness we see today.

The inner disconnect has created the outer disconnect. As above so below, as within so without. When the masses wake up to how they’ve been blatantly lied to, limited and controlled, and intentionally take their power and sovereignty back, when people realize this life here is but a TINY speck of the entirety of who we are, when people as a whole become genuinely SELF-empowered and SELF-realized and that none of us actually OWN this planet, there is then at that point NOTHING left to argue about whatsoever! And that scares a lot of people because the masses have gotten so used to blame, avoidance, and being distracted and fooled; and many people unfortunately just don’t seem to like having to do the work themselves on themselves for themselves. “Lazy” has been easily disguised under a rug called “modern technology” and people have been endlessly searching and seeking for all the “right answers” but thing is, none of the answers are legitimately “out there.” No one can tell you the truth, you may be open to listening but you should always be brave enough to discover and validate what you “learn” for yourself! Donald Miller said it wonderfully: “In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.” And you can no longer fear what you come to better understand.

We are the answer to our own problems, no one else. We are here to save ourselves and we save ourselves by realizing we and whatever version of our creator we hold, are both and all ONE. So many people are in such a hurry, not knowing WHY or WHAT FOR other than that’s what they’ve been told and that’s what everyone else is doing. The autopilot and self-driving vehicles need your hands, direction, and awareness; turn those features off and take back control!

We each have the power to change the world and we can only do that individually, however, individually we do it together! The first step is to stop thinking you need to bow down or worship, and to stop thinking Christ, God, or whatever name or power is anywhere else outside of your own reach. This energy and consciousness that IS you, IS your DIRECT CONNECTION. You, me, we have the power to change the way things are, we do it every day, one action, one message, one step at a time! I didn’t sit and hope this article would write itself, I had to sit and write it myself! We can’t just pray that God (or government) will change the world for us, we have to be part of the change ourselves… start with yourself by completely thinking for and believing in YOU! Honestly believing in yourself IS believing in “God” which IS believing in the amazing potential that also exists in everyone else! It’s all connected!

The “goal” one could say is more so about obtaining a Christlike or Buddhalike level of CONSCIOUSNESS than it is about worshipping the beings, entities, or ideas themselves. This has become a common misconception. It’s not about denial or atheism either, they are very much included too. Not many can deny the power of consciousness or the fact this consciousness is AWARE or that energy cannot be created or destroyed but merely transformed. This basic agreement goes hand in hand with the notion that every single last thing and person, and therefore IDEA, came from ONE common original origin: Consciousness itself. When you understand and innerstand this very simple concept, you can see the sexless, faceless “God” in All That Is… including YOU.

We are not to worship or bow down to anyone or anything outside of us, it is pointless and a bit strange to worship that which you are literally and eternally part of, that which is everything and nothing all at once, beyond human comprehension, without beginning and without end. Too many people are following instead of leading, looking instead of seeing, hearing instead of really listening, blindly believing instead of deeply feeling, and openly trusting instead of independently researching. Many think they either need the answers or have the answers but not nearly as many ask, seek, and conclude answers all on their own. Why? How? Well even though you cannot thoroughly and completely control other people, you can certainly trick them into thinking they aren’t being controlled, getting them to make choices and agree to things without being made aware of the unlimited other possible and potential options! If presented with a choice between chocolate or vanilla ice cream (heaven or hell) in one quick passing moment, we can easily overlook the tons of other choices there really are and could be, choices which do not cease existing just because they aren’t currently right in front of us!

You can however always control yourself when you are aware of yourself! It is time we stop following and start leading our own way, individually, but together as a whole. There are no beneficial purposes for your subscribing to self-limiting belief systems other than making yourself easier to be conquered, divided, separated, and boxed up, falling for fear tactics and threats including a wide variety of physical and/or spiritual punishment. Take back the reigns and steer your own horse or better yet, make using your own feet a priority instead. Perhaps pause and enjoy the scenery for a moment too.

Every path of light contains the SAME message in it’s own words and that is: The kingdom is WITHIN.

By externalizing your connection to Source/God, you lose your way, confuse yourself, and ultimately give your power away to others, leaving you open to manipulation and control. It isn’t that difficult to break free from the programming, it only seems that way because we’ve been led astray over countless generations. This is exactly why “Jesus” (fun fact: the letter J didn’t exist back then) said very clearly to not to be like hypocrites in the synagogues but go in PRIVATE and be alone when you pray.

Internalize your connection to All That Is. It is not something preached, taught, bought, or even earned but something FELT. When you feel it, you naturally understand it. It is not learned, it is experienced. Feel and experience your DIRECT connection and very quickly you will see there is absolutely no need for organized religion, and you can even extend that into politics, mainstream media, the government-run education system, and so on. You already contain within all you could ever seek without, no longer be fooled into giving your power away. Stop believing you can’t. Stop believing you’re less than.

When you go from feeling this connection within to LIVING it, that my friends is where the miracles happen! Turn on your “God spark” and watch every last thing for the highest good of yourself and others happen, the best kind of reversed falling domino game there is! It happens when you simply begin living your personally TRUE idea and version of life and no longer someone else’s. Listen to your heart, soul, intuition, the “voice of God” and stop being a follower! The unhappiness in our lives has mostly been caused by us not being true to ourselves and not actually doing exactly what makes us happy! Yes, it really is this simple. If you live this ultimate truth, you don’t just “pray to” or “wait for” God, you work WITH God, you work with the power inside you that’s been there all along just waiting patiently for you to open the doors of your own damn temple!

Jesus, Buddha, the Pleiadians/Sirians/Lyrans/etc, Yogananda, Babaji, Ghandi, Muhammad, Martin Luther King, Shiva, Guardian Angels, or WHOEVER AND WHATEVER NAME you want to use… When it is all said and done, you are not meant to fall to their feet or worship them or believe you are less significant than they are, you are meant to STAND UP, face-to-face, eye-to-eye and embrace your SHARED fearlessness, strength, self-realization, and incredible power to overcome as brothers and sisters (individual unique fragments of ONE Consciousness) TOGETHER and NOT as masters and servants or better or worse than. It has everything to do with levels of awareness, and our levels of awareness, whether we want to take responsibility or not, is always ultimately in our control. Yes, right now, this lifetime, this moment.

Believe in yourself, believe in humanity, believe in LOVE, believe in the immense and incredible power of your soul, even if the only way you can understand your soul is as being an unlimited amount of divine potential that plays a game hide and seek with your meatsuit! Don’t let the limited human body trick you into living a limited human life. Don’t let it trick you into giving all that glorious power away to someone else to tell you who, what, and how to be and think! We are these souls that dwell within us, connected to all we could ever be but yet already are! We are capable of real magic here, real lasting positive change, if only we come to genuinely KNOW that we ARE magic, that we ARE the positive change. We are one. ONE LOVE. ONE ORIGIN. Don’t bow down, GET UP!

Thank you for reading!

About the author: A free-spirit and free-thinker, but really just another you. Here riding and experiencing the spiral of life from this corner of the fractal, sharing what’s discovered along the way. Come follow me on Facebook at  – Much love!

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