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The Event And The Bible

By on March 21, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Dawn Bailey,
Contributing Writer,

I have been thinking about the bible lately a lot lately. What I am about to say might upset some people but those that are meant to understand. Will understand.

I was raised in a religious family. We were baptist. From a young age I was made to go to church 3 times a week. From a young age I was told I was a sinner and going to hell if I didn’t accept Jesus Christ as my savior. As a young child this traumatized me I had done nothing wrong to go to hell. It was drilled in my head everyday of my childhood. I was told I would be in a lake of fire and not even have a drop of water to drink. Very bad memories for me.

I grew up around people that like to say they were Christians but as far as I could see had no idea how to be one. They gave their money to the church and to religious leaders. They were buying their Stairway To Heaven as Led Zeppelin would say. I eventually would never want to be considered a christian because most Christians I knew were truly terrible horrible people. I never wanted to be like them.

That religious background is instilled in me and the teachings are there. So I have been thinking about the bible lately. I have some shocking things to say about it.

I no longer think the events in the bible occurred in the past. I think they are about to occur now.

The bible is separated into a new and old testament. I think the old testament is happening now and is about to end. What makes me think that about the old testament is; it is about destruction, fear and people doing horrible things to each other. Adam and Eve were about creation, an ending, and a beginning. So was the story about Noah and his family. A family left behind after a destruction that have to repopulate a world. Other stories of destruction, ending and new beginnings are throughout the old testament. They lived in fear in those days and most of the world is living like that now. People treated each other very bad. Were obsessed with greed and materialism. Worshiping false idols like money and possessions. Just like now.

Then suddenly the old testament ends and there is a new. There was a reason these were separated. The new testament beginnings with Jesus being born. He represents love and compassion. Something that wasn’t in the old testament. Jesus tells of a new way of living life. Love thy neighbor. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I think the division of the old testament and new testament is The Event and is about to occur. Does Jesus actually come? No I don’t think so.  I think it is Christ Consciousness. I think it is Christ Energy coming. I think the disciples of Jesus represent Lightworkers. I could be wrong and the bible really happened and is just repeating itself. I deep down think it didn’t. I really think God is representing Universal Energy and Jesus represents Christ Consciousness.

What if those that contributed to the bible and its writings were just spiritual seekers like us. They all gave there view and prophecies (channelings) then compiled it into a spiritual book to use as a guide. Religions other than Christianity have the same basic stories and prophecies. Some of it must be true and it makes sense it hasn’t occurred yet. We would now be in a few weeks between the old and new testament. At this moment we are at the end of the old testament.

Jesus said heaven is inside us. I really believe you choose to have heaven or hell inside you by how you live your life. I no longer think of them as actual places we go to when we die. I think hell represents the dark forces and heaven represents the Light forces. It has always been a battle between dark and light forces. Good and evil. We chose whether to have that battle in our heart and soul. God is the light and the devil is the dark. I think these are just energies.

The battle is about to end in this lifetime. We will witness it and participate in it. In a few weeks we will know so much more. We will have confirmation that no one can deny.

It never made sense to me that Jesus would be born and even though there was no way everyone in the world would know who he is. They would go to hell for not believing in him. If Jesus was an energy everyone would have the chance to believe. The energy may be called Buddha, Allah, Krishna depending on where you live and how you were raised. I think it only really mattered that you believed. The internet has made it possible to spread knowledge and Christ Consciousness throughout the world. I know this because from my blog site stats I see people in Taiwan, Brazil, Italy. Pakistan, China and any more countries are reading my articles. Information can be spread and shared easily worldwide.

I don’t know if all Lightworkers had a strong religious upbringing they had to overcome. I have never met a Lightworker to compare notes. My feeling is yes they were. In all different religions.We were given the basic knowledge so we could come up with our own conclusions. So we can come together and spread the Truth.

I am spiritual with a strong religious upbringing. So I had the knowledge but had to break out of the religious mindset. Spiritual views accept everyone and every way. Spiritual people know there are many ways and no one way is right or wrong. Religions teach there is only one way and its their way and everyone that doesn’t believe like them will suffer. Because everyone else is wrong and they are right. How messed up that is. But that theme runs through politics too. The Republican and Democrat parties are based on this principal of being right and being the only way to run this country. We see what a hot ass mess that is now. No one is working together to get anything done. I also believe Trump is an Indigo. I know a lot of people hate him. But he is here to make change. Which is what Indigos do. They tear things down so they can be rebuilt.

That is all I have now. I had to write this holding my laptop charger plugged in because it decided to break today. I order one from Amazon but it won’t be here for 2 days. I might not be able to write until then. As always I enjoy your comments and love to respond. I love the email I get where we can share knowledge. I feel I am finally connecting to my soul family and I love you all.

Love and Light,

Dawn Bailey

About the author: I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker. My journey has taught me that there are many different energies available for lightworkers to work with on the Tree of Life. My mission is to help all life on beautiful Gaia. You can find me on Facebook or my blog or email

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