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Prioritizing One’s Energetic Signature

By on October 23, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Prioritizing One’s Energetic Signature

by Limitless dreamer,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

It is only when we are completely valuing our very own energetic signature that we have the key to unlock our highest potential in manifesting our dream reality. Otherwise, we are giving the energetic go-ahead to the external to intrude our internal, placing ourselves into a state of constantly absorbing emotions that are not our own at all. When someone is blaming us, it is not the words that take effect but the underlying energy. The more we hone our Intuition the clearer we see someone’s Intention.

The initial feeling we have is the reflection of the other’s energetic transmission. Shooting back (=re-act) simply means that we allowed our energetic space to be intruded by picking up the external emotion, or in other words, we placed the external energy above our very own energetic signature. Accordingly, each time we face another Soul’s attempt to energetically pierce through our space poses a great learning opportunity to take a step back and leverage the unconditional Love emanating from our Heart (=respond) instead of feeding our wounded Ego. The more unconscious we are about our energetic signature the less visible our own unique Light becomes to us, until we finally firmly assume the external to be our internal and vice versa.

It is in this state that we are squandering our creative power and the only way to turn the tide is to go inward again, a decision that doesn’t need to be forced or rushed but develops naturally within each Soul’s Light mixture until the longing for the return from the state of creating unconsciously to creating consciously is rising again.

We are always going to be flowing in perfect Harmony with the Universe, the only change taking place at this cosmic juncture is the change in perspective from Unawareness of the Perfection to Awareness of the Perfection.

Within the Universe of Separation, where Truth has been turned upside down on every level, on the surface we might see nothing but imperfection, especially on Earth, yet in Truth all is perfectly flowing as the whole Universe of Separation has been morphing back into Oneness from the very moment of its creation because the state of illusory Separation cannot be anything else but temporary. The return to Oneness was and is granted.

Having said that, honoring one’s energetic signature by turning inward means coming home to one’s Soul’s Wholeness, making for the inner decluttering of external Truth, all of which is instigated by the Soul’s choice of being “alone” temporarily as only the experience of being alone enables us to see our very Soul’s Wholeness. Only by being al-one we eventually truly experience the epiphany of All-One.

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